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Real Identity: Barry Allen
Affiliations: Sweet Justice, Metropolis High School, and Da Invincibros
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #BurritoBucket, #ShockItToMe, #FightAtTheMuseum, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 2, #BackInAFlash, #ScrambledEggs, #DramaQueen, #AllyCat Part 2, #BreakingNews, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #ItsComplicated, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #AngerManagement, #MultipliciZee, #TheMinus, #TheWarriorAndTheJester, #CruzControl, and #TheAquamanCometh
Appearances (Super Shorts): #SpeedyDelivery, #LetThemEatPie, #PhotoOops, #Booked, #BoothBoot, #SofaSoGood, and #FlashForwardFlashback
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 12 and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Fall Festival), Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High, Powerless, Midterms, and Ghosting
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Speed
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Barry Allen is a teenager with the power of super speed. He works at Sweet Justice and has memorized his regular customers' favorite orders like Jessica Cruz, Karen Beecher, Kara Danvers, and Zee Zatara. One night, Allen was working the counter and knew to get the usual for the girls. He stopped short of Barbara Gordon and Diana Prince and fell silent. Zee Zatara pushed them aside and ordered a candy cake triple ripple tower with rainbow sprinkles for Gordon and a death by chocolate for Prince. Inexplicably, Allen made their orders in an instant. He told Prince it was nice to meet her. She reciprocated but said she would await his text message in three days time. Allen scratched his head in confusion. Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started. One of the owners was confused because they turned down an offer to sell the property beforehand. The other owner told Allen to get their lawyer.

The Super Hero Girls met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow while they searched for vandals. Zatanna cut through the awkwardness of not knowing who Oliver Queen was and pointed out Batgirl was Barbara Gordon to her annoyance. Flash was amazed, recalled she loved the Candy-Cake Triple Ripple Tower and brought her one. Batgirl realized he was Barry Allen. She tossed the cake. They took each other's hands and hopped with excitement. Once the next location of the taggers was found, the Invincibros split. Flash chuckled and pulled down the roll up door, leaving the girls in the dark. Jordan boasted they would win the race to the next tag because of the Flash but Cruz countered they also had his metabolism. Jordan saw Flash stop at a hot dog stand to recharge. Batgirl had so many questions for him like how many calories he burned in kilojoules or if it was all carbohydrates or what his basal metabolic rate was.

The two teams watched as a portal was opened and General Zod, Ursa, and Non returned. Things went badly. Flash ran in a circle and made a vortex, pelting Ursa and Non with rocks but they vaporized them into dust and Flash was covered in a pile of it. Wonder Woman came up with a tactic once Jordan sent Trevor away to get donuts. Batgirl called Ursa "Ursula" and taunted her garbage fashion sense and dated hairdo. Ursa used heat vision. Flash grabbed Batgirl and carried her piggyback style. Batgirl called her aim as on point as her boots. Ursa got angry and repeatedly shot at them. Flash joined in on teasing Ursa and called her "Wursa," asked if the relationship was moving too fast for her, then blew a raspberry at her. Ursa used her freeze breath and froze them in place. She found the pace glacial. Bumblebee and Hawkman returned to the battle with Kryptonite. Hawkman tossed the Kryptonite into the air and shattered it into three pieces with his mace. Wonder Woman stood up and gave the signal.

Flash vibrated the ice off himself and Batgirl. Batgirl grabbed a piece and tied it up to a bola then wrangled Ursa with it. She was powerless. Flash created a vortex. Ursa gasped and whimpered. The vortex sent her through the portal. Non and later Zod followed and the portal was closed. Jordan and Flash hoisted Aqualad up and cheered him on for defeating Zod alone.

Unable to stop a robbery at the Bank of Moolah during her shift at Burrito Bucket, Gordon used her gauntlet and called the Flash for help using speed dial. He quickly arrived and ran into the bank. Batgirl returned to the bank later and noticed the Flash got tied up, too. He admitted he was just as surprised. Eventually, she got him loose and gave him a new task: take out her trash, buy more hot sauce, and deliver some burrito buckets to the totaled car out front. Flash obliged her and ran off. During Leslie Willis' reign of mean memes, she terrorized Allen down the halls. He was zapped and slammed into a doorway of a class. Willis hash tagged it #AllenWrenched and her followers surged to five million. One day, Selina Kyle entered Sweet Justice and ordered a "tea with cream, hold the cream" to Allen's dismay. She stole some items from the counter while he worked. Kyle took her order, stole a mug, and left.

Sensing Gordon was down about something, Barry Allen asked her to try out his latest ice cream concoction, the jalapeno toffee swirl sundae. Gordon was unable to handle both flavors at once and belched. Allen tried remaking it until he made separate dishes. Gordon realized it was applicable to her friend problems and called up Harleen Quinzel to tell her the good news it was okay they didn't get along with each others' friends and could still be best friends. Gordon asked Allen to pack everything to go so she could find her friends. Allen pointed her to the TV. It was on a live feed of a big fight between the Super Hero Girls and Catwoman's crew. Even at Sweet Justice after school, Barbara Gordon was laughed at because she farted at morning assembly. Gordon drowned her sorrows at the bar and downed float after float. Barry Allen tried to deny her another float but she declared her life was over and slammed the counter. Allen complied and tried to tell her the embarrassment wouldn't last long even though everyone was talking about her, making up nicknames, and changing the lyrics of pop songs.

While she confronted Oliver Queen, Allen squirted some chocolate out of a squeeze bottle, apologized, and hid the bottle behind his back. Everyone laughed. Gordon tightened her hoodie to hide her face completely. Later in the week, one morning, she jumped out of the hedges and surprised Barry Allen. She shared the news and announced they could fix everything together. As they entered the school, she explained they had to go back in time and make sure she never ate the breakfast bean burrito, thus altering the very fabric of space-time wrapping them into a parallel timeline where on that morning in front of the whole school she did not fart. Allen found it cool she could make impossible things sound super easy. Gordon revealed he had the power to travel back in time all along and never knew it. He just had to synchronize non-fermionic cork spin with a semi-hyperbolic region of n-dimensional space. He blinked. She translated the plan to running around in a circle really fast. Allen got it. They changed into their suits. Flash took his runner's position then Batgirl hopped on his back.

They went back in time to before the student assembly started. They confirmed it by observing Chapin still setting up then went to Gordon's locker. Batgirl swapped in a burrito with no beans. Flash stared at her. She admitted she always carried a variety of burritos with her. They went forward in time to Sweet Justice. Gordon collared Oliver Queen and demanded to know what moment her tale of stinkiness started. She added he had to answer in song. Queen had no idea what she was talking about. Gordon was elated. She started thinking of all the regrets in her life like the movies she missed, the words she mispronounced, and the Robins she didn't tell off. Allen kind of got it. Gordon agreed with him that they should go back in time and fix every regret they ever had. They went back three years into the past. She planned to buy a Batman v Pizza Rat #77 limited edition foil cover variant at the local comic book store. Allen realized she was talking about the one that sold out everywhere in three hours. Gordon flashed her credit card but Comic Book Johnny stated they only took cash. Gordon turned to Allen but he only had five cents.

To pay for it, they went 12 years into the past to Gotham City. Gordon stole the piggy bank from her young infant self. Gordon called it investing in her future. Infant Gordon cried hysterically. Back to three years ago, Gordon smashed her piggy bank and paid the $3.55. Gordon got another idea. They went 33 years into the past to watch the first Exploding Ninja Pirates From Outer Space when it premiered in theaters. Gordon was amazed and finally understood all the memes. They went 10 years into the past and tried Fizz Kapow candy before it was banned for blowing kids up. They poured packet each into their mouths then drank cola. The candy reacted, changed into crystals and erupted out of their mouths. They went one week into the past when Gordon left a clothing store and was hit by mud thanks to a passing car. She instead produced an umbrella to protect herself. She invited Allen to start changing his regrets. He stood next to her covered in mud but admitted his life was pretty great the way it was. She pried and pointed out there had to be something he regretted. Allen pondered then remembered something.

They went four years into the past to the 70th birthday party of his nana. They hid under the gift table. Allen reached for his card and added one more exclamation point to "Happy Birthday, Nana!" so she wouldn't think he was a monster. Allen felt relieved. Gordon remained silent then suggested they return to the present to see how awesome it now was. Gordon and Allen returned to the present to find Metropolis in ruins. Gordon tried to pin it on Allen's exclamation point. He sobbed and apologized. They went back in time and he cried as he erased the second exclamation point. They went back to the present but they found out General Zod took over the planet. A foot soldier forced a family to kneel before Zod as a blimp projecting his image flew by. Allen thought it was classic prank from Neil who he hated. A soldier found Allen and tasered him in the back. He changed his mind and announced he loved that guy. They jumped into the past and undid every change they made like tearing up their movie tickets to Exploding Ninjas, emptying their Fizz Kapow and cola into a trash can, and Gordon letting herself get hit by mud.

They jumped back to the present but discovered Starro destroyed the city. Allen didn't understand what went wrong. Gordon admitted the only thing they didn't undo was the burrito switch. She felt like she was in an impossible situation, her dignity or the lives of six billion. Allen was fairly sure it was seven plus all the plants and animals. Gordon reminded her about Queen's tale of stinkiness song. Allen acquiesced and found it to be a tough call. She asked him what he would do. Allen figured the ground disintegrating beneath their feet made him lean towards saving the world but told her she was his best friend and he would support her whatever she decided to do. He put his arm around her shoulder. Gordon shuddered at the thought of the fart but made her choice. They jumped one year into the past to Metropolis High School. Gordon saw her future self switch the burrito then leave with Flash. She proceeded to put back a bean burrito but ended up in the middle of a battle between alternate Batgirls who either liked or hated their futures. All the Barry Allens seemed to get along and couldn't believe they all had the same name. Gordon managed to get her past self to eat a bean burrito and the timeline was restored to normal.

Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Carter Hall and Barry Allen were paired up. Allen wanted to high five but Hall left him hanging. Allen was confident about getting an eye because Hall was Hawkman so he knew about birds and eggs and therefore could sit on the egg until Monday. Hall broke the egg and it went all over the back of his pants. On Sunday, Allen made a smoothie for Queen but he told Allen to leave it all with him. Allen stammered. Queen pointed out how disheveled he looked because of Zatara leaving him a "shell of a man." Allen laughed at the egg pun. Most of the Home Ec pairs sulked outside Sweet Justice. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it. Jordan tried to run away with it. Hall tackled him. The egg rolled to Metropolis Pier and ended up with Pam Isely.

Barry Allen auditioned for Swash Buckler in Zee Zatara's play "Swash Buckler on the Seven Seas" but was rejected. He worked as a stage hand instead. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite as part of his plan to let Metropolis get hit by a meteor so he could rebuild the world. Both Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls neglected to free them. Flash asked Luthor what ever happened with the meteor when he returned and discovered Catwoman raided his lair. Lois Lane started gathering evidence on the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls. The girls learned from Hal Jordan that he recommended Lane to Barry Allen. They found Allen. He said Lane asked him about his job at Sweet Justice and if he was there when it got destroyed. He noted it was the same day he met them and the Super Hero Girls. Cruz asked him if he specifically said they were there right before the Super Hero Girls showed up. Allen couldn't remember but remembered Lane wrote it all down real fast. Beecher continued to hyperventilate.

At some point, Allen was allowed access to the girls' hideout under Sweet Justice. He snacked on chips while Jordan and Bernstein played the Just Before Dusk video game until the mind controlled Kara Danvers swiped it for himself. Once Bumblebee discovered Ra's Al Ghul was going to use Supergirl to assassinate Up Past 8, Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein posed as the band during a concert at Metropolis Gardens while the Super Hero Girls tried to fight off Supergirl. Thaal Sinclair and Carol Ferris stared into each others eyes at a booth in Sweet Justice. Barry Allen came over with a personalized cake that read, "Eye Luv Yoo!" Allen gestured over to Hal Jordan at a table. During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Flash was paired up with Batgirl. During a response to a building fire, he was paired with Green Lantern.

Allen went to Cruz's Getting to the Healing Emotional Anger Requires Training (H.E.A.R.T.) support group after school. His temper got out of control when the pressure of school, work, and other stuff built up. He said "heck." Danvers was forced to a meeting. Barry Allen, Carter Hall, and Pamela Isley were also in attendance. They all moved to hug her but she threatened them. Hall and Isley hugged Allen when he admitted his own "anger" issues. Cruz presented the Mirror of Forgiveness. They dragged Danvers near the mirror. Everyone was supposed to hold hands. Allen and Isley held hands. Danvers refused to hold his. Barry Allen was perplexed by all the Zatanna duplicates inside Sweet Justice but fulfilled their orders nonetheless. Once they all vanished, he looked up from behind the counter to survey the giant mess. After Batgirl ate one of Diana Prince's Mystical Fruits of Hermes, she was endowed with boundless energy and literally bounced off the walls. Allen ducked as she sailed over him.

While Gordon sulked over her missing Bat-ear, Allen offered her a bowl of ice cream and backed away. Allen appeared in Cruz's class president campaign commercial. Allen helped Bernstein cover up lies to Aquaman and along with Gordon pretended to be scientists judging a school fair. They awarded him with the top prize for his miniature volcano.

Barry Allen got an emergency call about a surprise birthday party, for someone named Tommy, that needed a cake in 10 minutes across town. Allen claimed it would be a piece of cake. The caller hung up the phone rather than acknowledge the pun. He departed as the Flash with the cake after he changed behind a telephone pole outside Sweet Justice. He stopped to take a selfie with two girls, helped a senior citizen win a game of chess by quickly rearranging his set up, ate 1000 burritos from a street vendor then put it on Barry's tab to his confusion, played on the swings at Pelham Park, run up the side of a building to save a girl's blue balloon blown away by his swinging, and helped an elderly woman across the street who just wanted to know what time it was. The elderly woman smacked his left leg with her cane. Flash changed back to Allen and made it to the house with 2 seconds left. However, the cake was smushed. He meekly told the customer, "Surprise." The customer closed the door on him.

Barry Allen competed in Sweet Justice's annual pie eating contest and used his super speed to rapidly eat the pumpkin pies. Lois Lane was shocked and wondered if he was even chewing. Allen stopped at 181 pies and became sick. His stomach growled in pain and he became pale. Allen covered his mouth and ran off to hurl. He was automatically disqualified. Jimmy Olsen found Flash in a laundromat waiting for his load to finish. Flash realized he wanted a photo and tried different poses. Olsen later discovered all the photos he took of Flash were blurred. Barry Allen used his super speed to look for books in the school library but as a result, he returned piles upon piles of books just as Kara Danvers finished shelving every book. She watched in horror as the piles grew and grew. Barry Allen carefully brought out three orders of banana splits, hold the bananas, in Sweet Justice. Barbara Gordon, in a rush to free up the booth to the hideout, offered to take it to the customers since his shift was over. Before she could finish her sentence, Allen was gone.

Barbara Gordon and Karen Beecher tried to sneak a couch into the hideout but made a scene in the doorway. Gordon signaled to Barry Allen with her eyes. Allen announced he was making a new dessert. Everyone rushed to the counter. Beecher activated the stray dispenser. Gordon fired her grapnel gun into the wall and reeled the couch to the opening. After the booth reset, there was a thank you note and a tip left on the table for Allen. Allen recalled a single scoop of vanilla already existed. The crowd dispersed. Barry Allen woke up at 8:57 am. He couldn't believe he got up early for once. He did several poses then raced off to Metropolis High School. He realized he was still in his pajamas, changed back into Flash, and zoomed back home. However, there was a two car crash. The two men yelled at each other to move their cars. Flash moved the cars so they were pointing in the same direction. It once again got tense when each man insisted the other go first.

Allen returned to school but realized he forgot to eat breakfast. He changed into the Flash and raced to Burrito Bucket but a woman was taking a long time to order. She finally asked Jimmy if there was a vegan option for the three beef taco. Flash suggested a salad. She decided to go with on. Jimmy asked if she wanted Caesar or Garden Fresh. She asked which one had gluten because her yoga teacher told her to avoid them but her family psychic told her she should eat more of it and her Pilates instructor told her it was okay to eat it in moderation. Allen returned to school but realized he left his homework at home. He changed back into Flash and ran home but ran right into Giganta's leg outside the Bank of Moolah. She dropped all the money she stole and promised he would pay. Flash told her he had to run. He quickly tied her up and left her for the police nearby. Allen returned to school but realized he left his door unlocked. He tried to help an officer pull a cat down from a branch. He was unable to and fell off.

Allen returned to school but remembered he forgot to water his plants. A police officer wrote him a ticket for speeding, running at 530 miles per hour. Allen forgot his phone. Next, he had to hold up traffic for three turtles to cross the street. He kept having to run back and forth over and over. He stopped in the middle of a four way intersection and realized the cat was Cheetah. Allen finally made it to class and apologized to his teacher, Mr. Lambert, for being late. He realized there was only a janitor in the classroom. The janitor asked him why he came to school on a Saturday.

Before Zee Zatara could finish ordering a mint chocolate chip cone, Barry Allen anticipated it and made it for her. At the Metropolis High Science Fair, Zatara noticed Barry Allen's project "The Effects of Slow Cooking on Nutritional Content" and admitted she had no idea he was into cooking. Allen, in turn, revealed he thought the slow part would be the challenge. At Metropolis High's Fall Festival, Allen officiated the pumpkin pie-eating contest. After Diana Prince and Doris Zeul started, Allen realized he should have brought more pies. Barry Allen stopped by Cruz's dog adoption fair at school and asked if there was a dog who could keep him company on his morning runs. Barbara Gordon had an idea and brought him Bolt, a dog who was retired after Cruz's protest shut down a racetrack. Flush with free time to herself on a Saturday, Kara Davers went to Sweet Justice and told Barry Allen to make her everyone's favorite dish but with just one spoon.

Barry Allen was working at Sweet Justice on the night shift when Green Lantern arrived and asked for a favor. He suited up as the Flash and left with her. She revealed she wanted to see the origin of fossil fuels. Flash ran at super speed to travel back in time. Instead of going 300 million years back in time, he only went 65 million so he could see the dinosaurs. To his surprise, Lantern revealed fossil fuels were really from died out plants turned into oil, coal, and natural gas from years of pressure and heat. They returned to the present. She cleaned oil off a duck as she talked about pollution then demonstrated renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines. Flash was amused to see some pigs being levitated by the power of a turbine. They headed to Wyoming where Lantern talked about geothermal power. He was surprised flash steam was utilized from water with temperatures higher than 360 degrees Fahrenheit. They observed Old Faithful then headed to a power plant to learn about binary steam. She noted it used cooler water. Flash was about to dive in until she clarified it was 225 to 360 degrees.

At Detective Club, Leslie Willis announced they were acting out their latest mystery, "Murder on the Metropolis High Express!" Barry Allen overacted as the murder victim, Mr. Monday. Everyone but Danvers went to Sweet Justice to blow off steam about Mr. Chapin assigning them to join a club. They were impatient with Barry Allen. As soon as he carted their orders to their booth, they scarfed down their dessert, leaving him speechless mid-sentence. After a city-wide power outage, the girls went to Sweet Justice to unwind but found out it was closed. They pounded on the door in desperation. Barry Allen tried to tell them they were closed because everything was melted but the girls barged in. Prince asked if there was anything that didn't require power. Allen offered cones and chocolate syrup. Gordon told him to bring them the whole container. During midterms, Barry Allen studied chemistry during his shift at Sweet Justice. Cruz went to Sweet Justice and asked Allen if she saw Hal Jordan lately. Allen didn't but admitted he hasn't seen many people lately then asked if she wanted to order anything. Cruz took the booth down to the secret base.