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Shorts Guide

Click on the title to find summaries and information about each short. Check out the glossary for quick stats definitions, and if you have any information, opinions, or images to add, make sure to use the forum, or contact us!

Super Shorts are listed by airdate. Production numbers are listed in individual webisode pages when revealed.

Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are superheroes currently in high school and beyond.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting Cast: Any supporting characters that appear.
Beasts: Any animals that appear.
Objects: Non-characters that appear.
Places: Places visited by characters or mentioned.

The Super Shorts can be viewed for free at DCSuperHeroGirls at YouTube as they release starting January 17, 2019.

Super Shorts

0. #TheLateBabsy
Batgirl is desperate for adventure and can't wait to join Wonder Woman, Supergirl and the rest of the gang as they attempt to stop Mr Freeze's latest sinister plot.

1. #SuperSleeper
Whilst hosting a sleepover, Barbara Gordan discovers that Kara takes sleepwalking to a whole new level when she starts sleep-flying.

2. #BatCatcher
When the Bat-Signal appears in Metropolis, Barbara Gordon finally has the chance to show off why she'd be the perfect sidekick to the caped crusader.

3. #HamsterConQueso
It's Barbara Gordon's turn to take care of the school mascot Hammy the hamster, who she has to look after while working at the Burrito Bucket. What could go wrong?

4. #HashtagFrownyFace
Batgirl finds herself in trouble with Poison Ivy when her reinforcement, Diana Prince, can't understand her text messages.

5. #StreetStyle
Kara Danvers sets out for picture day at school in a nice dress but the heroing she must do along the way leaves her looking more punk than pretty.

6. #BatAndSwitch
Zee Zatara's attempts to help Barbara Gordon see eye to eye with her father backfire when her magic spell doesn't work as planned.

7. #PlightoftheBumblebee
Karen Beecher needs to get to class to preserve her perfect attendance but can't get out of her malfunctioning Bumblebee suit.

8. #FaultyPowers
Batgirl's malfunctioning gadgets cause her to lose confidence in her abilities.

9. #PackBat
Jessica Cruz and Diana Prince stage an intervention when Barbara Gordon's gadgets threaten to take over their hideout.

10. #Buzzkill
Karen Beecher takes her new gig as hall monitor very seriously, which puts her in direct conflict with cocky rule-breaker Hal Jordan.

11. #GoFish
Aqualad has decided to treat Bumblebee to a pet goldfish named Goldberg for her birthday. But things don't quite go to plan when Goldberg escapes, leading to an epic chase through the streets of Metropolis

12. #KaraCare
After absorbing too much kryptonite during an epic battle, Supergirl takes advantage of Wonder Woman's nurturing nature.

13. #SpeedyDelivery
The Flash encounters a variety of obstacles when he must deliver a dessert across town in under ten minutes.

14. #TacoTuesday
A bully wants Karen Beecher's last taco.

15. #SilverScream
Kara has to deal with noisy movie goers.

16. #PrizeFighter
Kara Danvers's competitive nature kicks into high gear when she can't get a single prize at the games on the pier, while Barbara Gordon seems to win with ease.

17. #HardRock
Diana Prince's first experience at the Lazarus Pit goes horribly wrong when she mistakes a mosh pit for an actual brawl.

18. #PictureDaze
When Carol Ferris sees Jessica Cruz give Hal Jordan some last minute sprucing up for picture day, she takes it as flirting, triggering a battle between Star Sapphire and Green Lantern.

19. #LetThemEatPie
Diana Prince is a distant underdog when she enters a pie-eating contest against Barry Allen and Doris Zeul.

20. #WasabiWar
Zee Zatara's attempt to broaden Kara Danvers's horizons by taking her for a sushi dinner ends in disaster.

21. #RemoteUncontrolled
When they can't agree on a show to watch, Harleen Quinzel and Pam Isley end up in a super battle over the remote.

22. #TheSlowAndTheFurious
Jessica Cruz, the only one of the girls with a car, chauffeurs the others over the course of an ordinary week.

23. #BigScreenBully
Karen Beecher is psyched to see the next installment in her favorite movie franchise... until Doris Zeul shows up and tries to ruin the experience.

24. #EqualTights
Hal Jordan tries to impress Superman.

25. #DyeHarder
Zee Zatara's hairstylist goes to extreme lengths to give Kara Danvers's super-hair a cut.

26. #LostAndFound
Harley Quinn wreaks havoc all over Metropolis when she finds Wonder Woman's missing Lasso of Truth.

27. #StainedFighter
Kara Danvers needs to stop a villain... but her Supergirl costume is in the wash!

28. #CruzControl
Jessica Cruz struggles to make it to picture day when she must deal with a slew of environmental offenders on the way to school.

29. #Babsgirl
When Barbara Gordon encounters some vandals after a shift at Burrito Bucket, she realizes that she doesn't have her Batgirl outfit with her and must improvise to save the day.

30. #AdBlockers
Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen set out to sabotage each other's advertisements for performances they've scheduled for the same night.

31. #ArtificialIntelligence
Doris becomes excited by the possibilities when she inadvertently injects herself with the wrong serum and becomes super-smart.

32. #AsteroidBelter
When Hal Jordan smashes a massive asteroid headed for Earth, it fractures into hundreds of smaller asteroids that Jess must help destroy before it's too late.

33. #CandyCrushed
Doris Zeul and Leslie Willis battle for the last candy bar in the vending machine.

34. #VanityInsanity
Zee Zatara's magic goes haywire during her frantic attempts to make herself look good for her school picture.

35. #PhotoOops
Lois Lane sends her intrepid photographer Jimmy Olsen out to get a picture of the Super Hero Girls in action but his efforts are thwarted at every turn.

36. #Vegecide
Jessica Cruz battles with her own smoothie when Poison Ivy wreaks havoc on a vegan restaurant.

37. #StressTest
Barbara Gordon gets a message that Batgirl is needed... while she's in the middle of a very important test.