Green Lantern

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Real Identity: Harold "Hal" Jordan
Affiliations: Metropolis High School, Green Lantern Corps, and Da Invincibros
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #HateTriangle, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #RageCat, #BackInAFlash, #ScrambledEggs, #DramaQueen, #AllyCat Part 2, #Retreat, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #ItsComplicated, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #TheGreenRoom, #DetentionClub, #CruzControl, and #TheAquamanCometh
Appearances (Super Shorts): #Buzzkill, #PictureDaze, #EqualTights, #LostAndFound, #AsteroidBelter, and #StarStruck
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 1 and Chapter 14) and Giant #2 (Gone to the Dogs and A Sticky Zit-Uation)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High and Midterms
Appearances (Games): Teen Power
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring
Voiced By: Jason Spisak

Hal Jordan is a senior student at Metropolis High School and is a Green Lantern, a member of a corps that patrols the universe in sectors like police officers. He idolizes Steve Lombard, the greatest quarterback in the history of Metropolis High's football team. On the first day of school, Barara Gordon overheard a girl named Jessica Cruz trying to give her power ring back to Hal Jordan. She disagreed with their methods and found them too extreme. They noticed she was staring at them. She quickly turned around and pretended to be opening her locker. Jordan refused to take the ring and reminded Cruz the Corps chose her. Kilowog trained Jessica Cruz and Hal Jordan in space near Earth. He observed the pair spar with each other and didn't get why she didn't attack. Jordan made a staff and started talking in sports jargon to her confusion. She only defended his strikes with her own staff construct. Kilowog ended the session and they flew to him on an asteroid. Kilowog asked her what her strategy was was to hope the pizza guy distracted him. Jordan found that to be a good strategy.

Kilowog told him to be quiet and stated she would be in the infirmary if she was fighting someone else. Hal Jordan reminded him he said she didn't fight. Kilowog exclaimed everyone in the Green Lantern Corps fought. He generated a big hammer construct and charged. Cruz created a shield. Kilowog told her the power ring was only as strong as its user's willpower, fear weakened the mind and fear rendered the ring useless. He asked her why she wouldn't fight back and asked if she was afraid. Cruz declared she wasn't afraid and launched an octopus construct on Kilowog's face. Jordan cracked up. After he pried it off, he realized he was standing on a rug construct and Cruz yanked it away. Kilowog fell on his back. She claimed there was always another way. He contended she got lucky and she wouldn't be able to keep it up forever and sooner or later, she would have to learn to fight. Cruz and Jordan flew back to Metropolis High. Jordan agreed with Kilowog and believed she would have to hit someone eventually.

Cruz disagreed and teased him about being wrong about so many things. Two girls and the Hamsters mascot walked by and cheered on Jordan. Cruz retorted that life wasn't like a sports match and there were more ways to perform a touchdown than punching people. Jordan realized the visiting football team was from the high school his ex-girlfriend, Carol Ferris attended. He hid behind a trash can. Ferris spotted him and walked behind the bleachers. She changed to Star Sapphire and declared he was hers and fired a heart construct. It blew up the trash can. Jessica Cruz couldn't believe he dated her. They recited the Green Lantern oath but only Cruz changed into a Green Lantern. Jordan's fear of Ferris made his ring useless. Cruz told him to run to the locker room then fired off arrow constructs to shatter Star Sapphire's hearts. Cruz formed a bubble around herself and Jordan then high tailed it. She stopped when Star Sapphire revealed he broke up with her by text. Sapphire generated a giant heart and threw it at Jordan and he went flying. Cruz caught him and flew to the locker room.

The boys inside freaked out and ran away at the sight of Cruz. She slapped the back of Jordan's head. He explained a Violet Lantern's ring was powered by love. Cruz realized they had to make Ferris not love him. Cruz believed making Hal Jordan ugly was the best idea. She tried ruffling his hair several times but he still looked rugged. They noticed Garth Bernstein carrying towels. Cruz demanded his clothes and made Jordan wear it then instructed him to slouch a little, shorten his neck, and stick out his gut then shoved him outside. Jordan imitated what he thought a nerd sounded like. Star Sapphire was apalled and powered down. She found him so sad, pathetic and gross that no one would ever love him, except her. She proclaimed she loved him forever and could see the beauty behind the geek then declared he would be hers once she got rid of Cruz. Cruz vehemently denied they were dating. She became too powerful and Cruz couldn't dissipate her constructs. Jordan kept trying to implore her to hit Sapphire in vain. Cruz tried to make a safe construct around her but she easily blasted through it then Cruz's barrier then fired a massive beam.

Cruz raised a shield and was nearly overwhelmed. Cruz realized she had to break her vow. She shattered the beam with two giant hands then grabbed Sapphire. Rather than squeeze her, Cruz pulled her down to the field and hugged her tight. She told her Jordan didn't love her but she could do much better. Cruz pointed out his face was way too small for his head, had terrible breath, his real name was Harold, and the only book he read was a playbook. Sapphire realized his breath smelled like dog food and when she tried to make him read "Pride and Prejudice," he asked where the pictures were. Cruz advised her that she would find the love she needed when she learned to love herself. Sapphire realized she was right and powered up differently. She learned her blind desire for Jordan prevented her from seeing how much love she had inside of her. She vowed that one day, she would make him good enough for her then he would be hers forever. She flew away laughing like a maniac. Jordan pointed out now she was totally unstoppable based on a million chicks he saw like that. Cruz slapped him again. Cruz greeted Lois Lane, bummed she missed out on the fight, and commented on the game. Jordan didn't get her ploy and almost blew it but she elbowed him. Jordan understood and cheered on the Hamsters. Lane unenthusiastically cheered. A goal post fell onto the field.

The Super Hero Girls traced vandals to a warehouse in Sinister Slum. They burst inside and blindly attacked five figures until Green Lantern made a lasso construct and snagged all of them. To the girls' surprise, an axe construct appeared and chopped a section of the lasso. Supergirl had enough and pushed the roll up door upwards to let sunlight in. The girls met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow. Bumblebee was confused there were two Green Lanterns. Zatanna thought Green Lantern knew them, but she only knew the other Lantern. He then accused them of being the vandals. Wonder Woman called him a deceiver and claimed they were the vandals. Lantern was amused and called Green Lantern by her first name, asking what was up with Wonder Woman. Green Lantern was annoyed and resorted to pig Latin to get him to stop. Aqualad realized she was Jessica Cruz. She then outed Lantern as Hal Jordan. Batgirl couldn't believe it was the dumb jock from school.

Wonder Woman proposed they set aside their differences and find the real villains with her as the leader. Jordan turned down the offer and boasted they already had a leader who had similar experience in war as her. Supergirl was skeptical he also forged his courage in the flames of battle. Jordan noted he went to a military academy and chalked it up as the same thing. The girls were horrified to see Steve Trevor was their leader. In the race to the next location, Jordan used a skateboard construct to ride hand rails. Cruz used a trampoline construct. Jordan called a double fault and made a tennis net. Cruz hopped it and made a treadmill construct under Jordan. After she ran past, he realized he was running in place. He made a pole and vaulted to her. He suggested she use Green Lantern Girl, Green Lantern-ette, or Green Lantern Babe to clear up the confusion of their shared hero name. They hopped cars stuck in traffic then ran past an elderly woman feeding wild pigeons. Cruz was annoyed and told him he better hope she never caught up to him.

Instead of vandals, the threat was the return of General Zod, Ursa, and Non. Hal Jordan generated a crosse and flew at Ursa. Ursa easily stopped his swing then drop kicked him into the debris pile. Bumblebee tried to snap Wonder Woman out her lovestruck trance to no avail. Hal Jordan noticed. He asked Steve Trevor if he could get them donuts. Trevor happily complied and marched away. Wonder Woman returned to normal and blurted out they had to work together. Jordan implored her to call the play and they would follow. Wonder Woman instructed everyone to pair up then they were going to send the villains back to the Phantom Zone with Kryptonite. The Green Lanterns took support roles rather than fight and used their rings to make giant hands to save a bus full of civilians then they made grappling hooks to hold the portal back to the Phantom Zone open so the others could eject Zod, Ursa, and Non through. Jordan and Flash hoisted Aqualad up and cheered him on for beating Zod.

After some misfires, Cruz took the unadoptable cat Dexter to Hal Jordan next. He agreed to take him. Thinking he was a dog, he vowed to teach him to catch a tennis ball and let him do his thing on a few hydrants. As soon as Jordan took him inside, Dexter went into a frenzy. Chairs, a HDTV, football, and laundry were tossed outside. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Kyle was paired with Hal Jordan. Ferris glared at Kyle after Jordan said "hey" to her.

On Saturday, Kyle and Jordan went to the mall. Selina Kyle held her egg with her index finger and thumb while Hal Jordan bragged she won the "partner lottery" and made misogynistic comments like assuming she could nurture the egg because she was a woman and recommending she smile more. Carol Ferris, pushing her egg in a stroller, found them. Ferris was cold towards Kyle and she rolled her eyes. Jordan became nervous and wondered how she knew he was at the mall. She noted he always restocked his athlete's foot cream on the third Saturday of the month then asked him to watch "Hal Jordan Junior" in the evening because she had to work. Jordan got more uneasy. She thought the egg was like him, delicate and round and sort of cold. She glared at Kyle. Jordan told her he couldn't because he had his own egg to worry about. He intimated to her he thought Kyle was crazy by saying she was a few eggs short of a dozen. Kyle had enough. She shoved Ferris aside and smashed the egg on his chest then stormed off.

On Sunday, Carol Ferris knocked on the front door of the Jordan home. Hal Jordan, still groggy, answered. She told him to watch her egg because she picked up a shift in the morning. He slammed the door. Jordan made his smoothie while Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel spied on him from outside. He poured milk then the eggs but he grabbed Ferris' egg by mistake and blended to their horror. He realized what he did and tried to tape the egg together. Jordan burst inside Sweet Justice and asked them if Ferris' egg looked okay. It fell apart. Jordan was mortified and knew Ferris was going to kill him. Zatara arrived, shoved Jordan aside, and told Queen she spoke to her attorney and decided to allow partial custody. She handed him half of a boiled egg. Most of the Home Ec pairs sulked outside. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it.

Diana Prince suddenly plucked it up before Beecher could snatch it. Prince held it out to her but Jordan ran by and grabbed it. Carter Hall tackled him. The egg rolled to Metropolis Pier. They chased it all around. Jordan tried to grab it out of the air but it whizzed between his hands. It ended up with Pam Isley. Hal Jordan auditioned for the role of Swash Buckler for Zee Zatara's play "Swash Buckler on the Seven Seas" but all he did was pose. He worked as a stage hand. When the play went off the rails, Green Arrow arrived to fight Cavalier. He called for a sword. Jordan peeked out from a trapdoor and remarked how it was the weirdest play ever then tossed out a sword to him. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite as part of his plan to let Metropolis get hit by a meteor so he could rebuild the world. Both Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls neglected to free them.

Jessica Cruz took Barbara Gordon, Pamela Isley, Garth Bernstein, Hal Jordan, and Karen Beecher to her parents' cabin for a weekend retreat. Jordan made a campfire. Isley had enough of plants being murdered and summoned an army of Plant Zombies to eliminate them. One grabbed Jordan's right leg and he tripped. Gordon jump kicked and rapidly stomped the zombie then Beecher pulled Jordan away. The hand was torn off in the process. They made it into the cabin and closed the windows and locked the door. They told Cruz zombies were attacking and trying to steal their souls. Cruz didn't believe their story and opened the door partially. A zombie reached its hand in. Cruz closed the door and relocked it. They began barricading the door but the hand on Jordan's leg mutated him into a plant zombie, too. Zombie Hal Jordan kept asking for a sandwich. Cruz threw Gordon a push broom. Gordon bashed his head but had no affect. Gordon believed he was completely brain dead in his new form. Cruz asked how they could tell.

Jordan's arms extended and grabbed them but Beecher jammed a bucket over his head. He stuttered around blind and walked into a closet. They shut the door and Cruz put a push broom to lock up. Cruz ultimately saved everyone and destroyed the plants. On the way home, Cruz did a hard brake. They forgot about Jordan. Jordan was still locked in the closet and hungry for a sandwich but back to normal. Jordan led the football team to the state title. He looked terrible and stressed out despite his playoff beard and lucky socks giving him the winning edge. Oswald Cobblepot blackmailed Barbara Gordon into stealing Jordan's lucky socks before the game. He bought up Garfield High merchandise and planned to sell it at marked up prices in anticipation of Jordan blowing it. She complied. Jordan was sacked left and right. The score was 28-3 then another touch down put Garfield well ahead. Coach tried to talk to Jordan on the sideline. Gordon had enough. She slipped away from the band, changed into Batgirl, and stole the socks back then threw them like a football to Jordan.

Jordan put them on then called out the Zap-39 right Gallagher watermelon on three. The tide turned and Jordan made completion after completion. It was 35-31 in the final seconds of the game. Cobblepot became nervous. Jordan ran the ball into the endzone himself and scored, winning the game for Metropolis High. Gordon presented her surprise. Jordan was stunned to see Steve Lombard and his own pair of Lombard XLXs. A heavenly glow enveloped the shoes. He tossed his lucky socks off and they landed on Gordon's face. She peeled them off her inflamed eyes. Jordan hugged her in gratitude and asked her how she got them. Gordon joked she knew a guy. Lois Lane started gathering evidence about the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls. Cruz realized they couldn't let Lane talk to anyone else. Zatara agreed but saw her talking to Hal Jordan. Jordan spelled out his name to her but she was pretty sure his last name ended in A-N. He was surprised. The girls zipped over to them and took Jordan away to talk about some "school stuff." Cruz collared Jordan by the stairs. Zatara grilled him. Cruz pointed out she was against violence but was willing to make an exception. Jordan assured them Lane asked some very pointed questions then slowly slid Cruz away from him and revealed the questions were about the Zod incident. He emphasized that he recommended her to Barry Allen.

At some point, Jordan was made privy to the girls' hideout under Sweet Justice. Jordan had no idea who Ra's Al Ghul was and Danvers explained that was because he had no taste. He then teased Beecher for listening to the boy band Up Past 8 despite the fact she was their target age of 14. Jordan and Bernstein played the Just Before Dusk video game. Jordan wanted to skip the cut scene but Berstein insisted they were essential to advancing the story. Bernstein protested Jordan's strategy was counter to the character of Kaitlyn. Beecher returned to the hideout in her punk rock look and Jordan was so amused by her new look, he called her "Karen Danvers." The mind controlled Kara Danvers stepped on the game console and crushed it. Beecher realized her tickets were gone. Jordan teased they probably spontaneously combusted from sheer lameness. Cruz slapped the back of his head.

Once Bumblebee discovered Ra's Al Ghul was going to use Supergirl to assassinate Up Past 8, Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein posed as the band during a concert at Metropolis Gardens while the Super Hero Girls tried to fight off Supergirl. Jordan seemed to enjoy himself. Ra's used his pick to manipulate Supergirl into action but she was uppercut with a punch construct made by Jordan. Bumblebee realized the mind control song was stuck in Supergirl's head and they needed something to hit her right in the heart and feel something to break the trance. Jordan knew what to do. Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein belted out a love ballad. The girls embraced Supergirl all at once. The Red Kryptonite around her neck and Ra's' pick shattered, restoring Supergirl to normal. Valentine's Day at Metropolis High was going well for many couples but for Hal Jordan it was the most stressful day ever. Carol Ferris was at her most "bonkers" and he knew she was out there, bidding her time, toying wit him for her own sick amusement. He almost made it through the day without seeing her.

While traversing the halls inside a rolling trash bin, he was startled by Jessica Cruz. She quickly caught on that he was scared of Ferris. He warned her not to say Ferris' name out loud. She was upset to learn it was also the day he broke up with her by text. He didn't see what the big deal was. He shrieked at the sight of Ferris down the hall. He grabbed the head off the mascot and tried to hide. In a surprising turn, she calmly walked past him and greeted him Happy Valentine's Day in a normal, sane tone. Jordan was confused. Ferris walked over to her new boyfriend, Thaal Sinclair. He handed her a bouquet of flowers. They snuggled. Jordan demanded to know what was going on. Ferris introduced Sinclair but Jordan wasn't having it. He swatted his handshake away and told Ferris he decided to take her back. Everyone in the hall gasped. Cruz face palmed. Ferris laughed loudly and stated Sinclair was the perfect boyfriend: he read books, he brushed his teeth, washed his socks, and was romantic. Jordan claimed he did that stuff, too, sometimes.

Sinclair dipped Ferris and noticed the delicate amethyst ribbons in her eyes. She twirled to Jordan slapped his face as she twirled and told him she was spoken for. Hal Jordan's ego prevented him from accepting that Carol Ferris had moved on and found a new love. Jordan spied on her and Thaal Sinclair from a bridge at Centennial Park. As they walked under, he dumped water down. Sinclair dropped his sweater on the puddle for her and they continued. Jordan was angry. They stopped for a picnic. From some bushes nearby, Jordan threw bird seed at them and they were surrounded by pigeons. Undaunted, Sinclair threw some of the seeds up into the sky. The pigeons flew after it and flew in the formation of a heart. Ferris and Sinclair held each other. Jordan was angrier. They walked through rows of pink trees. Jordan held up a rope to trip them. Sinclair, instead, did an impressive flip and landing. She clapped and ran to him. Jordan was furious.

Hal Jordan went to the Metropolis Animal Shelter to vent his frustrations about Carol Ferris and her new boyfriend while Jessica Cruz did her volunteer work. Jordan considered Thaal Sinclair was possibly more romantic than him. Cruz paired a cute dog with a girl. Cruz stated she didn't want anything to do with him and Ferris and their stupid drama. Jordan pondered and agreed with her, he should change who he was to win her back. He thanked Cruz for being a real pal and ran off. Cruz groaned. Thaal Sinclair and Carol Ferris stared into each others eyes at a booth in Sweet Justice. Barry Allen came over with a personalized cake that read, "Eye Luv Yoo!" Allen gestured over to Jordan at a table. Jordan tried to serenade Ferris on a bus with a ukulele but he was unaware he was awful at it. He was eventually kicked off. Ferris left her house but Jordan was waiting with a candy heart. She shoved it back at him and shut the door. Carol Ferris found Jessica Cruz in the Metropolis High library and begged her for help. She caved and agreed to talk to him.

While playing mini-golf with Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz attempted to talk to him about Carol Ferris. Jordan cut her off and agreed with her, he should lay it all on the line and be a man if her were to get her back. He clung to Ferris' leg sobbing and begging her to take him back. He admitted she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She was like the burger part of his hamburger. Cruz apologized but Ferris interrupted and stated she had just about enough. She took him back, stood him up, and hugged him. Even Jordan was confused. Ferris admitted she could never stay away from him and now they could be together like they were always meant to be. Ferris revealed dating Thaal Sinclair was all just part of her trap of love to make him mad with jealousy and trick him into finally transforming himself into the romantic reasonably-hygienic man she always knew he could be and crawling back to her. She declared he was hers forever and hopped into his arms. Ferris apologized to Sinclair and told him she never loved him.

Sinclair was crushed then he dropped his act and revealed he never loved her either, to her surprise. It was always about him and Jordan. He rubbed his arm across his face and revealed pink skin. Jordan realized he was in fact Thaal Sinestro, an old friend from the Green Lantern Corps that he ghosted. Sinestro revealed his true form and bore a yellow power ring of fear. He declared he would have revenge for the breakup of the most beautiful bromance the universe had ever seen. He created a rocket launcher construct and blew up of course. He found Jordan hiding behind a monument but Star Sapphire protected him with a big heart construct then fired arrow constructs at Sinestro. Sinestro made a staff construct to defend himself but he got hit by a green football construct thrown by Jordan. Sapphire got an idea to do hockey. Jordan made a hockey stick construct and she fired her hearts to act as pucks. Sinestro blocked two but was hit by the third. Sapphire interpreted their teamwork as another sign they were meant to be together.

However, Jordan broke up with her again. She was infuriated and attacked him. He made arm shields but they were whittled away by Sapphire and Sinestro's combined onslaught. Sinestro readied the final blow and declared he would hit him where it hurt him the most, stealing his real girlfriend Jessica Cruz. Cruz shouted back that she wasn't. Sinestro fired rose constructs at her. She ran behind a pirate ship, changed into Green Lantern, and made giant shear constructs to clip the roses. Sinestro was shocked she rejected his flowers and made a giant box of chocolates construct. She made a trash can construct to catch the chocolates. Sapphire felt validated at Sinestro's statement and was infuriated she stole her real and fake boyfriends. Cruz made a shield to block her arrows then hid an igloo with Jordan. She declared it was the dumbest thing he dragged her into. Suddenly Dex-Starr arrived and melted the igloo with his lava. He reveled in her mistake of leaving that chair too close to the counter where he recovered his power ring. She made a wheelbarrow construct and hid under it with Jordan.

Sinestro and Sapphire also fired on them. Cruz told Jordan it was his fault. They lifted up the wheelbarrow and flew away. Jordan didn't understand how it was his fault. They dove behind a giant cheeseburger. She told him to apologize and hope they forgave him. Jordan understood he had to take responsibility. He made a flag construct and waved it then apologized. They all gasped. Jordan added they had every right to be made at him because it was his fault for being so awesome. Cruz couldn't believe it. Jordan explained to Sapphire that if he wasn't such a cool guy, she would never have fallen for him. He didn't mean to be so charming and irresistible. He explained to Sinestro that if he wasn't so super cool and fun to hang out with, he wouldn't have taken it so hard when he ditched him. Jordan told Dex he was sorry he was such a terrible cat. Cruz was impressed at how badly he missed her point. Jordan chuckled at his brilliance. Sinestro, Sapphire, and Dex fired three arm constructs at once at Jordan and pulled him to them for a big group hug.

Cruz was disgusted. Sapphire was impressed Jordan showed a new vulnerable and sensitive side. Sinestro declared only a true bro would humble himself so much. Dex liked how he always tasted like steak sauce. Sinestro offered to buy him an ice cream. They glided away on a rainbow of their spectrums. Cruz stopped them with hand construct and asked Jordan if he seriously didn't learn anything. Jordan contended he learned the greatest lesson of all, he didn't need to change himself to make people love him, being himself was enough. Cruz admitted that was a really good lesson but he was still such a jerk. Sinestro took offense to that and Sapphire declared only she could call him that. Jordan calmed them down and figured she would get there someday. They continued on. During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Green Lantern was paired up with Green Lantern. During a response to a building fire, he was paired with Supergirl.

Hal Jordan heard Jessica Cruz was having a disciplinary hearing on Oa. He suddenly burst into the room with a suitcase construct and objected. Cruz was shocked and concerned by his presence. Jordan claimed he was saving her bacon and revealed he had been through a ton of disciplinary hearings and knew a Lantern was entitled to a peer advocate. He rifled through papers in his construct and produced one that showed he signed up to be her advocate and forged her signature. She saw the backward double "s" in the forgery and noted he spelled her name wrong. Jordan thought he missed a silent "p" and wrote it in then reiterated to Cruz that she could lose her ring and asked her to imagine a life without it. He asked her how she would get a kitten out of a tree, hail a taxi, or open a can of soup. He illustrated with constructs of each. Cruz made a broom construct to clean up after his. She replied, a ladder, a taxi app, and a can opener then stated she was not worried because everything was in her report and she had faith in the system.

Jordan asked to let him at least stay for moral support. Cruz obliged his request and told him to stay quiet. Jordan promised not to say a word. Kilowog moved to begin again. Jordan objected and claimed he was being immaterial. Cruz made a gavel and pounded it, overruling him. Kilowog was confused why she was overruling her own lawyer. She stated she just wanted him to be quiet. Kilowog sighed and repeated the charge was Cruz's failure to act allowed the alien creature to nearly destroy Metropolis. Jordan called it circumstantial hearsay. Cruz asked him why he was speaking. Jordan thought he was calling her bluff and floating up to the five Guardians presiding over the hearing. He stated he was just a simple man that dealt in simple truths. Cruz thought he was half-right. Jordan continued they were all present for the truth and noted Kilowog was not present during the said event. He asked Kilowog if he did or did not actually see Cruz not do or not-not do anything to not prevent or not-not prevent the alleged disaster.

Kilowog had no clue how to answer that question. Jordan thought he made a point then concluded Kilowog had no proof that any damages were a direct result of her negligence. He winked at Cruz and poured himself a glass of water. Kilowog produced Exhibit A, recorded testimony from a woman present at the incident, She claimed she saw everything and it was a direct result of Green Lantern's negligence. Jordan did a spit take. She made an umbrella construct. Jordan suggested a plea bargain. She strongly declined because she did nothing wrong. She tried to direct everyone to page 389, subsection G, paragraph 98 of her report but Jordan cut her off and told her not to worry. Kilowog called his first witness with his ring, Supergirl. She landed face first in the witness booth. Jordan thought he had the advantage since she was a BFF of Cruz's. Cruz stated she already had Supergirl's statement in her report. Jordan claimed "my witness." Kilowog pointed out he was supposed to say "your witness" when he was done but knew better and let him proceed.

Supergirl asked Jordan what was going on because she was front row at a Pit Roach concert. Jordan cut to the chase and asked her if she was there when the monster and its big mouth were tearing the city apart. Supergirl recollected she attacked the alien in Centennial Park but Green Lantern made a wall construct that ricocheted her into a Fresh Fish delivery truck. Kilowog interpreted it as Supergirl would have stopped the alien if not for Cruz's actions. He implored Cruz to change her plea so she wouldn't lose her ring. Supergirl became alarmed and tried to recant but Kilowog sent her back to Earth. Jordan saw it as proof that if Supergirl could not stop the monster, no one could. He made little constructs of Cruz fighting the alien. After Hawkman's testimony, the Guardians were ready to adjourn to deliberate unless Cruz had anything to add. Cruz was relieved and wanted to read her report. The Guardians nodded off while she read the title of the forward, "Forward, The Heroism in Pacifism." She started from when she was a little girl.

Jordan exclaimed they were getting killed and nobody read the reports. He hit his head with the report to get an idea. He summoned a surprise witness, Garth Bernstein. He was confused. Jordan asked him if he was at the event. Bernstein started to say he was at a podiatrist appointment but Jordan fake sneezed and tossed a balled up paper at him. He wanted Bernstein to read the false statement on the paper. Bernstein was lost at "PJessica." Jordan was about to toss $10 to him. Cruz believed Jordan was going to get her ring taken away. Jordan believed her blind belief in the system would and insisted the Guardians weren't going to read her report. Cruz fired him. The Guardians adjourned. Jordan left the room and threw his suitcase construct to the floor. He made a trash can to scoop it all up. One paper flew out. He picked it up, read it, and was shocked to see the last page of the report did exonerate Cruz.

Cruz was about to be declared guilty but Jordan burst in and stated the defense un-rests. Kilowog countered that wasn't a thing. Jordan planted the report in his face and thought he was pretty sure it was a thing because he had to un-fire himself to do it. He wanted to call in one more witness. One of the male Guardians stated Jordan made a mockery of the tribunal and they began to question his judgment as a Lantern, in general. They granted Jordan's request but with the caveat he would lose his ring, too, if they still found Cruz guilty. He accepted. Jordan called Kongulon the Getalor to the witness stand. She explained she was an officer of the law who came to Earth to stop a world-destroying bomb left behind by one of her kind millions of years ago as a kind of prank and that Cruz helped her find it and dispose of it safely. Cruz was found not guilty. Cruz and Jordan flew off into space. She admitted he was right about them not reading the report but asked him how he knew to call the Kongulon. He admitted he skipped to the last page. She thanked and hugged him. Jordan stated he would never leave a friend behind. Bernstein was still on Oa looking for a ride home.

Green Lantern saved Coast City. The week after, Hal Jordan was one of five students who had to serve an eight hour detention on a Saturday. Jordan tried to inspire everyone to get through it together. Danvers pointed out Isley was going for the exit. Isley revealed she was busted for keeping a plant in her locker and she was going to get it back. Danvers couldn't believe she was risking everyone's butts for a dumb plant. Isley took offense. Jordan tried to defuse the situation and admitted he used a school laptop to upload his highlight reel to the Metropolis High website. Bernstein added he also crashed the school's network in the process. Jordan clarified he almost crashed the network. Bernstein was about to reveal why he was there but Jordan cut him off and told Isley they all didn't belong in detention so they should just sit it out and shut up. Danvers cued him. Isley was gone. Jordan noticed Hammy the Hamster in its cage by a vending machine then heard Officer Montoya patrolling the halls. He quickly floating himself up to the ceiling just as she turned the corner.

Montoya brushed off the noise to Hammy and continued her patrol. Jordan continued on and spied on Chapin having a fanboy moment over a news report about Green Lantern saving Coast City the previous week. Jordan was naturally surprised he was a fan. Isley tried to pick the lock of the storage closet with a seedling but Jordan interrupted her. He changed his mind after he heard Montoya. He ordered Isley to get on his shoulders and get in through the transom. She found it humiliating. She climbed in. At the last second, a vine grabbed Jordan by the wrist and pulled him through the transom. Montoya paused then continued her patrol. Jordan asked Isley where she learned the stupid rope trick from and guessed her father was a cowboy. He did not detect her sarcastic reply and read a comic about a princess, sat on a whoopee cushion, and played a synth track on a boombox. Zatara, Danvers, and Bernstein danced in unison in the meantime. Isley found her plant. Jordan found it ugly but tried to backpedal. Montoya returned.

Jordan grabbed a golf club and hit a ball out the transom. It bounced off lockers, triggered a fountain, and knocked the door loose on Hammy's cage. Hammy ran past Montoya. Montoya believed that was the noise and gave chase. Jordan got cocky and leaned on a shelf. It broke and all the items fell off. Montoya opened the closet door and busted them. Chapin told everyone to thank Jordan and Isley for an additional Saturday detention. Recalling the best part of his favorite movie, Chapin ordered everyone to write a 1000-word essay. Isley pinned the blame solely on Jordan and mockingly called him "Mr. Perfect." Jordan claimed he never said he was perfect. Danvers pointed out that was literally his letterman quote, "I am Perfect." Jordan remembered but pointed out he had problems, too. He admitted he was actually trying to change a grade because he failed his PE elective. He came to his senses and tried to undo it but it was too late. He mused at least Isley would be happy when report cards came out on Monday and everyone would see that "Mr. Perfect" failed.

Isley stood up and blurted out "Toxicondenron isleyonis." Everyone was clueless. Isley explained that was her plant and thought she'd tell everyone so the "meathead" wasn't the only one spilling his guts then punched Jordan in the stomach. Isley confirmed it was named after her father, a botanist who created her plant, and it was a one of a kind that bloomed only once every 10 years. She added the last time it bloomed was the last time she saw her dad, exactly ten years ago. Jordan realized that was why she was looking for her plant. Jordan decided to forgo sitting in silence and instead pull off a good old-fashioned plant heist. Everyone was down, to Isley's surprise. Jordan escaped out the library's window, changed into Green Lantern, and distracted Chapin. Chapin was elated. Lantern lied he was asked by the Association of Principals and Other School People to deliver a special commendation. He made constructs and juggled them. Isley crawled into Chapin's office and stole back her plant undetected.

Lantern chucked his constructs and bid goodbye to Chapin. Jordan climbed back in from the window and quickly changed back before Isley saw him. They all sat back down just in time. Chapin was in such a great mood that he was canceling next week's detention. After everyone left, Isley's plant bloomed. Jordan stayed behind and marveled at it, too. He tried to ask her out but she shut him down, saying not in a million blossoming cycles. He wondered what stung worse: everyone finding out he got an "F" in a PE elective or he thought he made a new friend. Chapin discovered his laptop was destroyed by a plant and as a result, he lost the file with everyone's report cards. Jordan appeared in Cruz's class president campaign commercial. Jordan helped Garth Bernstein cover up his lies to Aquaman about being super cool and successful. As the star quarterback, Bernstein demonstrated his athleticism by throwing a football pass to Jordan. Bumblebee, in her shrunken form, made up for the gap and carried the ball to Jordan in the endzone.

Hal Jordan ignored protocol one day and walked the halls without a hall pass. As he texted, Karen Beecher, the hall monitor, asked him about his hall pass but he joked he had a "Hal pass" instead. Beecher described the yellow card. Jordan frowned, told her he wasn't a fan of yellow, patted her on the head, and told her "good effort." Beecher let him off with a warning. Beecher later found him at his locker. Jordan pretended his pass fell inside. As Beecher looked for it, he ran off. Beecher found him trying to take a selfie with a girl. He accused her of photobombing and asked for space. Beecher waited by a water fountain but triggered it and got splashed. Beecher had enough and changed into her Bumblebee suit via her locket. Jordan noticed a poster for a school dance. He laughed and crumpled into a bad then tossed it. She shrunk and threw a wad at his neck. Bumblebeee hid in a bin and demanded a hall pass. Jordan freaked out and thought it was a hall ghost. He turned and walked into the bin, now in front of him. The bin expelled trash at him and chased him.

Jordan ran outside to the bleachers. A girl from P.E. class tossed a ball to Jordan. He tried to take a selfie but Bumblebee hid behind it and bopped him in the head as he took photos. Jordan hid in a rest room stall as Bumblebee played with the lights. Jordan tried texting Superman for help but he replied with a "who dis?" to his dismay. She hid in the automated dryer and messed with him. Jordan dropped his phone in the toilet then ran back to class. Beecher stood triumphant and declared he was no match for the hall monitor. Hal Jordan woke up at 7 am and saw he got a text from Cruz. She reminded him it was picture day. He received an endless barrage of texts from Ferris while he tried to get ready in the bathroom. It ranged from asking him to save her a pic, hearts, XOXOs, suggesting he wear the shirt she gave him on Valentine's Day, a reminder to floss, if he arrrived at school yet, and why he wasn't answering. He hid behind a trash can and got a text asking if he has hiding behind a trash can again. He hid behind the bleachers and got a text asking if he was hiding behind the bleachers.

Jordan was on edge. Cruz sneaked up behind him and spooked Jordan. Jordan was relieved it was just Cruz and apologized. He mentioned he had to figure out how to block someone on his phone. Cruz showed him how. Ferris suddenly stormed to them and pushed the doors open. She accused Cruz of trying to steal him again and threw a punch. Cruz ducked and Jordan was decked across the room instead. He somehow landed on the stool and posed in a daze while Cruz and Ferris fought. He was punched at least once more before the photographer finally took a photo. Lois Lane asked Superman what made him different from other heroes in the city. Before Superman could answer, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) wormed his way to the front and claimed it was because he and Superman were partners. Lantern posed for the cameras but Superman abruptly flew away. Lantern caught up to him and sang their theme song. Superman asked him who he was. Before Lantern could finish, he flew right into a utility pole and fell flat on his back.

Superman told him he wasn't in his league nor the Justice League's then flew away. Two girls giggled, prompting Lantern to yell out he would text him. Superman was about to eat a sandwich on a girder at a construction site but he was hit by a barrage of texts by Lantern inviting him to hang at a hot dog stand in Midtown, team up to fight crime, and a Lantern party on the weekend. Lantern popped up behind him, causing him to drop his phone and sandwich. Superman sighed. Superman confronted Poison Ivy and ordered her to release a scientist. Lantern burst through a wall in a tank construct and ran over Superman by mistake.

Superman prepared to punch an incoming meteor but Lantern swatted it with a racket construct and it dinged an airplane. Superman sighed and flew after the plane. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) visited Lois Lane at the Daily Planetoid and gave her a "scoop" on Superman. Lane ate it up and implored to tell her more. He informed her he was the senior partner in the duo, "Man of Steel" was originally his nickname but let Superman have it, and Superman wanted a green and white suit but he told him to step out his shadow and develop his own identity. Superman was outside the building and heard all his lies. Superman had enough. He sent a text to Jordan pleading for his help. As Green Lantern, he found Superman on a rocking chair by a house outside the city. Superman pretended to be dying due to taking a ray blast. Lantern thought only Kryptonite could kill him. Superman got annoyed and confirmed it was a Kryptonite ray then asked him for one last request: flying around the world to reverse time and save his life. Lantern wasn't so sure. Superman assured him he did it all the time. Lantern fell for it. Superman put on shades and read the newspaper. He told Lantern he was doing great and would let him know when it was working.

Jordan was admiring himself in a mirror in the boys locker room and proclaimed he was best looking guy in school. Harley Quinn used Wonder Woman's stolen Lasso of Truth on him. He proclaimed he was the best looking person in the school, the best looking guy in Metropolis and probably the tri-state area. Hal Jordan took Jessica Cruz to the best hot dog stand in the city. He told her it was all about the toppings. He informed her the perfect hot dog had ketchup, pickles, sauerkraut, and mustard. To his dismay, she ordered a not dog. A news bulletin came up on the vendor's radio warning the city of an incoming asteroid. People ran off in a panic. Jordan told the vendor to guard his hot dog with his life then ran off with Cruz. They recited their oath and flew out to space. Cruz wanted to redirect it first but Jordan impulsively formed a fist and destroyed the asteroid. Cruz couldn't believe him. Jordan was eager to go eat. She pushed him out of the way of the remnant shower he created.

Everything she said made him think of a condiment or different hot dog entree like Duck Dog with Hoisin Sauce and green onion or Mutton Dogs. Cruz pointed out he turned one problem into hundreds. He simply opted to smash them and deflect them with constructs of pickles, ketchup, sauerkraut, bratwurst, corn dogs, and pigs in a blanket. Cruz made a sack and found his strategy to be the worst. Jordan got an idea and was inspired by Cruz to make a jumbo tofu dog. It worked and the remnants bounced off it into space. Cruz was surprised and commended him for containing a disaster of his creation for once. One piece slipped past them and crashed right into the hot dog cart they were at, destroying it and Jordan's hot dog. He fell to his knees in remorse. He became more depressed after Cruz suggested a salad bar.

For the Metropolis High Science Fair, Jordan's project was "Optimal Display Presentation of Various Sports Trophies." Jessica Cruz was aghast by the arrogance and extreme ego. Zee Zatara greeted Cruz but she was too busy reading him the riot act for making a presentation about his physical prowess. He was amused she noticed his physical prowess. Hal Jordan went to Cruz's dog adoption fair and asked if there was a dog around who was extremely good-looking and charismatic like him. Cruz believed there were some total dogs for a total dog. Jordan became scared and hid behind a dog after Carol Ferris arrived. Ferris was too smitten with Princess Stella to be angry with Jordan and Cruz as she usually was. She claimed he was lucky she found something more adorable than him and asked for the adoption papers. Jordan took offense but Cruz told him to take the win.

Carol Ferris considered taking part in Lexcorp's Hob's Bay restoration project if it meant Hal Jordan would think higher of her. After Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls defeated Toyman, Ferris forced Jordan to go on a date with her near Metropolis Pier. He turned to his Superstapost account to try and get rescued. She was angered when Toyman's toy army appeared. She cued Jordan to turn into Green Lantern but he claimed he wasn't feeling good and asked her to wrap it up. She ran after him. They settled in the Hills District in Hob's Bay but more toys appeared. Jordan ran off. Ferris was furious. After she fought a giant girl's doll named Annabelle, Ferris later heard from an elderly man that he saw a "green guy" go down the manhole. She went underground but was annoyed to discover the Green Lantern was not Hal Jordan. At the next restoration project ceremony, Ferris and Jordan were in attendance. Ferris wanted to go see a movie but Jordan claimed he had something super important to do. Ferris knew he was lying because she had his schedule memorized.