Green Arrow

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Real Identity: Oliver Queen
Affiliations: Metropolis High School and Da Invincibros
Appearances (Episodes): #CrushingIt, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #DramaQueen, #BackInAFlash, #ScrambledEggs, #DramaQueen, #AllyCat Part 2, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #SirensConch, and #TheAquamanCometh
Appearances (Super Shorts): #AdBlockers and #VanityInsanity
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Powers/Skills: Marksmanship and Acting
Voiced By: Eddie Perino

Oliver Queen won the role of Romeo in Metropolis High School's performance of Romeo and Juliet. However, during the debut on Friday, Queen refused to go on stage. He argued the pantaloons were unacceptable and if he could not play an authentic Romeo, he wouldn't play one at all. He stormed away backstage. Zee Zatara, the director, was not worried and asked for the understudy to take his place. However, Garth Bernstein, the understudy was out sick. Steve Trevor, the under-understudy took over to disastrous results. While the Super Hero Girls looked for vandals in Sinister Slum, they met Da Invincibros. Green Arrow found Zatanna's reaction to a Green Lantern being Hal Jordan bland and overly dramatic then realized she was Zee Zatara, his onstage nemesis. She had no idea who he was even after he took off his domino mask, said his real name was Oliver Queen, and the Trisan to her Isolde. Zatanna cut through the awkwardness and pointed out Batgirl was Barbara Gordon to her annoyance.

Once it became clear to even Jordan that neither team were the vandals, Wonder Woman pointed out they were taken for fools and the same Kryptonian art was on a wall. Arrow bemoaned the irony. Zatanna finally remembered who he was. The teams raced to the next location. Green Arrow pinned Zatanna to wall by shooting an arrow into her cape. She conjured a portal and he ran right in. The teams faced off against General Zod, Ursa, and Non. Things didn't go well until Wonder Woman snapped out of her crush trance on Steve Trevor and devised a plan. Green Arrow called out to Non. Zatanna appeared with a big neon sign advertising her magic act. She conjured a radio that started playing rock music. Arrow tossed his quiver to Zatanna then a cabinet appeared and he was crammed inside it. Zatanna readied an arrow then stabbed it through the cabinet. Arrow groaned in pain. Non's curiosity was piqued and his grip on the bus began to loosen. Non was pleased with the tons of arrows jammed through the cabinet.

Non gleefully clapped. Ursa and Non both let go of the bus full of people they were holding hostage. The Green Lanterns created giant hands and cradled the underside of the bus as it fell to the street. Zatanna readied the grand finale and pierced the cabinet with a giant arrow. There was a loud groan and Arrow proclaimed he was dead. Non clapped. Arrow popped out unharmed. Non became very upset. Zatanna told Arrow to get back into the cabinet and readied another arrow. He refused. Non fired his heat vision. Zatanna incanted and teleported herself and Arrow away. On Wonder Woman's signal, Zatanna and Green Arrow appeared. Arrow grabbed one of the three pieces of Kryptonite made by Hawkman but Zatanna swiped it to his dismay. Zatanna tapped Non's shoulder. She told him to wait and asked what was behind his ear. He checked and it was her piece of Kryptonite. He was powerless. Green Arrow fired a boxing glove arrow at his chest and he was knocked through the portal back to the Phantom Zone. Arrow later credited Steve Trevor with helping save the world by not being around to distract Wonder Woman.

Barbara Gordon farted during a morning assembly and embarrassed herself. She was laughed at for the whole day, even after school at Sweet Justice. Oliver Queen got out his guitar and sang the "tale of stinkiness" until Gordon sarcastically thanked him. They used Flash's super speed to time travel and change Gordon's fart inducing bean burrito to one without beans then went forward in time to Sweet Justice. Gordon collared Oliver Queen and demanded to know what moment her tale of stinkiness started. She added he had to answer in song. Queen had no idea what she was talking about. Gordon was elated. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Zatara and Queen were paired, to their collective annoyance.

On Saturday, at the mall, Zatara asked Oliver Queen if he agreed they both despised him. He agreed then questioned what she asked. Zatara proposed to treat the assignment like an acting exercise: she would play the role of Mother and he would play the role of Father. Queen accepted, stated he could play a father in his sleep, and wanted to come up with a tragic backstory. Zatara swiped the egg and walked over to sit with Garth Bernstein and Barbara Gordon. Gordon revealed Bernstein had an old baby carrier laying around so they used it for the egg. Bernstein was a little embarrassed his mother kept all his baby stuff in his room for him to use instead of getting normal things. Queen joined them and jabbed that he had a mother who actually had affection for her offspring. Gordon asked Bernstein to have the egg for the night to introduce it to the superhero life. Bernstein refused and thought it would be too dangerous. Zatara agreed and thought they had their A in the bag.

Queen scoffed at her talking about grades. Zatara raised her voice and asked if they could just have a meal. Everyone in the immediate area froze and stared at their table. Queen and Zatara started arguing. On Sunday, Quinzel and Danvers plotted to steal Queen and Zatara's egg to replace theirs. Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel sneaked around the casino. The plan was for Quinzel to make a distraction while Danvers stole Zatara's egg. They overheard Oliver Queen yelling about how she didn't know the first thing about raising an egg. Zatara was insulted. Something crashed. Queen took offense to her thinking she could walk all over him. Something shattered. Quinzel remembered there was another egg. Danvers quickly agreed to go after it. They sneaked away. Queen demanded to see his egg. He drowned his "sorrows" at Sweet Justice. Barry Allen made a smoothie for Queen but he told Allen to leave it all with him. Allen stammered. Queen pointed out how disheveled he looked because of Zatara leaving him a "shell of a man." Allen laughed at the egg pun.

Hal Jordan burst in and asked them if Ferris' egg looked okay. It was taped together. It burst. Jordan was mortified and knew Ferris was going to kill him. Zatara went to Sweet Justice, shoved Hal Jordan aside, and told Queen she spoke to her attorney and decided to allow partial custody. She handed him half of a boiled egg. Queen gasped. Zatara realized she disqualified them from getting a passing grade in Home Ec. Danvers and Quinzel screamed outside. The former fainted. Try outs for the lead role of "Swash Buckler on the Seven Seas" went horribly. Oliver Queen arrived, to her dismay. Queen touted his past portrayals as the Phantom and the Streetcar and reviews from Lois Lane who wrote his performances were "bold," "brash," and "bang on the beam." Queen was ready for dress rehearsal. Beecher thought he seemed pretty perfect. Zatara hesitated to agree then another try out appeared, Mortimer Drake. Drake aced it and even got Bernstein, Allen, and Jordan to carry Queen away. Queen protested and had them put him down then sped back to the stage. He was shocked they were considering Drake.

Beecher and Zatara huddled. Zatara wasn't sure who to pick. Beecher suggested a callback. Zatara realized Queen would hate that and issued a callback. As she predicted, Queen hated it and felt the greatest insult in his life. Beecher told him not to be hard on Zatara because she was just making sure the right person got the role. Queen agreed with the decision, as long as it was him. Mortimer Drake was clearly favored by Zatara and Beecher during the callback. Queen noticed a print out of Up Past 8's "Out 2 Late" lyrics in Beecher's backpack. He snatched it and ran to backstage. He waited for the right moment and fired it with an arrow onto Drake's script right when he turned away. Drake read the lyrics aloud and upset Zatara. Beecher sang along. Zatara decided to make Drake an understudy of Queen. He respected her wishes. During dress rehearsal, Drake attempted to take Queen out. First by dropping a sandbag from rigging but it narrowly missed him. Second, he fell through a trap door. Third, he ducked a cannon ball. At every turn, Drake was nearby with doughnuts or reading the script but Queen was still suspicious.

On the night of the play, Queen warned Drake. Drake naturally was coy. Queen slipped that he sabotaged Drake during callback. Zatara heard and gave the role to Drake. Beecher tried to console Queen and offer it as a chance to redeem himself and be the bigger man. Queen remarked that wasn't him and he left to trash Drake's dressing room. Queen discovered a review of a fifth grade production of The Three Musketeers and read it. He discovered Drake was lambasted for his performance as D'Artagnan while Zatara was praised for her Milady de Winter. Queen then saw numerous photos of Zatara crossed out. He realized Drake was out for revenge and suited up as Green Arrow. Drake, calling himself Cavalier, was annoyed and pressed on with getting his revenge then threw his sword. Green Arrow swung by and grabbed Zatara just in time. She was disgusted and ordered him to get off her. Arrow asked for a sword. Jordan, from a trapdoor, remarked how it was the weirdest play ever then tossed out a sword. Cavalier told Arrow to stay out of his way.

Arrow countered he would always protect his friends, even the ones he hated like Zee Zatara. They dueled. Arrow cut a rope and rode it up to the look out post where he fired his arrows. Cavalier dodged the bola trick arrow and then insulted his elocution and fired a cannon. Arrow was insulted and fired his cannon ball trick arrows at him. Zatara ordered Beecher to lower the curtain because her play was ruined. However, the crowd loved what was going on. Zatara shook Beecher and told her to raise the curtain because it was a triumph. Arrow teased he deserved the bad reviews. Cavalier countered he had as much stage presence as Zatara. She took offense. Arrow and Cavalier traversed the Minnow but Arrow lost his sword and was pinned. Arrow growled, kicked the sword away, rolled, and fired a magnet arrow. Cavalier's sword and him, by extension, were pulled to the magnet. Arrow then fired his Heckler Arrows. They floated down by Cavalier and played pre-recorded boos. Cavalier couldn't handle it and closed his ears.

Cavalier dropped and fell on a ship prop. He put on a remarkable death scene asking to be remembered as an actor. It even impressed Arrow. Cavalier thanked him and admitted he lied about his delivery and found it exquisite, musing he could even make the terrible play sound good. Queen thought he was too kind and thought his immense talent shows right through Zatara's unimaginative direction. Cavalier thought her acting was as dynamic as a wet cloth draped over a radiator. They laughed. Zatara pointed out she was standing right by them. They bowed in unison to the audience applause. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite as part of his plan to let Metropolis get hit by a meteor so he could rebuild the world. Both Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls neglected to free them. During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Green Arrow was paired up with Zatanna. During a response to a building fire, he was paired with Batgirl.

Queen agreed to take part in Jessica Cruz's talent show fundraiser for the Montisan Screeching Pit Roach. He was to sing a duet in the finale with Diana Prince. However, Prince turned out to be a terrible singer. Queen offered to sing both parts but Prince was having none of it. She refused to accept failure and went off the train until she was perfect but did not improve at all. During dress rehearsal, Prince cheated and use the magic of the Sirens' Conch to make her singing amazing. She failed to notice her singing put Queen in a trance. He kept singing the "Must be free" lyric and wandered off. Prince confessed to Cruz that she cheated. Cruz felt terrible and apologized for putting her on the spot. She was okay with having Queen sing both parts. They realized he was gone. Queen went to Cruz's house and freed all the Montisan Screeching Pit Roaches. They poured out of her bedroom like a tidal wave into the city, engulfing all in their path.

As the roaches passed by Metropolis High, Cruz wondered what happened. The entranced Queen was carried past them. Prince used her terrible singing as a substitute for the queen and led the roaches back to their cages in Cruz's bedroom. Back to normal, Queen closed out the talent show singing both parts of Cruz's song to much applause. Queen to help cover up Garth Bernstein's lies to Aquaman about being very cool and successful by pretending to be Principal Chapin. Jessica Cruz frantically finished dressing him up as Chapin. He was not concerned with the costume not being ready and proclaimed the costume didn't make the performance. Zee Zatara floated along behind Aquaman until Queen tossed her aside. He declared he was Principal Chapin and dramatically announced there never has been a finer scholar to walk the walls of his school than Bernstein. He couldn't resist and asked Aquaman if he believed the moment just now. Kara Danvers pushed Queen away.

Oliver Queen was set for a solo theater performance on a Friday starting at 7:30 pm in Theatre B at Metropolis High School. He promised authentic period costumes, an array of accents, and the most famous monologues in all of literature. It happened to be on the same day and time as Zee Zatara's first magic solo act. Queen told Karen Beecher and Barbara Gordon about his show but Zatara interrupted and teased his parents would love it then put up on his posters. Queen gasped and noted the city's three year olds must be ecstatic. He noted the time. Zatara teased, hoping the line to her show didn't block his theatre much. Queen retorted he hoped those who failed to get tickets to his sold out show could hear all her spells over the applause at his show. She wished him the best of luck. He gasped and reminded her wishing a thespian bad luck was the worst thing someone would do. Zatara corrected herself and wished him heaps of bad luck. Queen started vandalizing her posters and advertising for his show.

Queen later noticed his posters were vandalized, saying his show was canceled because of bad acne. Queen readied his bow and fired arrows, armed with his show posters, at Zatara's. She responded with casting spells to change his posters to his. They chased each other around the halls trading shots. They didn't even notice it was 8:30 and they missed both of their own shows. On Picture Day, Oliver Queen passed by Zee Zatara and Jessica Cruz in the hall and mentioned the unslightly curl coming from the former's head. Zatara panicked about it for the rest of the day. By the time Picture Day started, Zatara was depressed, a wreck, and found herself behind Queen. Queen mocked her that she looked her best and promised to post a photo online over and over again. An overhead pipe groaned and the slime poured out on all the students in line except Zatara. Her wand popped out into her hand. She finished her incantation and cleaned herself up to perfection. She told Queen he looked good in green and sat on the stool to take her photo. Just as the photographer took the picture, Zatara's curl popped out.