Steve Trevor

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Real Identity: Steve Trevor
Affiliations: Da Invincibros
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7) and Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco)
Appearances (Episodes): #CrushingIt, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, and #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2
Appearances (Teen Titans Go!): Space House - Part 3 (Virtual Reality)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Ghosting
Voiced By: Yuri Lowenthal

When Wonder Woman made landfall and arrived in Man's World, the first person she met was a boy named Steve Trevor at a beach in Metropolis. He walked right past her as she dragged her large boat ashore and picked up a nickel. This was the first time she saw a real boy in real life. She offered her hand in friendship. They shook hands. Her poise changed and she giggled like an idiot then fell on her face in the sand. Some time later, Steve Trevor's application to a military academy was rejected and he ended up attending Metropolis High on a week where Diana Prince happened to have a big event each day. On Monday, she was crushing it at a volleyball game. With the score 15-0, Prince jumped for a spike and saw Trevor entering the gym eating a sandwich. She went into a trance-like state and the ball hit her in the face. She fell and landed on her back. The crowd was shocked. Prince began screwing up from missing a dig, walking into a teammate, and serving the ball into her face.

After the game was over, the girls went to check on her. Gordon doused her with water from an orange cooler. She awoke unaware of what happened. Prince admitted she hardly knew Trevor but he was the first boy she met when she arrived in Man's World. Prince didn't think it was a large deal. Danvers told her it was "big deal." Trevor walked over and greeted everyone. Prince started giggling like an idiot. Trevor explained his situation then left to check out the other extra-cirricular activities going on. He returned to say goodbye. Prince giggled, babbled, then backed up into the net. She bounced into a table, fell on her face, the table landed on her back, and the water cooler was launched in the air. The girls realized the Amazons trained Prince for everything except talking to boys. Gordon declared Trevor was Prince's Kryptonite. Danvers took offense to the analogy and was confident Prince could handle it. Prince gathered all the loose volleyballs except one and tripped on it. It then hit her face.

On Tuesday, Prince had the debate in the bag with her inspired answer to the topic, hanging toilet paper in the over or under position. However, Trevor was on the other team and he admitted he didn't know much about the topic but thought both were equally valid. Prince digressed again and thought his answer was so eloquent she conceded to Cruz' horror. On Wednesday, Prince and Beecher prepared their exhibit about alchemy. Prince talked about how the Philospher's Stone was given to the Amazons. Beecher was excited with the prospect of their victory but Prince's vial started to overflow. Beecher realized she saw Trevor in the doorway. The experiment went out of control, exploded, and caused an evacuation. On Thursday, the marching band performed at the football game. Prince was the lead and Gordon was on keyboard. Everything was going perfectly until Prince saw Trevor on his paper route in the nearby neighborhood. She led the band after him, leaving Gordon alone on the field.

On Friday, Zee Zatara debuted as a director for the school's performance of "Romeo and Juliet." Prince, as Juliet, began. Beecher informed Zatara that their Romeo, Oliver Queen, refused to go on stage on account of the costume being inaccurate. He stormed off. Zatara was still confident the understudy would continue in his place. Beecher informed her Garth Bernstein was out sick. Trevor, the under-understudy took to the stage. Trevor read his lines terribly from a sheet then puckered up to kiss as the play dictated. Prince blushed with intensity and the set collapsed on them along with the curtains, lighting, and scaffolding. In the audience, Cruz quipped at least the week was over. On Saturday, the girls settled at the cave on Saturday and watched one of the Just Before Dusk movies. However, they soon realized Diana Prince was love sick over Trevor when she walked in wearing a blanket and looked pale then described how she couldn't eat or sleep and her stomach was full of butterflies. Danvers had enough of her crush and declared they were taking her out to get her mind off Trevor.

The girls took Diana Prince to the Metropolis Plaza mall to get her mind off him. When she stopped at a pretzel stand, the others saw Trevor at the Every Shade of Beige store. They quickly shoved her in the opposite direction before she could make eye contact. In a bookstore, Prince found a copy of "The Odyssey" and took it off the shelf. Trevor happened to be in the next aisle. Danvers shoved the book back in and took Prince away. In an electronics store, the display of HDTVs had a cat playing a ball of yarn. Prince stopped to watch it but the other TVs suddenly showed Trevor waving. They pushed Prince out of the store before she saw Trevor looking at the display camcorder. The girls took Diana Prince to the pier to try to get her mind off him. However, he was in the rollercoaster, too. They yanked Prince out and somehow he was everywhere like across the street, in the subway station, in a car. Prince had slipped into a delirious state. Gordon tried dousing her in water from an orange cooler but it had no affect.

Danvers stated that's how she was going to be from now on. Gordon tried to continue with her Trevor-is-her-Kryptonite analogy but Danvers shut her down. Danvers shook and slapped Prince and reminded her she was an Amazon warrior and the literal symbol of female empowerment. Cruz told her she was entitled to her feelings and she should deal with it her way. Prince started talking out loud to Trevor saying she loved vanilla, too. Gordon suggested they take out Trevor. They all quickly agreed to the new plan. On Sunday, Zatanna, Bumblebee, Green Lantern, and Supergirl hid around the mailbox with the 557 address and waited until Trevor passed by. Green Latern hid in a green recycling bin construct, Supergirl hid on a roof, Bumblebee shrunk and hid in a newspaper with stingers ready. They all lunged at him from behind but paused when his phone rang. Trevor learned he got into the academy. The girls were confused and looked at Batgirl who was on her laptop.

Batgirl hacked the military academy's computers and got Trevor accepted. She asked them what they thought the plan was. On Monday, the volleyball team won 52-0. While waiting for Prince to change clothes, the girls were relieved Trevor wouldn't be a problem anymore. They had no idea Prince had a photograph of him on the inside of her locker door.

Wonder Woman proposed the Super Hero Girls and Da Invincibros should set aside their differences and find the real villains they were both searching for with her as the leader. Hal Jordan turned down the offer and boasted they already had a leader who had similar experience in war as her. Supergirl was skeptical he also forged his courage in the flames of battle. Jordan noted he went to a military academy and chalked it up as the same thing. The girls were horrified to see Steve Trevor was their leader. He greeted them and apologized for being late then explained the rapid bus wasn't so rapid. He saw Wonder Woman, said hi, and asked what she had in her hand. Wonder Woman was overcome and reverted to her lovestruck state of mind. She handed him the phone and he saw the next location was the LexBucks across Centennial Park. Aqualad cheered Trevor on. The teams had a stare down then raced to the location. Trevor hitched a ride on Hawkman's back.

Wonder Woman kept up pace then bounced between buildings and jumped roof to roof. Hawkman threw Trevor to her and she was effectively neutralized. Trevor held Wonder Woman's hand and cheered everyone on for making it to LexBucks. The real threat turned out to be General Zod, Ursa, and Non. With things going badly for the heroes, Bumblebee tried to snap Wonder Woman out her lovestruck trance to no avail. Hal Jordan noticed. He asked Steve Trevor if he could get them donuts. Trevor happily complied and marched away. Wonder Woman returned to normal and the heroes were able to send the villains back to the Phantom Zone. The teams retired to a girder above the city and enjoyed the donuts Trevor brought. Trevor told them about how it looked like he was going to let them down and return without sprinkles but the lady found more in the back. Wonder Woman giggled and fell off. Supergirl anticipated that and carried her back to the girder. Flash realized if Trevor hadn't left to get the donuts, Wonder Woman would never have had the idea to get the Kryptonite, and Zod would have taken over the planet. Green Arrow cheered Trevor on. The other boys yelled their "Yo, Bros!" catchphrase. The girls groaned.

Wonder Woman named her pet griffin "Steve" after Steve Trevor because an ancient creature of grace and nobility needed to possess a name worthy of his majesty. The other girls thought the name was cute. While the Super Hero Girls were on vacation at Space House in another dimension, a meteor made completely of meat threatened to collide with them. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Starfire, and Cyborg used a holographic generator to try out ideas with simulations. After Supergirl and Starfire's ideas failed, Wonder Woman believed there was only one person who could solve their problem: Steve Trevor. She believed his military background and brilliance would save them. Supergirl added she also had a crush on him. Wonder Woman pushed her away and stated they were dealing with a major crisis and there was no time for romance. The simulation started as a dinner date between Diana Prince and Steve Trevor while everyone else worked at the Italian restaurant. Supergirl wasn't having it and flipped their table.

Wonder Woman assured her they would come up with plan but kept prolonging. Soon, the simulation shifted to their wedding. A meat bear from Starfire's failed simulation was their priest. The bouquet was tossed into Supergirl's face. She showed Wonder Woman a tablet and informed her they had 30 minutes and 18 seconds left. Next, Prince and Trevor successfully bought a home after finally getting out of virtual escrow. Supergirl demanded a plan. Wonder Woman promised to. The meteor struck them. She ended the simulation.

For Metropolis High School's science fair, Diana Prince thought about asking Steve Trevor for help with a demonstration on the physics of proper self-defense. Barbara Gordon noted they had chemistry. The meaning flew over Prince's head and she corrected Gordon, stating their project was about physics. Trevor agreed to help. Diana Prince picked him up and tossed him into a wall. Zee Zatara asked him if her color was too raspberry. He asked Prince how she threw him so well. Prince helped him up and explained it was all about understanding center of gravity. He asked what he should do first. She was at a loss for words and explained a feline grabbed her tongue muscle. Zatara yelled out a cat got her tongue. Trevor got it and admitted it happened him, too. Prince threw him again. She checked with Zatara if she was taking proper photos for her display. Zatara was mostly taking selfies and some had Trevor in the background. Trevor tried to subtly ask Prince out for a bite but she replied she only ate full meals.

Trevor tried again, saying he was enjoying working with her then asked she liked movies because he was thinking about seeing "Shazam!" Prince asked him to let her know how he liked it. Zatara couldn't take it and took Prince to the rest room to school her on the art of flirting since he clearly had a crush on her. After awhile, Trevor started to wonder. They returned but to his surprise, Prince was dressed like Zatara. Trevor asked if it was part of the project. Prince wasn't entirely sure and told him she was trying to slide into comfort. Zatara corrected her it was "slip into something more comfortable." Trevor suggested getting back to the project. Prince tried to agree with him but he got confused. Prince confirmed she was the leader but asked if wanted to bite food instead. Trevor was tossed. Prince tried to say she like small and large bites of food and his smile. Trevor thanked her and thought the same thing about her. She dropped him by accident.

Trevor said he was okay but asked if they could take a break and work on it some more over the weekend. Prince flubbed again and told him she did not have plans to go to the movies with him. She then asked him about eating small bites while they worked on defensive maneuvers. Trevor thought that sounded like a choking hazard. Prince opened the floor to him to think of activities they could do then her eyelashes could turn into bats. Trevor remembered he has to get back to the military academy and work on a ton of homework and lots of extra marching practice then he ran off.

For Metropolis High's "Enchanted Evening" school dance, Prince told him he was escorting her to the dance. Trevor tried to tell her he didn't attend Metropolis High but she told him to procure transportation and she would be wearing blue. He didn't know what just happened. Beecher advised him to just go with it. On the night of the dance, Prince dipped Trevor on the dance floor. After Livewire took over the DJ booth, Prince asked Trevor to save the last dance and twirled him away. The girls set up a date between Prince and Trevor to help the former get over her latest of funk of not finishing first in everything. However, Trevor was one of the many victims of Cheetah when she had the Mask of Dolos and never made the date. He was later restored to normal and rushed off to his date.