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Real Identity: Garth Bernstein
Affiliations: Metropolis High School, Da Invincibros, and MAMX-Con
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #HateTriangle, #ShockItToMe, #CrushingIt, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 1, #DCSuperHeroBoys Part 2, #Frenemies Part 1, #RageCat, #BackInAFlash, #ScrambledEggs, #DramaQueen, #AllyCat Part 2, #Retreat, #CrashCourse, #LeagueOfShadows Part 1, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #TheBirdAndTheBee, #AccordingToGarth, #TheGreenRoom, #TheMinus, and #Powerless
Appearances (Super Shorts): #GoFish, #TacoTuesday, #LostAndFound, #CruzControl, #CandyCrushed, #VanityInsanity, #StarStruck, and #AbraKachoo
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 1 and Chapter 14), Giant #1 (Panicked at the Disco and Fall Festival), Giant #2 (A Sticky Zit-Uation), and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High, Powerless, Midterms, and Ghosting
Powers/Skills: Hydrokinesis
Voiced By: Jessica McKenna

Garth Bernstein is a student at Metropolis High School. On the first day of school, Bernstein sat with Karen Beecher at lunch. During the food fight, he tried to crawl to safety and slid around. During Homecoming, Garth Bernstein was doing his duties as towel boy in the boy's locker room and was unaware of the mayhem being wrought by Star Sapphire outside. He noticed Jessica Cruz and Hal Jordan. Cruz demanded his clothes and made Jordan wear it while he wore a towel. Bernstein didn't mind and claimed they weren't the first to borrow his style. Cruz instructed Jordan to slouch a little, shorten his neck, and stick out his gut. She declared him unattractive then shoved him outside. Bernstein realized why they borrowed his look. Jordan pretended to be a geek to get Star Sapphire to stop loving him and power down. Jordan called out to Bernstein and asked him for something dumb he liked. Bernstein mentioned the Star Battles comic books but didn't find them dumb.

Star Sapphire was apalled and powered down. Star Sapphire found him so sad, pathetic and gross that no one would ever love him, except her. She proclaimed she loved him forever and could see the beauty behind the geek then declared he would be hers once she got rid of Cruz. Bernstein ran away. Cruz vehemently denied they were dating. She became too powerful and Cruz couldn't dissipate her constructs. She shattered the beam with two giant hands then grabbed Sapphire. Jordan and Bernstein called on Cruz to hit her but she resisted and taught Sapphire to love herself first then she would find the love she needed. Garth Bernstein hesitated to dissect a starfish in science class. Leslie Willis sent a current, possessed it, and it jumped on Bernstein's face. She put it up on her Metropovids channel as #RiseOfStarro. For a science fair on a Wednesday, Bernstein did a "Fish Olympics" presentation. He essentially had the fish in a tank go through an obstacle course. The next day, he was in the school marching bad playing his tuba.

Berstein got sick and couldn't participate in the school's performance of "Romeo and Juliet." Oliver Queen refused to play Romeo. Bernstein, the understudy, was supposed to replace him but he was absent. The under-understudy, Steve Trevor took his place in turn. Knowing it would distract Diana Prince and ruin the play, Zee Zatara, the director, contemplated sending Bernstein into the 27th dimension. In search of vandals, the Super Hero Girls met a team of teenage super hero boys named Da Invincibros, comprised of Green Lantern, Flash, Aqualad, Hawkman, and Green Arrow. Lantern was about to tell the team name but Aqualad awkwardly showed off his hydrokinesis. Flash advised him to be a couple beats faster next time. Green Arrow stressed rehearsal mattered. Aqualad frowned and the water dropped on his head. Supergirl grew impatient and used her X-Ray vision on Hawkman to confirm he was the emo shop student Carter Hall and Aqualad was Garth Bernstein, the football team's water boy. Aqualad inquired how she knew that. She told him his mom wrote his name on the inside of his clothes to his chagrin.

Supergirl arrived at the LexBucks, the next target. Aqualad stepped out an alley and used his powers against her. She immediately vaporized the water with heat vision and scoffed. Aqualad promised it would have been really awesome in the ocean or at a big community pool. The others arrived and panted heavily. Things took a turn when a portal opened and General Zod, Ursa, and Non returned. Aqualad made a dagger out of water and launched it. Non simply ate it. Aqualad ducked as Hawkman flew at Zod with his mace ready. Aqualad was told to stay near a fire hydrant. After Zod threw Wonder Woman. Aqualad wanted to help but no one gave him orders. Supergirl attacked with a flying elbow but was chopped to the street. She cracked her back and told Aqualad to stay put. Wonder Woman's tactic worked in sending Ursa and Non back to the Phantom Zone. To everyone's shock, Zod resisted and proclaimed he was a force of nature and only another could stand a chance against him. Supergirl gave Aqualad a head's up. She shot a hydrant with heat vision and told him to go for it. He crafted all the water into a giant sea dragon construct. Zod was stunned. It charged and tackled him through the portal. The Lanterns released their hold and the portal closed. Jordan and Flash hoisted Aqualad up and cheered him on.

On Harleen Quinzel's first day at Metropolis High, Zeul tripped Bernstein during lunch in the cafeteria. After two mismatches, Jessica Cruz shifted gears to find a real animal lover to adopt the unadoptable cat Dexter. Garth Bernstein asked if Dexter was cool with fish. He ate Bernstein's newly adopted fish. Mr. Chapin proctored the Friday Home Ec class. Not knowing anything about Home Ec, he looked online and picked an egg challenge because it was the first thing he saw. He gave the class the task of keeping the egg safe until Monday and assigned pairs. Gordon and Bernstein were excited to be paired up. On Saturday, they ate at the mall. Zee Zatara walked over to sit with Garth Bernstein and Barbara Gordon. Gordon revealed Bernstein had an old baby carrier laying around so they used it for the egg. Bernstein was a little embarrassed his mother kept all his baby stuff in his room for him to use instead of getting normal things. Queen joined them and jabbed that he had a mother who actually had affection for her offspring.

Gordon asked Bernstein to have the egg for the night to introduce it to the superhero life. Bernstein refused and thought it would be too dangerous. Zatara agreed and thought they had their A in the bag. Queen scoffed at her talking about grades. That night, Bernstein tucked his Home Ec project egg into a bed while singing to it. He kissed it goodnight, turned off the light, and closed the bedroom door. Kara Danvers and Harleen Quinzel waited outside the window to steal it. Danvers reached for the egg but she couldn't bring herself to steal it. She had Quinzel do it. They realized the egg was gone. They noticed another open window. Batgirl "stole" the egg but it was destroyed during her patrol. By Sunday, all the eggs were destroyed. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it. It rolled down the street to the Metropolis Pier. It eventually landed in Bernstein's hands. The others rushed him. In the confusion, the egg rolled away. Pamela Isley picked it up and left.

Bernstein auditioned for the role of Swash Buckler in Zee Zatara's play "Swash Buckler on the Seven Seas." He was rejected but worked as a stage hand and made sure a boat on wheels worked correctly. When Cavalier revealed himself during the play, Bernstein was nearby with a fan to make sure his cape flowed dramatically. Superman and Da Invicibros were all neutralized and captured by Luthor then imprisoned in a secret lair hidden in his suite as part of his plan to let Metropolis get hit by a meteor so he could rebuild the world. Both Catwoman and the Super Hero Girls neglected to free them. Jessica Cruz took Barbara Gordon, Pamela Isley, Garth Bernstein, Hal Jordan, and Karen Beecher to her parents' cabin for a weekend retreat. Bernstein really liked the lake but no one else seemed to care. Gordon pushed him aside and unveiled her retractable 3D theater system with Ultra 4K resolution display and 10.2 surround sound that ran on a nanotech pocket generator. Isley had enough of them murdering plants and sent a Plant Zombie army after them.

Gordon, Beecher, Bernstein, and Jordan ran for it but a Plant Zombie pulled Bernstein into the lake. He emerged atop a water spout but a giant plant ate him whole mid-speech. After Cruz recovered her power ring and destroyed the plants, Bernstein backed out of the plant and fainted. Garth Bernstein went to the Metropolis DMV and applied for a boating license but it was rejected. Bernstein went into a tirade about being the heir to an underwater kingdom. Karen Beecher asked him what he was doing then pulled him aside to accompany her on Diana Prince's road test. Bernstein was frightened by her driving. After she pulled the emergency brake, flipped, and reversed after Catwoman, Bernstein became nauseous. When Prince drove into the waters of Metropolis Pier, Bernstein generated a water hand and deposited them onto dry land. At some point, Berstein was made privy to the girls' hideout under Sweet Justice. Jordan and Bernstein played the Just Before Dusk video game. Jordan wanted to skip the cut scene but Berstein insisted they were essential to advancing the story.

Bernstein protested Jordan's strategy was counter to the character of Kaitlyn. It was moot since Jordan was winning and matterd little after the mind controlled Kara Danvers stepped on the game console and crushed it. Once Bumblebee discovered Ra's Al Ghul was going to use Supergirl to assassinate Up Past 8, Jordan, Allen, and Bernstein posed as the band during a concert at Metropolis Gardens while the Super Hero Girls tried to fight off Supergirl. During a battle with a big humanoid monster, Aqualad was paired up with Supergirl. During a response to a building fire, he was paired with Zatanna. Garth Bernstein overheard Kara Danvers telling the girls about her low grades and how she needed to join a club to pass the semester. Bernstein leaned on the cafeteria door with shades on and promised her something so cool it would melt her face, make her nose hair sizzle and blow her mind. Danvers was intrigued. It was the Maximum Assault Mech X Fan Club, dedicated to the famous anime/manga/card game/lifestyle.

Bernstein showed her a clip in the club room. Danvers saw enough and was about to bail. Bernstein tried to woo her back with the Mech Battles, remote-control mechs that face off in combat. He added MAMX-Con, the world's biggest mech competition was coming soon and it was his dream to win. Bernstein's dilemma was he needed a second member to qualify for the convention. He made a face of sadness. Danvers caved in and tried a Mech Battle. She presumed the goal was to beat up the opponent's mech. Bernstein tried to flower it up as engagements of integrity and honor. She got him to admit it was about beating up mechs. Bernstein won the match by having his mech uppercutting the head off of Danvers's. She was hooked and they played for hours. By 3:20 pm, Bernstein won 24 times and Danvers won only once. She managed to pull off a move called the Takeshi Tornado. Danvers noted she had a pretty sick teacher. Winslow Schott entered the room and found the Takeshi Tornado amateur at best.

Bernstein instantly recognized him and was honored. He shook his hand and told Danvers that Schott was a nationally-ranked Mech Battler and was in the finals of MAMX-Con for three years in a row. Schott revealed he intended to finally win and transferred to Metropolis High School after hearing there was a MAMX Fan Club chapter. He hoped to find a teammate. Bernstein revealed he was ranked #24 in the tri-state area. Danvers took him aside and pointed out she was his partner. Bernstein broke it to her that Schott was better, he was a genius and customized mechs since he was three. Danvers challenged him to a match. Schott quickly won. Danvers proposed best out of three. Schott countered with a bet, if she lost she had to quit the team and the club. Schott's mech grabbed Danvers's and shook it around. Danvers escaped and proceeded with a level-six frontal assault. Schott cheated and triggered an electromagnetic pulse from his controller. Danvers's mech turned off and Schott was declared the winner.

Danvers saw the pulse because of her radio-telescopic vision and accused him of cheating. Bernstein didn't believe her. She grabbed Schott but the collar and lifted him off the floor. Bernstein got her to drop him and suggested she leave. The MAMX-Con took place at the Gotham City Convention Center. Garth Bernstein peeked from back stage and was amazed at all the MAMX-ers and thought Kara Danvers would have loved it. Winslow Schott disagreed and didn't think she or anyone compared to them. They made it to the final match. Schott refused to lose again and revealed his plan to Bernstein. He revealed the electromagnetic pulse trigger in his controller. Bernstein realized Danvers was telling the truth and he cheated before. He emphasized MAMX was about honor. Schott saw no honor in letting "posers" walk off with the trophy. He reminded Bernstein he dreamed of winning, too. During the match, Bernstein had a hard time focusing. He noticed Danvers cheering him on in the crowd.

Schott told Bernstein to make a distraction according to the plan. Bernstein instead dropped his controller and accused Schott of cheating. The crowd turned on them. The referee checked his controller and found the electromagnetic pulse switch. They were disqualified and the pair of girls they competed against were declared the winners. Bernstein apologized to Danvers back stage and she reciprocated with a fist bump. Schott turned his mech into a giant robot and attacked the arena. Supergirl cited Bernstein that MAMX was about honor and defeated him. After the convention, Danvers and Bernstein returned to school and played more mech battles. Danvers finally won her second match. Bernstein wasn't so sure about counting the time she said his mother was outside then knocked his mech over. Danvers understood then told him his father was outside. Bernstein turned and looked. Danvers knocked his mech over and declared her third win.

On a Tuesday, Bernstein went to a podiatrist appointment. The next week, he was whisked away to Oa by Hal Jordan as his surprise witness in Jessica Cruz's disciplinary hearing. He was confused. Jordan asked him if he was at the event where an alien attacked Metropolis with its sonic blasts. Bernstein started to say he was at his appointment but Jordan fake sneezed and tossed a balled up paper at him. He wanted Bernstein to read the false statement on the paper. Bernstein was lost at "PJessica." Jordan was about to toss $10 to him. Cruz believed Jordan was going to get her ring taken away. After Cruz was cleared, everyone left. Except Bernstein. He wondered around asking for a ride home. Endowed with boundless energy from the Mystical Fruit of Hermes, Diana Prince held a Science Club meeting in the middle of a debate between Metropolis and Opal City. Bernstein questioned the need to meet on the debate stage. Prince informed them they were going to meet next at Gymnastics Regionals and advised them to bring leotards. She threw one into Bernstein's face.

Garth Bernstein was chased into a construction site by Toy Man. He laughed manically as his giant Maximum Assault Mech X marched after Bernstein. Bernstein ran into a dead end and presumed this was revenge for destroying his livestream by exposing him as a cheater but suggested he bought some of that on himself. Toy Man countered he piloted a mech so he didn't have to be self-aware. Supergirl and Bumblebee arrived on the scene. Supergirl retorted someone wanted to get his bot kicked. Bernstein found it amusing. Toy Man knocked Supergirl and Bumblebee across the city with a rocket fist holding Gold Kryptonite, which stripped the former of her powers temporarily. Bernstein was chained to a column at the top of the construction site. Toy Man wanted to play one of his favorite games, Death Trap. Bernstein revealed he was always the Hugh. Toy Man revealed he turned the area into one big death trap. He pointed out a cannon would take him out.

The mech dropped a marble down a funnel, it rolled down onto a see-saw, launching a cup, startling a hamster and making it run in its wheel, starting a conveyor built that dumped cups of sand into a scale that led to a hand raising up and switching on a light bulb that slowly heated a cauldron. A fan blew a boat across a tub and poked an iron that went across an ironing board and fell off, knocking a bowling ball off a girder onto a see-saw and tossing a bowling pin up in the air. Toy Man declared in six to eight minutes depending on how quickly the butter slide melted it would be all over. Supergirl quipped "not so slow!" Toy Man mused his purchase from Very Deadly Space Rocks & More didn't finish the job and hoped they enjoyed his one star customer rating. Bumblebee volunteered to keep him busy while Supergirl saved Bernstein. The fuse of the cannon primed to kill Bernstein was lit as Supergirl made her way to him. She shouted she was coming. Bernstein was relieved but asked her to hurry. Toy Man blasted at her.

With no powers and a wide chasm, Supergirl still leaped across. Luckily, her powers returned mid-jump and she shielded Bernstein from the cannonball. Toy Man switched the mech's right hand into cannon. Supergirl freed Bernstein, grabbed him and Bumblebee, and they leaped in unison at the mech. While the mech smoldered, a police officer took Toy Man into custody. He fastened in own seat belt in the back seat and the officer drove off. Bernstein thanked Supergirl but she credited Bumblebee with reminding her powers weren't needed to be a hero but they did help. She told Bernstein she respected him a lot more for being a superhero with no powers. Bernstein pointed out he did have powers. Supergirl remembered and made light of his hydrokinesis. He insisted it was a complicated power. Bumblebee falsely recalled he could talk to fish, too. Bernstein admitted he couldn't but he did talk to his fish Suzanne but she never talked back.

Garth Bernstein bought a goldfish from a local pet shop with a plan to give it to Karen Beecher as a gift for her birthday. He tripped after exiting and Goldberg was launched in the air. He tried using hydrokinesis to turn the bowl water into a hand but Goldberg slipped out and bouncing along an awning. He landed in a salad at Matt's Vegan Cafe. The woman told the server she ordered chicken. Bernstein ran past and grabbed him. He tried to find a new container, grabbing a snow cone off a person but it was too cold then a coffee cup but it was too hot. Goldberg hopped down through a grate into the sewers. Bernstein raised the water up through manholes. After he saw Goldberg, he hopped on one of the columns of water then caught Goldberg in the emptied coffee cup. A big rig truck drove through the water and they went flying. He landed on the Metropolis High hamster mascot while Goldberg landed in the water cooler.

Celebrating early, two Gotham players carried the cooler off and drenched their coach. Bernstein chased after Goldberg into the field, got handed the ball, dodged the other team, and scored a touchdown for Metropolis High. The announcer declared it was a miracle. With no other choice, he stored Goldberg in his mouth. As he waiting for the light to cross, he was annoyed to see a truck delivering drinks, a Metropolis Fire Department truck, a flatbed with a jacuzzi, a big aquarium tank, and a big water jug. He made it to the cafeteria and spotted Beecher eating and reading. He spit Goldberg into her glass of water. She was happy he remembered her birthday and hugged him. The worker took her tray away with Goldberg still in the cup. Bernstein ran after him and caused a big crash. On a Taco Tuesday, Bernstein was stuffed inside a locker. Giganta found him while she searched for Karen Beecher. He asked for her help. She paused but closed the locker door on him.

Garth Bernstein found an empty seat in the cafeteria but the boy ignored him. He asked him if he read the latest issue of Star Battle. Harley Quinn used Wonder Woman's stolen Lasso of Truth on Bernstein. He admitted he was Aqualad. The boy he ate with didn't react and left the table. Bernstein was having issues on picture day. Jessica Cruz rolled face in a trash bin and bumped him off of the stool as he posed for another attempt. Cruz stood up just in time holding the bottle and took the photograph instead. Her photo was mistakenly used as Bernstein's in the yearbook. Bernstein flushed and walked out a stall in a white towel in the men's locker room. He gasped at the sight of Zee Zatara, who was drenched in water and scary looking. Zatara sternly requested the room. Bernstein scurried outside. Students in the hail ran for it as Doris Zeul's stomach growls grew closer and closer. Garth Bernstein didn't heed the other students and was grabbed by Zeul. She held him upside down and shook his spare change out then stuffed him in his locker. He kept droning on and told her to enjoy her lunch.

Jimmy Olsen handed Lois Lane a photo of Aqualad riding two dolphins like skis. Instead of approving it for the front page of the Daily Planetoid, she stressed that she wanted superheroes, not cosplay. Zatara sneezed amid Garth Bernstein's show and tell of his goldfish and accidentally cast a spell. Bernstein was jammed into the fish bowl.

Beecher tried to explain the act of being asked to dance to Prince but she was roused and stated the honor should be bestowed upon them. She took Beecher outside and ordered Garth Bernstein to take her to the dance. Bernstein dropped his stack of water bottles in confusion. On the night of the dance, Beecher and Bernstein were wallflowers. Zatara cast another spell and forced Beecher and Bernstein to stand and dance. They thought it was kinda nice. After Livewire appeared, Bernstein tried to dance his way to the exit but Livewire warned she had enough electricity flowing through the windows and doors to knock out the entire football team. Bernstein was bummed. Beecher told him it was a good instinct then revealed she was going to dance over and see her friends. At the Fall Festival, Batgirl emerged from the corn field on her moped. Garth Bernstein was relieved to be free of the maze after he was lost in there for a few hours. Harley launched whipped cream on Batgirl and Bernstein. He was okay with waiting a little longer.

Supergirl sighted the three giant fish monsters and wished there was someone with water powers to help her. Coincidentally, Garth Bernstein was on the pier distracted playing the Pigeon Party app. In Robotics Club, Beecher took 20 minutes to make a robot that immediately smashed Garth Bernstein's. Zee Zatara later tried out the club but didn't understand why tools were needed. During midterms, Bernstein started and ended in fourth place for the highest G.P.A. overall. Bernstein was one of many teenagers turned into a Cheetah clone by the Mask of Dolos. As a result, he didn't go to a study session with Beecher in the school library. He and the other victims were restored to normal by Katana and her Soultaker sword.