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Real Identity: Krypto, Ace, Jumpa, Kitsune, Honey, and Calliope
Appearances (Webisodes): Pets Peeved Part 2
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence and Physical Attributes
Voiced By:

Krypto and Ace found a stash of jewels stolen by Roz, Catwoman's pet cat, and returned it to Eclipso Jewels. Batgirl, Supergirl, and Amanda Waller happened to be there going over the results of their investigation into the thefts and congratulated them. Waller decided they were heroes, too, and super pets should be allowed at Super Hero High. On the first day of Grodd's Super Pets class, Krypto chose to lick Jumpa instead of fight back and Jumpa couldn't tell friend from foe, punching Grodd in the face twice. Ace chased Kitsune into the gym. Batgirl fired her grapnel at Ace's collar and did a hard tug. Ace heeled and his cape fell on his head. Grodd informed the supers they would be failed if their pets couldn't learn to work together. That night, the supers were lured into a trap at the Centennial Park Zoo and imprisoned by the Animilitia. Luckily, Jumpa disobeyed Wonder Woman's orders and tailed her. She watched from the bushes and saw everything.

Jumpa returned to Super Hero High. She woke up Krypto from his sleep in Supergirl's dorm first then Honey while it snacked in Bumblebee's dorm, Kitsune while it sharpened its claws in Kitsune's dorm, Calliope swinging in Wonder Woman's dorm, and lastly, Ace while he practiced catch with a tennis ball cannon. They peeked out from an alley and saw King Shark and Killer Croc escorting several citizens, including Silver St. Cloud, out of the city. The pets hid but Jumpa accidentally knocked a trash can over with her tail. Ace and Krypto took off their costumes then pretended to fight over a bone. Killer Croc checked the alley and assumed they were just stray dogs. Calliope hung down down from a tree and tried to steal Killer Moth's keys. She jumped branch to branch but Moth fired his net gun and caught her. The other pets converged on Moth. He tried to radio the rest of the Animilitia but Honey snatched the walkie talkie and bit it in half.

King Shark ran in but Krypto tackled him to the ground and licked his snout. King was grossed out. As Ace dodged Croc's attacks, Kitsune pushed out a tennis ball cannon and Croc was blasted into submission. Jumpa took on Lion-Mane. He tried to use his ability to control animals to get Jumpa to join the Animilitia as an equal but she kicked him in the gut with a kangaroo kick. She knocked him out with a slap of her tail to his face. Kitsune cut Calliope out of the net then she freed the supers. Wonder Woman lassoed Moth. Katana congratulated the pets for their awesome teamwork. The Super Pets cheered then the supers cheered for them.

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