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Shorts Guide

Click on the title to find summaries and information about each short. Check out the glossary for quick stats definitions, and if you have any information, opinions, or images to add, make sure to use the forum, or contact us!

Webisodes are listed by airdate. Production numbers are listed in individual webisode pages when revealed.

Guide Glossary:
Students: Characters that are students at Super Hero High School.
Faculty: Characters that are faculty at Super Hero High School.
Heroes: Characters that are full fledged superheroes and/or graduates of Super Hero High School.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting Cast: Any supporting characters that appear.
Objects: Non-characters that appear.
Places: Places visited by characters or mentioned.

The webisodes can be viewed for free at DCSuperHeroGirls.com or DCSuperHeroGirls at YouTube as they release starting October 1, 2015.

Season One

1. Welcome to Super Hero High
It's the start of a brand new year at Super Hero High School!!! Follow your favorite DC Super Hero Girls as they experience the ups, downs and all-arounds on their first day of school.

2. All About Super Hero High
It's a big day for everyone at Super Hero High School! Wonder Woman has finally touched down on campus and she's ready to make her mark, but she still has a lot to learn.

3. Roomies
Meeting new friends is really exciting, but living with them can get really messy! Find out which two Super Heroes end up as roommates.

4. Crazy Quiltin'
It's time for the first project of the year! Bust out your pencils and help Wonder Woman design a Super Suit that'll bring out her true colors in the halls of Super Hero High School.

5. Power Outage
It's time for the girls to test their super power skills! Find out who passes with flying colors and who doesn't at Super Hero High School. The answer might surprise you.

6. Fall Into Super Hero High
There's nothing like movie night with your best friends! Harley Quinn has prepared the PERFECT film for the occasion, just watch out for the ice. LOL.

7. Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy
Let's hear it for Our Hero of the Month at Super Hero High: Poison Ivy! Not only has she rescued classmates, friends and strangers, but you'll be amazed at how many sticky situations she's stopped from getting worse!

8. Designing Disaster
The end of the semester is nearing, but is Wonder Woman's Super Suit going to land her an A+?

9. Weaponomics
Wonder Woman sure knows her weaponomics, but a certain someone doesn't want her teacher to know. What happens in class will surprise you!

10. Clubbing
It's time for Poison Ivy to branch out (literally) and join some clubs. Principal's orders! But what club should she choose at Super Hero High School!?

11. Hero of the Month: Bumblebee
It's Bumble Bee's time to shine for her heroic prowess, exceptional flying skills and great taste in music!! Follow along as she accepts this exciting honor from Super Hero High School!

12. Saving the Day
It's the end of the semester for Super Hero High students, but wait! A Save the Day alarm has sounded and they must fly to the rescue!

13. Hero of the Month: Wonder Woman
Drum roll, please...for our Our Hero of the Month! Wonder Woman's best known for being a leader and a great friend, which is why Super Hero High nominated her!

Season Two

14. New Beginnings
Wonder Woman is living her destiny! As the newly appointed School Ambassador, she's taking the lead to recruit Supergirl to Super Hero High - until a sneak attack from villainess Giganta catches her off guard.

15. Hero of the Month: Supergirl
Supergirl may be new to Super Hero High, but she's already a BIG hit. With her smashing entrances and out-of-control enthusiasm, Supergirl soars as Hero of the Month!

16. Batgirl vs. Supergirl
Batgirl and Supergirl face-off in their greatest battle yet - the last piece of superfood cake! Find out who is quick enough to snag it.

17. Quinntessential Harley
Harley Quinn's video blog has gone viral! Can she handle the responsibility of being a Super Hero AND a celebrity?

18. Hero of the Month: Harley Quinn
TA-DA! Hero of the Month is Harley Quinn! She saves the day in crazy fun ways and laughs in the face of danger.

19. License to Fly
The Batjet is ready for lift-off. But first, Batgirl must maneuver her way through the Flyer's Ed test. Find out if she has the skills to ace the exam!

20. Hero of the Month: Batgirl
A round of applause for the newest Hero of the Month - Batgirl! She's the resident computer genius at Super Hero High and can solve problems faster than a calculator. w00t!

21. Doubles Trouble
Katana chooses Supergirl as her tennis doubles partner, but Supergirl's powers are too much for the game.

22. Franken-Ivy
Poison Ivy's new plant is growing faster than anyone expected. Can the DC Super Hero Girls stop it from taking over Metropolis?

23. Hero of the Month: Katana
She's fast. She's fierce. She's fashionable. Give it up for Katana - an expert swordswoman and the newest Hero of the Month!

24. Dude, Where's My Invisible Jet?
When Wonder Woman's invisible jet goes missing, her friends band together to form a search party. You'll never guess where they find it!

25. Hero of the Month: Frost
Whether it's fighting super villains or solving complex chemistry equations, Frost always keeps her cool. See her in action as Hero of the Month!

26. The Blunder Games
As part of the Advanced Survival Skills class, Batgirl is dropped off in a remote island and must make it to the designated meeting spot before sunset. But when her equipment malfunctions, Batgirl must rely on a different set of super skills.

27. Hawkgirl's Day Off
As a break from classes and hall monitoring, Hawkgirl's friends treat her to a relaxing day at the SuperSpa. But the day takes a turn when the fearsome Mrs. Clayface makes a surprise appearance!

28. Hero of the Month: Hawkgirl
Hawkgirl is a serious a force to be reckoned with. She's the best Hall Monitor at Super Hero High, a fearless defender of justice, and most of all, a loyal and loving friend. Congrats to the new Hero of the Month!

29. The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf
Overcome with jealousy, Cheetah tries to become Hero of the Month after a series of staged (and failed) attempts. So when the evil Solomon Grundy actually attacks, no one believes Cheetah and she must take on the villain herself.

30. Ring of Mire
When Star Sapphire accidentally drops her violet lantern ring down the sink, she dives into the sewer to find it - only to be greeted by the evil villain Croc!

31. Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire
Star Sapphire graces the halls of Super Hero High with the perfect OOTD, but she also knows how to lay down the law with her powerful violet lantern ring. Rock that Hero of the Month award, Star Sapphire!

32. The Ultimate Accessory
The pressure is on! Bumblebee must design a high-tech accessory for her Weaponomics class. Will her final product get a passing grade?

33. Riddle of the Heart
With her expert detective skills, Batgirl has always been able to solve mysteries in the blink of an eye...until now. Find out who's behind a series of puzzling new riddles.

34. Hero of the Month: Cyborg and Starfire
For the first time ever, Principal Waller is naming TWO Heroes of the Month - Cyborg and Starfire! Their teamwork and friendship prove that super powers are better together. Great work!

35. Roomies Return: Frost's Bite
When Frost can't find a way to warm up, she takes her bitter coldness out on her classmates. Bundle up!

36. The Odd Couple
Surprise! Harley Quinn and Lady Shiva are paired up as partners for their Advanced Stakeout project. Can they look past their differences to catch the sly villain Cheshire?

37. Cold Blooded
Frost has a cold, and every sneeze starts a mini snowstorm! Without hesitation, Bumblebee does whatever it takes to save the day - even if it means shrinking down to fight the virus.

38. Hero of the Month: Lady Shiva
It's clear that Lady Shiva has been training to become Hero of the Month. She's one of the only Super Heroes who can calculate AND dish out the perfect punch!

Season Three

39. Batnapped
Batgirl is kidnapped by Killer Moth, who wants to make her his partner! Too bad Batgirl already has a partner -- Supergirl!

40. Surprise!
Harley Quinn enlists the help of Katana and Bumblebee in hiding a surprise birthday present for Batgirl in her dorm room. But when they sneak into Batgirl's dorm, they are accosted by Batgirl's booby traps.

41. Hero of the Month: Beast Boy
Hero of the Month goes to Beast Boy! Whether he transforms into a ferocious crocodile or an friendly octopus, Beast Boy always saves the day in unexpected ways

42. Tales from the Kryptomites Part 1
Lena Luthor uses kryptonite remnants from Supergirl's ship to create living Kryptomites.

43. Tales from the Kryptomites Part 2
The supers must save Metropolis from the army of Kryptomites.

44. Seeing Red
A red Kryptomite loose at Super Hero High brings out everyone's mean side.

45. Spring Prison Break
Frost reads her "How I Spent Spring Break" essay and we flashback to the tale of how Katana and Frost formed the first "Task Force X" to stop Lashina from breaking the Female Furies out of Belle Reve. During the battle between the SHH Heroes and the Furies, Barda redeems herself and joins the side of the good guys.

46. Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds
Wonder Woman and Supergirl are facing off to see who's fastest, but when they keep tying, they decide to race sans-superpowers. Harley hates to be left out and joins the race. As Wonder Woman and Supergirl zoom around Metropolis, they spot a bank robbery in progress and compete to see who can catch the criminals first. While they're distracted, Harley wins the race.


Season One Credits that accompany webisodes included on the DC Super Hero of the Girls: Hero of the Year release in its special features section.