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Real Identity: Kitsune
Affiliations: Super Pets
Appearances (Webisodes): Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Pets Peeved Part 1, and Pets Peeved Part 2
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kitsune is Katana's pet fox. She got Kitsune shortly after Principal Waller relaxed the No Pets policy. On the first day of Grodd's Super Pets class, Ace chased Kitsune into the gym. Kitsune sprung off a free standing punching bag and easily outran Ace until Batgirl stopped his pursuit. That night, Kitsune sharpened its claws in Katana's dorm but Jumpa arrived. Kitsune understood. The pets set out to save the supers from the Animilitia. Kitsune wheeled out a tennis ball cannon to help Ace take down Killer Croc then it sliced the net Calliope was caught in.