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Real Identity: Honey
Affiliations: Super Pets
Appearances (Webisodes): Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Pets Peeved Part 1, and Pets Peeved Part 2
Appearances (Comics): Moon Doggie
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Honey is Bumblebee's pet bear cub. She got Honey shortly after Principal Waller relaxed the No Pets policy. During Gorilla Grodd's first class for the Super Pets, Honey chewed on one of his fuzzy slippers. Grodd informed the supers they would fail if their pets couldn't work together. That night Bumblebee and Wonder Woman walked Honey and Jumpa in the city. They decided to task them with walking a senior citizen across the street. Honey stood up on its hind legs and walked the woman then Jumpa snatched her up and hopped away but Honey grabbed the woman and carried her over its head. Bumblebee flew her to safety and then the pets were scolded. Bumblebee was contacted by Supergirl about a Save the Day alarm at Centennial Park Zoo. Wonder Woman ordered them to stay put. Honey was snacking back in Bumblebee's dorm when Jumpa arrived. Honey understood but came back for more snacks. After the pets made it to the Centennial Park Zoo, Killer Moth tried to radio the rest of the Animilitia to return but Honey snatched his walkie talkie and bit it in half.