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Real Identity: Calliope
Appearances (Comics): Oa Snap
Powers/Skills: Above Average Agility
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Calliope is Harley Quinn's pet monkey. For some reason, Calliope "terrorized" Coach Wildcat from jumping on his head, eating his lunch and leaving "presents" under his desk. Calliope was chosen as the opposition in Jessica Cruz' first simulation in P.E. class. In virtual reality, he was changed into a giant monkey. Cruz froze and tried to give up after Calliope swiped her sword construct away. Star Sapphire was sent into the simulation. She easily defeated him by jamming a barrel construct onto him. Once Wildcat ended the class, Calliope jumped on his shoulders. He yelled at Harley to keep Calliope under control. Harley took Calliope into her arms.