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Real Identity: Jumpa
Affiliations: Super Pets
Appearances (Webisodes): Gone to the Dogs Part 2, Pets Peeved Part 1, Pets Peeved Part 2, Truth of the Lasso Part 2, All Pets Are Off Part 1, and All Pets Are Off Part 2
Powers/Skills: Boxing and Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jumpa is Princess Diana's pet kangaroo. She brought Jumpa to campus shortly after Principal Waller relaxed the No Pets policy. Jumpa had a hard time learning who it was okay to fight. During Gorilla Grodd's first class for the Super Pets, Jumpa sparred with Krypto in a fight drill. Krypto dodged her jabs then licked her. Grodd was upset then was suddenly jabbed in the face by Jumpa. Wonder Woman apologized but she did it again. Grodd informed the supers they would fail if their pets couldn't work together. That night Bumblebee and Wonder Woman walked Honey and Jumpa in the city. They decided to task them with walking a senior citizen across the street. Jumpa snatched the woman from Honey's hand and hopped away but Honey grabbed the woman. Bumblebee flew her to safety and then the pets were scolded. Bumblebee was contacted by Supergirl about a Save the Day alarm at Centennial Park Zoo. Wonder Woman ordered them to stay put. Jumpa disobeyed and followed them to the zoo. She hid in some bushes and watched as the Animilitia supervillain team captured the supers.

Jumpa returned to Super Hero High. She woke up Krypto from his sleep in Supergirl's dorm first then Honey while it snacked in Bumblebee's dorm, Kitsune while it sharpened its claws in Kitsune's dorm, Calliope swinging in Wonder Woman's dorm, and lastly, Ace while he practiced catch with a tennis ball cannon. They peeked out from an alley and saw King Shark and Killer Croc escorting several citizens, including Silver St. Cloud, out of the city. The pets hid but Jumpa accidentally knocked a trash can over with her tail. Ace and Krypto took off their costumes then pretended to fight over a bone. Killer Croc checked the alley and assumed they were just stray dogs. At Centennial Park Zoo, Jumpa took on Lion-Mane. He tried to use his ability to control animals to get Jumpa to join the Animilitia as an equal but she kicked him in the gut with a kangaroo kick. She knocked him out with a slap of her tail to his face. Wonder Woman congratulated Jumpa for trusting her instincts.

Jumpa took part in the Pet Show. Jumpa did well in the hurdles and won a medal but, like the other pets, were kidnapped by Artemiz. She planned to present them to Granny Goodness to serve in her animal army as war beasts in the next invasion of Earth. Ace, Krypto, and Jumpa eventually broke the net holding them then Jumpa kicked the doors open. She then made her away to the passenger side door and kicked Artemiz out of the Batty Wagon. All the pets shared the grand prize for their teamwork, courage, and creativity.