March 16
Webisode 46
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April 15
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May 6
FCBD Edition 2017
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Movie #2
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May 23
Movie #2
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Shorts Guide

Click on the title to find summaries and information about each special. Check out the glossary for quick stats definitions, and if you have any information, opinions, or images to add, make sure to use the forum, or contact us!

Guide Glossary:
Students: Characters that are students at Super Hero High School.
Faculty: Characters that are faculty at Super Hero High School.
Heroes: Characters that are full fledged superheroes and/or graduates of Super Hero High School.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting Cast: Any supporting characters that appear.
Objects: Non-characters that appear.
Places: Places visited by characters or mentioned.

TV Specials

1. Super Hero High
Super Hero High is buzzing with excitement over new student, Supergirl. But when Supergirl crash lands into the cafeteria, it's evident that though she has incredible power, she has a long way to go before she becomes a Super Hero. Too intimidated by the other supers to ask them for assistance, Supergirl turns to helpful I.T. girl, Barbara Gordon. Barbara takes Supergirl under her wing and introduces her to the sweet, old librarian, Granny Goodness. As Barbara helps Supergirl learn to harness her powers, Wonder Woman joins them and becomes a mentor and friend to Supergirl. Meanwhile, the Junior Detective Club (The Flash, Bumblebee and Hawkgirl) investigates a mysterious rash of security breaches centered around the teleportation "Boom Tubes." Could it all be because of reformed Super-Villain and Super Hero High Vice-Principal Gorilla Grodd - or something far worse?