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Real Identity: Krypto
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High (Portrait only)
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO): Wonder Waitress
Appearances (Comics): Oa Snap, Stay Calm, Krypton, Barry-Foot in the Bark, and Crash Cabbies
Appearances (Webisodes): Dog Day After School
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, and Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Krypto is Kara's pet dog. One day, Kara went out riding on Comet with Krypto running alongside them. She discovered a Mnemosyne Crystal and brought it back to Alura. After Kara dismounted, Krypto happily licked her face. Currently, Supergirl keeps a portrait of Krypto in her dorm room. Through some means, Krypto arrived on Earth after Ares' rampages. He didn't understand he had super powers because of the yellow sun and started causing mayhem. Supergirl happened to be flying around in her rocket ship and its Kryptonian Proximity Alarm was triggered. She returned to Super Hero High to have it checked out by Batgirl. Krypto continued and the damage he caused set off the Save the Day Alarm. Beast Boy found a series of fire hydrants were knocked off and geysers of water erupted. Krypto then spooked many, many cats. He ran at super speed into Capes & Cowls Cafe, causing a mess and scaring the patrons out. He ran out the back door eventually.

Supergirl, Hawkgirl, Beast Boy, and Catwoman entered and questioned him. Trevor knew it was big, fast, and wild then directed them out back. They saw a pair of red eyes near a dumpster. Supergirl went closer and they instantly recognized each other. Krypto jumped on Supergirl and licked her. She didn't care how he got to Earth and was elated. Supergirl hugged him. Hawkgirl mused Super Hero High was getting another pet. Krypto had a hard time adjusting to his new found super powers, namely super strength. She discovered he needed his breakfast at exactly 7:05 am everyday. Assigned to accompany Jessica Cruz to Oa, Supergirl initially left Krypto in Batgirl's care but after Ace gave her the slip she instead asked Wonder Woman. Krypto whimpered after Supergirl's rocket ship launched. Krypto caught the scent of Catwoman's cat Roz and dragged Wonder Woman through Super Hero High. He ran into the cafeteria and broke a table, smashed several milk cartons onto Frost then bust through a window after Roz. They ran through the front door and left a big hole.

Krypto lunged but Catwoman lowered down from the ceiling and grabbed Roz. Krypto struck Star Sapphire's locker. Wonder Woman caught up and scolded him, calling him a bad dog. She couldn't believe she failed to be a good dog-sitter. The Flash offered to take Krypto with him to Centennial Park and help with getting some of his energy out. He chased a squirrel at some point. While Flash stopped for 27 hot dogs from a cart, Krypto saw a blonde and mistook her for Supergirl. He eventually saw it was someone else and walked around Metropolis. He saw another blonde girl and followed her but it was someone else as well. He overheard a man yelling at a stray dog that stole a carne asada from his business. Krypto chased after the dog but learned it was stealing food for its puppies. Krypto chased the man away then flew off and found a sausage link for the dogs. Krypto had fun playing with the puppies but he missed Supergirl and decided to lead his new friends back to Super Hero High with him.

A Metropolis Animal Control sighted them and misreported them as dangerous. Krypto smashed the hood of the van then kicked a fire hydrant. The gush of water soaked the worker. Krypto flew off with the other dogs from the intersection of Garbowska Street and Chiang Avenue. One pup got stuck at the curb as animal control closed in. To make matters worse, Krypto's collar was snagged by a hedge and fell off. He bit the net's handle in half but the Special Crimes K9 Unit slapped a super-proof collar on Krypto and he was hauled away in a van.

Krypto waited outside of Capes & Cowls Cafe for Supergirl. He caught a scent and found a Blue Kryptomite in a trash can. He grabbed it and walked around with it in his mouth. Supergirl scolded him and ordered him to release the Kryptomite before he got confused by its ability. He complied and started chasing his tail.