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Real Identity: Ace
Appearances (Comics): Barry-foot in the Bark
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ace is Batgirl's pet dog. She got him after Principal Waller changed Super Hero High School's no pets policy. He wears a cape and cowl like her and displays above average intelligence. Batgirl volunteered to watch Krypto for Supergirl while she took Green Lantern Jessica Cruz to Oa. She noticed Ace was nowhere to be found and called out for him. Supergirl asked Wonder Woman instead. Batgirl and Ace settled outside on a bench and read. Ace read the latest issue of Detective Hound. Krypto and Roz ran past them. Batgirl seemed to understand Ace and told him to put aside his opinion that Krypto was an embarrassment to dog kind and help. Ace saw the giant hole in the front door and pointed. The girls noticed and went inside.