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Real Identity: Ace
Affiliations: Super Pets
Appearances (Comics): Barry-foot in the Bark and Moon Doggie
Appearances (Webisodes): Gone to the Dogs Part 1, Gone to the Dogs Part 2 , Pets Peeved Part 1, Pets Peeved Part 2, All Pets Are Off Part 1, and All Pets Are Off Part 2
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence
Voiced By:

Ace is Batgirl's adopted pet dog. He wears a cape and cowl like her and displays above average intelligence. Supergirl and Batgirl set up a playdate for their dogs at Centennial Park. Ace rode in the side car of Batgirl's Batcyle and wore special goggles. Ace sat straight and sternly. Krypto was happy to meet Ace and smelled his face then his behind. Ace was caught offguard and became annoyed. Then Krypto slobbered him. Ace sat under a tree and observed everyone at the park until Krypto got in his face. He tried to walk to a new spot but Krypto rolled in front of him. He threw a tennis ball and Krypto chased afer it.

Ace perfectly fetched the teddy bear Batgirl threw. He sat it down and placed his left paw on top of its head. Krypto flew by, snatched the bear, shredded it, tossed it into the air, and blew it to pieces with heat vision. Ace was aghast. Batgirl announced the playdate was over because of a break-in. She placed Ace on a leash. He was happy until she said he and Ace had to wait in her Bat-Bunker while she and Supergirl investigated. Krypto spun around in Batgirl's chair. Ace back kicked him away while he looked at the monitor. Krypto saw footage from Eclipso Jewel's security cameras and saw a black cat with the stolen Sphinx Ruby. He barked. Ace turned around and realized he spotted the thief. They did a high-five and set out to save the day. However, Oracle didn't recognize Ace's paw print or voice and thus would not grant them an exit. Krypto flew up and charged through a wall. They chased Roz through Centennial Park. Once Ace spotted Roz in a tree with his infrared goggles, Krypto flew up and sliced the branch off with heat vision.

Roz jumped back down and Krypto emerged with a mad squirrel. They chased after Roz into the city. Ace noticed a net on the back of a parked animal control truck. Krypto flew up behind Roz and spooked it into jumping off a roof right into a net held by Ace. Catwoman arrived and took custody of Roz. Ace caught wind of Roz' stash and they returned to the park. Krypto dug up the stash and they returned it to Eclipso Jewels. Batgirl, Supergirl, and Waller congratulated them. Waller decided they were heroes, too, and super pets should be allowed at Super Hero High. On the first day of Grodd's Super Pets class, Ace chased Kitsune into the gym. Batgirl fired her grapnel at Ace's collar and did a hard tug. Ace heeled and his cape fell on his head. Grodd informed the supers they would be failed if their pets couldn't learn to work together. That night, Ace practiced catch with a tennis ball cannon in Batgirl's dorm. Jumpa entered and dodged the balls. Ace turned off the machine and understood something was wrong.

In the city, Jumpa accidentally knocked over a trash can and got King Shark and Killer Croc's attention. Ace and Krypto took off their costumes and pretended to fight over a bone. Croc checked the alley and thought they were just stray dogs then left. In the battle at Centennial Park Zoo, Ace dodged Croc's attacks. Kitsune pushed out a tennis ball cannon and Croc was blasted into submission.

Two weeks after Jessica Cruz became a Green Lantern, Batgirl volunteered to watch Krypto for Supergirl while she took Cruz to Oa. She noticed Ace was nowhere to be found and called out for him. Supergirl asked Wonder Woman instead. Batgirl and Ace settled outside on a bench and read. Ace read the latest issue of Detective Hound. Krypto and Roz ran past them. Batgirl seemed to understand Ace and told him to put aside his opinion that Krypto was an embarrassment to dog kind and help. Ace saw the giant hole in the front door and pointed. The girls noticed and went inside. Ace and Batgirl went to the Bat Bunker under the school and worked on her space ship. After hearing the call for reinforcements in outer space, Batgirl launched the ship. She left Ace to guard the bunker.

Ace took part in the Pet Show. He didn't take kindly to the undercover Beast Boy prematurely declaring he would win. He won a medal but, like the other pets, were kidnapped by Artemiz. She planned to present them to Granny Goodness to serve in her animal army as war beasts in the next invasion of Earth. Ace, Krypto, and Jumpa eventually broke the net holding them. Ace and Krypto swiped Artemiz' quiver and arrows before she could recover from Jumpa's kick then captured her with the same net. All the pets shared the grand prize for their teamwork, courage, and creativity.