Freedom Fighters

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1 and Episode 2
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Freedom Fighters are the liberty's last line of defense in Earth-X, a world where the Axis Powers won World War II and conquered the planet. The Freedom Fighters operate in groups and oppose the Axis forces. Members The Ray, Doll Man, Phantom Lady, Red Tornado, and Black Condor aided fleeing refugees in Tulsa amid an assualt from the New Reich. Ray did a fly-by, blew up two tanks then returned to the other Freedom Fighters. He reported the refugees were headed their way. Phantom Lady ordered them to hold the line and give them a chance to escape to safety. Ray, Condor, and Tornado took to the skies. Ray blasted a Reich gunner blocking a bridge then a tank lifted up by Tornado. Phantom Lady and Doll Man fought soldiers on another bridge. To their surprise, the Reich retreated. However, it was only because Overgirl, Black Arrow, and Blitzkrieg were up. Overgirl blasted her heat vision and took out a bridge. Black Arrow opened with exploding arrows.

Overgirl focused on Red Tornado, while Blitzkrieg fought the Ray, and Arrow shot at Black Condor. Phantom Lady temporarily blinded Arrow while Doll Man threw one of his net arrows in the air. Condor redirected it at Arrow and snagged him. Overgirl pinned Red Tornado underwater and unleashed a continuous heat vision blast at his forehead. He attempted to use his hands but she simply ripped his arms off. Phantom Girl erected a vast shadow around Overgirl while Ray pulled Tornado to the surface. Condor diverted Overgirl's attention. With his systems suffering total failure, Tornado entrusted his Neuro-Cortex to Ray and told him to destroy it to prevent the Reichsmen from accessing his memories since he knew the location of the Freedom Fighters' base of operations. Vibe arrived via breach and joined his comrades. However, Overgirl killed Doll Man with her heat vision then Condor impulsively confronted the Reichsmen to create a chance for the others to escape. Phantom Girl aided him. Blitzkrieg charged forward and fatally stabbed Ray.

Unwilling to let the cortex fall in the wrong hands, Vibe opened a breach to another dimension and pushed Ray through. Ray met his Earth-1 counterpart and gave him his powers and the cortex before he vanished. In the aftermath, Arrow and Blitzkrieg continued searching for Black Condor, Phantom Lady, and Vibe. With Ray missing in action with Tornado's cortex, Overgirl ordered the Reich's forces to prepare for a final strike on the Freedom Fighters' base and eliminate them once and for all.

Current Members

Black Condor

Doll Man

Phantom Lady

The Ray

Red Tornado