August 25, 2015
Launches on CW Seed

Red Tornado

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Real Identity: Red Tornado
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 4
Powers/Skills: Aerokinesis
Voiced By: Iddo Goldberg

Red Tornado is a combat android and member of the Freedom Fighters. He can generate powerful tornadoes from his hands and the lower half of his body. Red Tornado took part in an operation in Tulsa to help fleeing refugees. He took to the skies with Black Condor and the Ray. After he lifted a tank into mid-air, Ray blew it up with a light blast. After the New Reich quickly retreated, Tornado was skeptical of their victory. Overgirl soon made her presence known by taking out a bridge with her heat vision. Tornado calculated the five of them could take her unless she brought friends. Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg soon arrived. Phantom Lady couldn't believe he jinxed it. Tornado came to Condor's aid after Black Arrow clipped a wing. He stopped an arrow then blasted Arrow but was decked by Overgirl. He looked up and narrowly dodged her charge. She tried to stop him with her ice breath but he countered with tornadoes. Overgirl forced him into the ground and knocked him into a river. She pinned him with a continous heat vision blast to the forehead.

Red Tornado tried to form tornadoes with his hands but Overgirl ripped his arms off. Phantom Lady blinded Overgirl while Ray took Tornado to the surface. Tornado reported his systems were sub-nominal but he wasn't going anywhere as total failure was imminent. He asked Ray to make sure his Neuro-Cortex was destroyed so the Reichsmen wouldn't have the chance to access his data and glean the location of the Freedom Fighters' base of operations. Ray couldn't bring himself to do it as it would destroy Tornado as well. Tornado shut down and his forehead opened up to reveal the cortex. Ray took the cortex but was fatally wounded by Blitzkrieg. Vibe wanted to make sure the cortex was safe and pushed Ray through a breach to Earth-1. Ray encountered his counterpart and gave him the cortex and transfered over his photokinetic energy. Ray Terrill told his friend John Trujillo about it. Terrill presented the cortex and pressed the center. It activated and levitated. A hologram of Red Tornado was projected. Tornado estimated he was in Earth-1 if his sub-systems were functioning properly.

Red Tornado explained to Terrill and Trujillo there were thousands of different realities in a multiverse and he was an artificial life form from a world designated Earth-X. He presented images of the New Reich and Freedom Fighters then told them about his Earth's history and fall at the hands of the Axis Powers. They recognized their counterparts, the Ray and Black Condor. Tornado revealed the cortex contained information vital to the resistance, including the location of their base of operations. He told Terrill to destroy the cortex. Since his reserve power was already being depleted, Tornado was not concerned the cortex's destruction meant his own. He implored Terrill to destroy the cortex to save the world then bid him goodbye. The cortex turned off.