August 25, 2015
Launches on CW Seed

Phantom Lady

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Real Identity: Jenny Knight
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1 and Episode 2
Powers/Skills: Invisibility and Shadow Manipulation
Voiced By: Dilshad Vadsaria

Phantom Lady is a member of the Freedom Fighters and can manipulate the shadows to hide herself or hamper others' sight. She can render herself invisible or form a shadow into a sphere in her hands then blind opponents from throwing it in their face or even cover a limited area in darkness. Phantom Lady took part in the Tulsa operation to help refugees escape to safety from the New Reich. After the Ray reported they were on the run and coming towards the Freedom Fighters' position, Phantom Lady ordered everyone to hold the line until they could get to safety. She implored Ray, Red Tornado, and Black Condor to take to the skies. She and Doll Man ran across a bridge in the opposite direction of the refugees. She covered the bridge in darkness then took out the Reich soldiers one by one. Once Overgirl made her presence known and took out a bridge, Red Tornado calculated the five of them could take her unless they brought friends. Sure enough, Black Arrow and Blitzkrieg appeared. Phantom Lady couldn't believe he jinxed it.

Phantom Lady rendered herself invisible and made her way behind Black Arrow then reappeared and threw a sphere on his head. While Arrow was blinded, Doll Man jumped onto his shoulder and threw out an arrow from his quiver. Black Condor used his powers to redirect the arrow at him. With Red Tornado in trouble, Phantom Girl dove into the river. She became visible behind Overgirl and darkened a wide radius around her. Overgirl angrily fired in all directions while Ray pulled Tornado to the surface. As Blitzkrieg taunted Doll Man, Phantom Lady prepared to throw a shadow sphere at him but Overgirl blasted it away then her. Overgirl had enough and slammed the ground. Condor caught Phantom Lady. Luckily, Vibe arrived. Phantom Lady screamed Doll Man's name as he took a direct heat vision blast to the chest and was killed. Condor suddenly went after the Reichsmen to allow the others to retreat. Phantom Lady ran after him. Overgirl froze her with ice breath but she broke free only to be stomped by her. Phantom Lady managed to escape but was hunted by Arrow and Blitzkrieg.