August 25, 2015
Launches on CW Seed

The Ray (Earth-X)

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Real Identity: Ray Terrill
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3
Powers/Skills: Solar Absorption, Photokinesis, and Flight
Voiced By: Russell Tovey

Ray Terrill was a reporter who discovered a group of government scientists who were working on a secret project to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. The project head exposed Terrill to a genetic light bomb to silence him permanently but it gave him light-based powers. Terrill decided to use his powers to go beyond reporting injustice and became the Ray. He was later recruited by Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. Fighting the Nazi's New Reich was a personal battle for the Ray as his homosexuality made him a target for death by their laws.

The Ray participated in helping refugees flee from the New Reich in Tulsa. Ray performed a fly over and destroyed two enemy tanks then returned to the other Freedom Fighters. He reported the refugees were coming their way, on the run. Phantom Lady ordered everyone to hold the line and give them a chance to make it to safety. Ray took to the skies with Red Tornado and Black Condor. A gunner cut off refugees from getting to a bridge and took aim but Ray blew him up. Tornado lifted a tank into mid-air then Ray blew it up. Soon, the New Reichsmen Overgirl, Black Arrow, and Blitzkrieg arrived. Blitzkrieg ran to Ray, punched him repeatedly, taunted him as he missed, then kicked him in the back. Ray eventually connected and blasted Blitzkrieg, dropping him to his knees. Ray jumped into a river and pulled Tornado to the surface while Phantom Girl and Black Condor distracted Overgirl. Tornado refused to leave and stated a total failure to his system was imminent. He asked Ray to make sure his Neuro-Cortex was destroyed.

The Ray refused to destroy it and stated that was Tornado's being. Tornado didn't want to give the Reichsmen a chance to access his data. Tornado suddenly shut down and his forehead opened up, revealing the cortex. Ray took it out then dodged Black Arrow's exploding arrows. Ray knew the Freedom Fighters couldn't hold off the Reichsmen forever. He was relieved when Vibe emerged from a breach. Overgirl suddenly killed Doll Man with heat vision. Black Condor and Phantom Girl tried to give them a chance to escape and fought the Reichsmen themselves. Blitzkrieg charged and rammed Ray. He realized he was stabbed in the abdomen. Blitzkrieg admitted he was looking forward to killing the Ray the most then got blasted. Vibe ordered Ray to get to safety with the cortex but he refused to leave his allies behind. Vibe opened a breach and pushed Ray through. Ray ended up in Earth-1 and fell into the backyward of his counterpart's parents' home. He begged Ray Terrill for help but stopped him from calling 911.

Ray gave Terrill the cortex then revealed his face. He transfered his photokinetic energy into Terrill then dispersed. Terrill became a metahuman like he was and took on the mantle of the Ray. S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City picked up on the resonance burst from Ray's arrival in the past couple hours. Caitlin Snow noticed the surging radiation levels over Oklahoma. Vibe tried to run a multiversal trace on Ray's trajectory but the New Reichsmen found and neutralized him. They learned Ray was sent to Earth-1.