Vibe (Earth-X)

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Real Identity: Cisco Ramon
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 2 and Episode 6
Powers/Skills: Sound Manipulation, Portal Generation, Engineering, Expert in Technology, and Above Average Intelligence
Voiced By: Carlos Valdes

Vibe is a member of the Freedom Fighters in the dimension designated Earth-X. Vibe joined late into the battle at Tulsa between the Freedom Fighters and New Reichsmen. After he emerged from a breach, the Ray informed him Red Tornado was gone and had his Neuro-Cortex. Overgirl suddenly killed Doll Man with her heat vision. While Phantom Lady and Black Condor tried to distract the Reichsmen, Vibe opened a new breach. He refused to let the cortex fall in the Reich's hands and pushed Ray through. Vibe returned to a hideout and started a multiversal trace to find the Ray's trajectory. The New Reichsmen soon found him. Vibe removed his thumb drive, dodged Black Arrow's shot, and rolled down a hole in the floor. He ran down a corridor but Blitzkrieg was already waiting. Vibe fired sonic blasts and kept running. Blitzkrieg dodged, punched him, then rammed him into a wall. He looked down and saw Vibe's fist at his gut. Vibe sent him across the hall into a wall. Blitzkrieg had enough and ran back and forth, decking Vibe at super speed. Eventually, Vibe fell to the ground. Blitzkrieg returned to the others with Vibe and discovered the Ray and the cortex were on Earth-1.