August 25, 2015
Launches on CW Seed

Doll Man

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Real Identity: Darrel Dane
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1 and Episode 2
Powers/Skills: Size Manipulation
Voiced By: Matthew Mercer

Doll Man is a member of the Freedom Fighters and has the ability to shrink himself but retain normal strength. Doll Man was part of an operation in Tulsa to help refugees escape from the New Reich. Doll Man and Phantom Lady took on enemy soldiers on a bridge then he shrank and headed into a tank's turret. He took out the soldiers inside with ease. However, they had to face Overgirl, Blitzkrieg, and Black Arrow next. Now on Condor's back, Doll Man got an idea and asked to be taken in close. Phantom Lady appeared behind Black Arrow and blinded him. Doll Man hopped on Arrow's shoulder and tossed one of his arrows into the sky. Condor used an ability to redirect the arrow at Arrow. He was caught up in its net. Doll Man was no match for Blitzkrieg and couldn't lay a hand on him. Shortly after Vibe arrived, Doll Man took a heat vision blast to the chest from Overgirl and died.