Black Condor

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Real Identity: John Trujillo
Affiliations: Freedom Fighters
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 1 and Episode 2
Powers/Skills: Flight, Enhanced Strength, and Aerokinesis
Voiced By: Jason Mitchell

Black Condor is a member of the Freedom Fighters and can fly through the use of wings as well as utilize aerokinesis. Black Condor was part of the operation in Tulsa to help refugees escape from the New Reich. Condor took to the skies with the Ray and Red Tornado. He was targeted by Black Arrow but dodged his attacks. Through the course of the battle, a miniature Doll Man ended up on Condor's back. Doll Man got an idea and asked Condor to take him in close. Phantom Lady appeared behind Arrow and blinded him with her shadow technique. Doll Man jumped off Condor onto Arrow's shoulder then threw out one of his arrows. Condor used his aerokinesis to redirect the arrow at Black Arrow and a net sprang from it onto him. While Ray pulled Red Tornado to safety, Black Condor and Phantom Lady distracted Overgirl. Overgirl hurled a vehicle but Condor sliced it in two with a wing. It was just a ploy and Blitzkrieg leaped between the two halves and decked Condor to the ground.

Overgirl rocked everyone with an overhead slam to the ground. Condor caught Phantom Girl. Just as Vibe arrived, Overgirl killed Doll Man with a heat vision shot to the chest. Condor suddenly flew after the Reichsmen to give the others a chance to retreat. Phantom Lady followed after him. Condor kept dodging Black Arrow's shots but Overgirl flew in and decked him. He managed to escape but the New Reich conducted a search for him.