Female Furies

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Real Identity: Varius
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High and Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Webisodes): Spring Prison Break, A Fury Scorned, and Rolling Blunder
Appearances (LEGO): Showdown
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Female Furies are an elite squad of teenage woman warriors of Apokolips formed by Granny Goodness and officially are students at Apokolips Magnet. On Big Barda's first time in space, the Furies were sent to raid a fleet but a missile pierced their ship's hull and they nearly bit the big one. It was long rumored the Furies would one day take over Earth for Darkseid. As part of her plans to pave the way for Darkseid to invade Earth again, Granny wanted access to Super Hero High School's Boom Tubes. She manipulated Supergirl into achieving that end. Granny brought the Furies through and had them defend her as she took Principal Waller's office and broadcast a brainwashing frequency across the school. Supergirl distracted Big Barda while Batgirl made her way up to the Amethyst and plant her De-Trancer. Everyone was freed from the frequency and the student body took down the Furies one by one. They were sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary and Juvenile Detention Center.

During Spring Break, Lashina boomed to Belle Reve in her tank and attempted to free the other Furies. Super Hero High intercepted the plans. Principal Waller suspected the Furies would try to get revenge and gave Frost and Katana a special assignment to stake out the penitentiary. Big Barda aided them in saving a prison guard named Brian but Lashina managed to free Stompa and Mad Harriet. Frost took them on alone. She froze Stompa to the ceiling and Harriet to a wall but was electrocuted into submission by Lashina's whip. Katana, Barda, and Brian arrived, forcing Lashina to retreat. Later in the summer, Lashina posed as a criminal called the Cloaked Shadow in order to infiltrate Belle Reve undetected. Her planning came to fruition. After poisoning Commissioner Gordon inside, Lashina was free to liberate her comrades while Batgirl and Hawkgirl left to look for the antidote. The Furies exited the building and returned to Apokolips through a Boom Tube.

The Furies participated in a roller derby match against Super Hero High. Speed Queen served as the team's jammer, the player who gets a point for passing each member of the opposing team. Batgirl and Wonder Woman recruited Big Barda to join but she refused until the Furies made fun of her. Batgirl came up with a strategy and asked Barda to block Speed Queen while she took care of the jamming. The match spilled out into the city after Speed Queen knocked Barda out of the building with one of her discs. Batgirl realized Barda didn't know how to skate and caught up to her at a construction site but the Furies made it into an obstacle course. Wonder Woman snagged Barda with her Lasso of Truth and they exited the site. Mad Harriet bumped Barda down a hill after they went in circles around a super hero statue. Barda was in danger of crashing into Belle Reve and releasing a cellblock's worth of criminals. Batgirl used her Bat Skates' mini-thrusters to catch up, deployed a parachute, then dropped Barda to Wonder Woman. The Furies descended down the hill. Barda threw her skates like a bola and snagged their legs. They fell to the curb at the bottom of the hill. Batgirl asked Barda if she was ready for round two.

(LEGO only): Lashina, Mad Harriet, and Artemiz broke into Principal Waller's office and stole a top secret envelope from her safe. Wonder Woman confronted them outside Super Hero High. Lashina managed to snag her and hurled her into the main building. They took off in the Lashina Tank with Wonder Woman in hot pursuit on her invisible motorcycle. Lashina pulled a water tower to distract Wonder Woman but she restabilized it and cut them off at a construction site. Katana joined Wonder Woman and they defeated the Furies. They returned Waller's stolen envelope without peeking at what it was.

(Novels only) Stompa and Lashina went first in Harley's Dance-O-Rama competition with a hip-hop routine. Then they, along with Mad Harriet and Speed Queen, formed an Apokopella group for Harley's Battle of the Bands. They were finalists but quarreled with Silver Banshee's Bad Banshees.

Current Members



Mad Harriet

Speed Queen


Former Members

Big Barda