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Real Identity: Artemiz
Affiliations: Female Furies and Apokolips Magnet
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (LEGO): Crazed & Confused and Showdown
Appearances (Webisodes): A Fury Scorned and Career Day
Powers/Skills: Archery and Marksmanship
Voiced By: Teala Dunn and Rachael MacFarlane (LEGO)

Artemiz is a member of Apokolips' Female Furies. She is a skilled archer. After Granny Goodness, their leader, brought them to Earth, she empowered them with the Amethyst then took the school with a brainwashing frequency. She had Artemiz, Big Barda, and Stompa keep post outside Principal Waller's office. Supergirl lured Barda away while Batgirl made her way to the Amethyst to plant a De-Tracer. Stompa and Artemiz tried to take her out. Vice Principal Grodd happened to be packing his belongings and noticed the battle outside. He leaped out the window and took an arrow for Batgirl. She succeeded and freed everyone. Wonder Woman took on Artemiz one on one. Wonder Woman deflected Artemiz' arrows and pinned her to the side of a building. She and the rest of her comrades were sent to the Belle Reve Penitentiary and Juvenile Detention Center. Artemiz and the rest of the Furies were eventually freed by Lashina and they returned home.

Artemiz sneaked into Super Hero High's weaponomics classroom to steal a prototype bow. Gorilla Grodd caught her in the act but she fired a trick arrow and bound him to the floor with a green substance. Luckily, Parasite and Wonder Woman were walking under the classroom in the school's maintenance hall. Wonder Woman emerged with a mop and deflected Artemiz' arrows. One connected and blew Wonder Woman into a pillar then debris rained down on her. Artemiz fired a line into the ceiling fixture and made her escape. Wonder Woman broke her mop and threw one half into the line. Artemiz fell to the floor and was captured with the Lasso of Truth.

(LEGO only)Artemiz was part of the team of Furies who broke into Principal Waller's office and stole something top secret from her vault. Before they could get away, Wonder Woman confronted them. After she blocked an arrow, Artemiz claimed it was luck. As the Furies departed, Artemiz tried some Earth slang out incorrectly to the others' annoyance. Wonder Woman pursued the Furies but was overpowered. Artemiz was unable to say Themyscira but Katana interrupted and freed Wonder Woman from Lashina's whip. Eventually, Katana flipped Artemiz into the Lashina Tank's trunk.