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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Son of Batman and Batman: Bad Blood
Powers/Skills: Infiltration, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The League of Assassins is an international criminal organization founded by Ra's Al Ghul and formerly managed by his son Domo. Ra's used them to make certain the Earth abides in natural contentment without the abuse of man. The League has operated traditionally and has adopted little of modern science and technology. Weapons appear to be primarily swords and bows and arrows. They kept "balance" in the world for centuries. In the modern era, Ra's trained Deathstroke to be his successor. Deathstroke was even set to take Talia as his bride but Ra's had found a more worthy successor: Batman. Ra's soon forced Deathstroke out of the League.

After Talia gave birth, Ra's groomed his grandson Damian to one day inherit and lead the League. Ra's also envisioned several programs, Operation Airstrike - the creation of an army of flying super-powered ninjas using sonar in the dead of night - and a super soldier program that created clones of Damian and put them through a process of accelerated growth. He recruited Dr. Kirk Langstrom to create a more powerful version of his Man-Bat Serum by splicing animal DNA to humans with advanced mutagens. One day, Deathstroke invaded the Tibetan compound with his own army and staged a hostile takeover. The coup began with the assassination of Domo. Ra's was caught in the blast wave of missile fire then fell several floors. Before Deathstroke could execute him, Damian intervened. However, Ra's was beyond healing for the Lazarus Pit and died.

With the League in chaos, Talia quickly introduced Damian to his father, Batman, and set off to avenge her father. They stormed Ra's' Interlaken compound but failed to kill Deathstroke. Batman and Robin eventually defeated Deathstroke at an oil rig near the Outer Hebrides. Talia vowed to rebuild the League and make it a stronger and better organization. She offered Batman to join her but he suggested disbanding the League. Ultimately, Talia continued with her plans while Damian stayed with Batman.

Talia took the strongest product of her late father's super soldier program, who was referred to as the Heretic. She fixated on taking control of the world through technology. Soon, Talia and Heretic recruited several criminals from Batman's Rogues Gallery into the League. Blockbuster, Calculator, Electrocutioner, Firefly, Hellhound, Killer Moth, Mad Hatter, Onyx, and Tusk. After 10 months, they became a thorn in the side of Black Mask and gathered half of the criminals in Gotham under Heretic's command. They left a trail of empty vaults and dead bodies across the city. Talia remained based at a Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent outside Gotham. After a failed interrogation of Chuckie Sol, one of Mask's Made Men, for information on a weapons shipment, Heretic captured Batman. He was subjected to the Mad Hatter's brainwashing program. A little over two weeks, he revealed there was a secret vault in Sub-Level 3 of Wayne Tech. It contained a piece of technology that would aid Talia's ultimate plan, to brainwash those who would attend the upcoming World Tech Summit.

In one fell swoop, the League would be in control of political figures, heads of state, corporate executives, and military leaders. The Heretic deviated from the plan and attempted to steal Robin's memories for himself inadvertently leading Batman's allies to the convent. She shot Heretic dead. Talia deemed the compound expendable and retreated with Calculator, Firefly, Mad Hatter, and Tusk. A week later, they made their move on the World Tech Summit but were defeated by Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, and Batwing. Talia managed to escape but was attacked by Onyx in revenge for Heretic's death. She crashed into the waters bordering Gotham.

Known Members

Ra's Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul








The Heretic

Killer Moth

Mad Hatter




Damian Wayne