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Real Identity: Slade Wilson
Affiliations: League of Assassins
Appearances: Son of Batman
Powers/Skills: Leadership, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, Planning, and Above Average Reflexes
Voiced By: Thomas Gibson

Slade Wilson was found by Ra's Al Ghul and believed to be worthy of succeeding him. Ra's trained him and he was even to take Ra's' daughter Talia as his bride eventually. Wilson took the codename Deathstroke. Once Ra's discovered Batman's existence, Deathstroke was no longer in contention to succeed him. He was forced out of the League. Deathstroke plotted revenge and amassed his own forces. He took Ubu as his right hand man. Deathstroke secretly reactivated a defunct oil rig off the coast of the Outer Hebrides to mine a Lazarus Pit under the ocean floor. He planned to sell 'life everlasting' to the highest bidder. A few weeks later, Deathstroke led a helicopter strike on the League of Assassins' Tibetan stronghold and assassinated the two main leaders, Ra's Al Ghul and Domo, in a bid to take over the organization. Deathstroke battled Ra's one on one with swords until Ra's went into position. Deathstroke fled the floor and five missiles were fired on the temple. Before he could personally execute Ra's, Deathstroke was attacked by Damian. Damian collapsed a structure on Deathstroke and as he stood up, Damian stabbed in him the right eye. Ubu extracted Deathstroke and his forces left.

Deathstroke and his forces surfaced in Gotham City. He assimilated Dr. Langstrom and his Man-Bat Serum into his plans and took his wife and daughter as his hostages. Dr. Langstrom was taken to the Gotham Coliseum to finish his serum while Deathstroke took Francince and Rebecca with him to Interlaken, where he had taken over one of Ra's' compounds. After Batman and Robin freed Dr. Langstrom, Deathstroke realized Damian was Batman and Talia's son. After Talia boasted they would find Deathstroke first, Deathstroke improvised. He promised to spare Francine and Rebecca Langstrom's lives if Rebecca secretly gave a recorded message to Robin. Deathstroke left them in a cell behind a false wall and left Interlaken with Talia. In the message, Deathstroke gave Robin coordinates to the oil rig, instructed him to come alone, and declared he would kill Talia in 48 hours. As he predicted, Deathstroke managed to lure Robin straight into his trap. When Deathstroke tried to shoot Robin, Talia took the bullet. Batman heard Deathstroke's gun shots and found the undersea cavern.

Batman easily defeated Deathstroke one on one but Batman tended to Talia. Deathstroke ran off and returned to the oil rig. Robin gave chase and with the intent to end him. Despite stabbing or breaking Damian in both arms, Deathstroke still lost in combat. Robin baited Deathstroke into running into one of the rigs live pipes and was scalded. Deathstroke beckoned Robin to kill him. Both were trained to do so. However, Robin spared his life. As the oil rig collapsed, Deathstroke's body was lost to the ocean.