Ra's Al Ghul

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Real Identity: Ra's Al Ghul
Affiliations: League of Assassins
Appearances: Son of Batman, Batman Bad Blood (Hallucination), and Justice League vs. Teen Titans (Corruptor)
Powers/Skills: Leadership, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, and Above Average Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Giancarlo Esposito (Son of Batman) and T.C. Carson (Justice League vs. Teen Titans)

Ra's Al Ghul is a near immortal bent on keeping the world in balance. Living for 500 years, Ra's has accumulated wealth, knowledge, and power. He extends his life through the use of the Lazarus Pits, pools filled with an alchemical mix of acids and poisons. He usually builds compounds over these pits such as one in Tibet and another off the coast of the Outer Hebrides. Ra's later founded the League of Assassins to aid his vision in making certain the Earth abides in natural contentment without the abuse of man. In the present, Ra's trained Deathstroke to be his successor. Deathstroke was even set to take Talia as his bride but Ra's had found a more worthy successor: Batman. Ra's soon forced Deathstroke out of the League. Batman opposed Ra's and concluded he was a mad man. They clashed over the years.

After Talia gave birth, Ra's groomed his grandson Damian to one day inherit and lead the League. Ra's also envisioned Operation Airstrike - the creation of an army of flying super-powered ninjas using sonar in the dead of night. He recruited Dr. Kirk Langstrom to create a more powerful version of his Man-Bat Serum by splicing animal DNA to humans with advanced mutagens. He also started a super soldier program to clone Damian and breed the perfect soldier through an accelerated growth process. One day, Deathstroke invaded the Tibetan compound with his own army and staged a hostile takeover. Deathstroke baited Ra's into battle and once in position, Deathstroke fled the temple. Ra's could not outrun the blast wave of missile fire and then fell several floors. Before Deathstroke could execute him, Damian intervened. With his last ounce of strength, Ra's tried to crawl to the Lazarus Pit but he died before he could immerse himself. Damian wanted to place him into the pit but Talia admitted he was beyond healing. Talia set off to avenge his death. Even Batman found news of his death hard to believe, as he had cheated death so many times.

Once Raven opened the floating structure securely locked around the crystal she used to imprison Trigon with, one of his Corruptor demons followed her inside. He took on the form of Ra's al Ghul and threw his sword into the crystal, shattering it to pieces. Robin was surprised at first and knew it was a trick. "Ra's" insisted he existed and Trigon was his lord and sustenance, a god of necessity. He continued to mess with Robin and claimed he got his power and the Lazarus Pits from Trigon as part of a bargain to create the perfect world. He asked Robin to kill Raven to restore him to life before his pact with Trigon expired. Robin declined and stated he was a Titan. They fought blade to blade. Eventually, Robin flipped "Ra's" and kicked him into a column. Demonic entities within the column appeared and grabbed him. "Ra's" pleaded with Robin to save him but Robin beheaded him. "Ra's" head reverted back to the form of a Corruptor. It, too, was grabbed by one of the demons.