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Real Identity: Various
Appearances (Episodes): #TweenTitans
Appearances (Comics): Powerless
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Tween Titans are a team comprised of powerful tweens led by Robin: Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven. They all attended Dick Grayson's birthday party. Alfred Pennyworth took Jessica Cruz and Karen Beecher to meet Grayson. He and his friends quickly lined up. Pennyworth introduced Grayson, Kory, Victor, Garfield, and Rachel. Cruz introduced herself then Beecher and wished Grayson a happy birthday. He thanked her. Wayne called out for Pennyworth to get the "Bruce-mobile" ready. Pennyworth paused in the doorway and suggested some guidelines to Cruz and Beecher, including the children should not be permitted in the wast wing, flotation devices are by the pool already pre-inflated, the safety latches on cabinets must be used, and no sugar for Kory because it doesn't particularly agree with her. Cruz got all on of on a notepad while Beecher blanked. He wished them good luck then sped off. Cruz and Beecher turned around and saw the children in costume. Grayson, now Robin, declared they were the Tween Titans. The Titans caused a ruckus.

Raven levitated a candelabra then sat on a levitating armchair, Robin threw Birdarangs around and jumped onto a mantle, Cyborg burst through a wall, Starfire flew around, and Beast Boy tried climbed up a curtain but he fell to the floor with it and the pole. Robin stated they couldn't tell them what to do. Cyborg chimed in they were too old for babysitting. Starfire added they were also too powerful to be. Beast Boy turned into a rhinoceros. Starfire fired starbolt lasers from her eyes and severed a chandelier from the ceiling. Cruz acknowledged they might have powers. Beecher asserted they did, too, but Cruz stopped her from changing into Bumblebee. She claimed they didn't know any better and they were the adults. Robin rode a levitated vase like a cowboy on a bull. Cruz stressed they only needed the power of patience, understanding, and wisdom to give to all children, super or otherwise, plenty of freedom to express themselves. Beecher noted her mother said kids needed boundaries. A portal appeared and a piano fell through it and crashed to the floor.

Cruz thought Beecher was being naive. Cyborg transformed into a steam roller. Cruz believed boundaries kept things from growing. Starfire did aerial cartwheels. Beast Boy turned into a dog and ate a shoe. Cruz instructed Beecher to treat them with love and they would fall right in line. She demonstrated and called out to them. The Titans paused. Beast Boy landed in Cruz's arms and licked her face. Cruz felt validated children loved it when adults tried to connect with them. She asked Raven about her feelings. Raven looked up from her book and told them in the dark realm of Azarath, her babysitter was a deceitful eight-legged Spider Gorgon. Cruz decided they bonded enough and suggested party games. Robin was first to try to hit the star shaped pinata. Cruz concluded redirecting kids' naturally high energy kept them under control and earned their respect and gratitude. Robin lifted up the blindfold so he could see with one eye. He opted to whack the other Titans: Beast Boy then Starfire then Raven's book then the eager Cyborg.

Cruz ran past them, took the bat, and broke the pinata open. Candy spilled out. Beecher remembered a rule and tackled Starfire before she could eat any candy. Starfire frowned. Beecher suggested it was time for another game. Cruz agreed but they had to clean up the mess first. Raven shared in that in the dark realm, children who made messes were fed to the demons. Cruz was happy she volunteered and complimented her for being mature. She handed her a broom and told her to come outside and join them when she was done. Raven opened a giant portal. Tentacles reached out and grabbed the piles of candy. Raven tossed the broom into the portal then it closed. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey didn't work as planned. Starfire tried to pin the tail on Beast Boy. Cyborg was challenged to prove he could do a cannonball from space into the swimming pool. Cruz and Beecher raced to the fifth floor but watched as Cyborg took off with his rocket boots and performed his cannonball. He generated a gigantic tidal wave and pushed all the water out of the pool. Beast Boy turned into a dolphin then a fish and slapped Cruz's head.

Beast Boy dared Cyborg to turn into a jet ski. The Titans rode him around. Cruz got between them and the Greenhouse of Glass and announced it was time for the birthday cake. Cruz tried to get them to sit nicely and quietly but they demanded the cake. Starfire burst out the cake with her mouth full. The sugar rush got to her and she unleashed a massive starbolt wave bigger than the manor itself. Beecher asked if it was time for powers. Cruz confirmed. Beast Boy turned into monkey and swiped their pendant and power ring. He landed on Starfire's face as she ate more cake. Beecher had it and screamed they were on time out. The Titans tied them up and hung them upside down above a portal in the foyer. Beast Boy chased Starfire around as a dog, Raven played patty cake with a tentacle, and Cyborg and Robin emptied Cruz and Beecher's bags into the portal. Cruz apologized to Beecher. Beecher tried to tell it was okay but Cruz knew better. Her MetropoSits rating will tank.

Beecher observed Robin giving her locket to Cyborg and told Cruz it was time to stop acting like adults and stoop to the Titans' level. She dared Cyborg into getting past the mega hi-tech locking mechanism in her locket. Cyborg connected to the locket. Robin flicked Cruz's power ring into the portal. Cyborg unlocked the portal. The Bumblebee suit flew out to Beecher. She flew off and grabbed the ring in time then put it on Cruz. She made a pair of giant safety scissors to cut herself down then made a surfboard construct. She declared it was time to put the babies to bed. They didn't take kindly to being called babies. Bumblebee zipped around Beast Boy, now a tiger. She blew her tongue at him. He turned into a frog and tried to snag her with his tongue. She dodged and he was pulled into the window and was knocked out. Cyborg turned into a motorcycle and Robin rode him in a showdown with Green Lantern in a hallway. At the last second, Lantern trapped them in a bouncy house construct. Raven levitated objects at

Bumblebee but she dodged and tickled her. Raven realized she was looking into a mirror, became embarrassed, blasted the mirror, and ran away. Starfire threw starbolts but Lantern made a shield construct then sent a cute teddy bear construct to her. She was elated and hugged it. Lantern fired a giant twister construct at the Titans. Bumblebee tossed their clothes into the twister. Lantern made a giant cradle construct for them then Bumblebee threw baby bottles into their mouths. They rocked the cradle and the Titans fell asleep. The Titans were successfully transferred to a real bed. Pennyworth, Wayne, and the crew returned but the manor was still a wreck. Cruz and Beecher had no idea what to do. Raven sleepwalked and appeared behind them. She stated in the dark realm, displays of respect and affection were considered symptoms of sleep walking. She cast and the manor was restored to normal. Pennyworth stepped in and was amazed. It even looked cleaner than when they left.

Wayne tossed a huge stack of money to Beecher and continued on. Pennyworth asked Cruz and Beecher if he could book them for next Saturday. They hightailed it. Pennyworth ran outside after them pleading they don't leave him but stopped and hung his head in sorrow.

Current Members

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