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Real Identity: Kory
Appearances (Episodes): #TweenTitans
Appearances (Comics): Powerless
Powers/Skills: Starbolt Generation and Flight
Voiced By: Grey Griffin

Kory is an orange-skinned alien with the power to fly and generate a powerful form of energy called starbolts. She is a member of the Tween Titans. They all attended Dick Grayson's birthday at Wayne Manor East. Jessica Cruz was hired by Alfred Pennyworth to babysit them. She brought Karen Beecher along. Pennyworth cautioned them not to let Kory have sugar because it didn't agree with her. Once the adults left, they changed into the Titans then caused a ruckus. Starfire flew around. Robin stated they couldn't tell them what to do. Cyborg chimed in they were too old for babysitting. Starfire added they were also too powerful to be. Starfire fired starbolt lasers from her eyes and severed a chandelier from the ceiling then did aerial cartwheels. Cruz sped things up and broke a pinata open. Candy spilled out. Beecher remembered a rule and tackled Starfire before she could eat any candy. Starfire frowned. Beecher suggested it was time for another game.

Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey didn't work as planned. Starfire tried to pin the tail on Beast Boy. Starfire burst out the birthday cake with her mouth full. The sugar rush got to her and she unleashed a massive starbolt wave bigger than the manor itself. Beecher had it and screamed they were on time out. The Titans tied them up and hung them upside down above a portal in the foyer. Beast Boy chased Starfire around as a dog. Beecher tricked Cyborg into unlocking her suit then she got Cruz's ring back. Starfire threw starbolts but Lantern made a shield construct then sent a cute teddy bear construct to her. She was elated and hugged it. Lantern fired a giant twister construct at the Titans. Bumblebee tossed their clothes into the twister. Lantern made a giant cradle construct for them then Bumblebee threw baby bottles into their mouths. They rocked the cradle and the Titans fell asleep. The Titans were successfully transferred to a real bed.