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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: The Brave & The Bald, Joker's Wild Goose Chase, Pow! Bam! To The Moon!, Swamp Scuffle, The New Guys Unite, League vs. Legion, Robot Ruckus, and The Last Laugh
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Super Friends are a superhero team composed of the world's finest. Batman declined offers to join and insisted he worked alone. Superman didn't give up hope Batman would eventually join while the others were skeptical. The teen superhero Cyborg was inducted as a junior member primarily to handle surveillance, dispatch, and tech support for the Hall of Justice. Lex Luthor began operating in Gotham City but was concerned about the Super Friends' interference. He proposed a divide and conquer strategy. The Joker was all about setting up a wild goose chase with the Lexporter 2.0. As the Super Friends split up and searched Gotham for missing landmarks, they encountered members of Luthor's Legion of Doom. As each battle turned to the heroes' favor, Luthor went to plan B and began teleporting each hero into containment tubes at the Hall of Doom. As each hero vanished, Batman came to realize how important it was for all heroes to stand together as a united front. He joined Hawkman and Aquaman at Slaughter Swamp but they were captured, too.

As the Joker prepared to teleport the Super Friends into the molten center of an active volcano, Cyborg and Robin came to the rescue. In the scuffle, the heroes' tubes were cut open with a laser. They took back their weapons and defeated the Legion then watched as Batman fought Luthor in his Batbot. However, Luthor gained the upper hand and blasted the Batbot with laser blasters. The Super Friends sprang into action and took down Luthor's mechanical suit. They watched as Luthor and Joker fired their Lexporters on each other and ended up combined into one. Batman admitted they all made a great team and joined the Super Friends. The heroes began work to extract and return the stolen landmarks.






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