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Real Identity: Victor Stone
Affiliations: Super Friends
Appearances: The Brave & The Bald, A Visit From Superman, Joker's Wild Goose Chase, Pow! Bam! To The Moon!, Swamp Scuffle, The New Guys Unite, League vs. Legion, Robot Ruckus, and The Last Laugh
Powers/Skills: Technokinesis, Engineering, Transformation, Knowledge of Technology, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Bryton James

Cyborg is a junior addition to the Super Friends and was assigned to handle surveillance, dispatch, and tech support. Introduced to the other heroes, Cyborg's inner fanboy took hold and couldn't help gush over the Lasso, the Power Ring, and the Wings - both big and small. He offered them a drink from the coffee pot that morphed out of his mid-section. In case of emergency, Superman gave Cyborg Batman's number. Soon enough, Cyborg detected the disappearance of major landmarks throughout the planet. He informed Batman that the Gotham Treasury was now on the Moon. Superman ordered Cyborg to dispatch the other Super Friends to Gotham City. He monitored them as they split up to cover more ground. When Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern vanished, Cyborg apprised Batman and transmitted Hawkman and Aquaman's coordinates to him. With everyone off the grid, Cyborg flew to Gotham in his custom built mech and activated the Batsignal. He met Robin and they plotted to save the Super Friends with a sneak attack.

Cyborg deferred to Robin's lead. Cyborg and his mech overcame Penguin and Poison Ivy's attacks but Cyborg was blasted by Captain Cold. Luckily, the mech landed on Cold. The Penguin opened fire on Cyborg and gave chase. Once the villains were all rounded up, Superman thanked Cyborg for his help. Cyborg still felt like he was at the kid's table but Robin assured him they would have their own team once they had enough experience. Cyborg was nonchalant about Robin's vision but promised to follow his lead. He then noted all the stolen landmarks that had to be put back.