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Real Identity: Arthur Curry
Affiliations: Super Friends
Appearances: The Brave & The Bald, Joker's Wild Goose Chase, Swamp Scuffle, The New Guys Unite, League vs. Legion, Robot Ruckus, and The Last Laugh
Powers/Skills: Suvival Underwater, Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Mark Deakins

Aquaman is king of the Seven Seas. He can breathe underwater, swim at tremendous speeds and talk to fish and other sea creatures. He's committed to protecting everything on land and under the sea. When the Super Friends were dispatched to Gotham City, Aquaman engaged in a friendly race against the Flash from the Hall of Justice. He investigated Slaughter Swamp with Hawkman and they discovered the stolen and defaced Statue of Liberty. Not a fan of the muck and garbage, to make matters worse, Aquaman was attacked by Solomon Grundy. In the final standoff, Aquaman's charge was broken up when the Penguin Copter crashed into Grundy. However, he, Hawkman, and Batman were zapped by the Lexporter 2.0 and placed in containment tubes. Aquaman was outraged by the presence of the Joker Fish and vowed Joker would answer to the scales of justice. In the battle between the Super Friends and Legion of Doom, Aquaman easily captured the Penguin by pinning his tuxedo to the ground with his trusty Trident. Aquaman took Lex Luthor's Kryptonite and returned it to the swamp. A rather large amoeba happily gulped the Kryptonite. Rather than help Hawkman, Superman, and Wonder Woman with the Statue of Liberty, Aquaman opted to sink back into the muck.