Kobra Cult

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): The Light
Appearances: Drop Zone
Appearances (Comics): Common Denominators and Uncommon Denominators
Powers/Skills: Extortion, Science, Technology, Theft and Terrorism
Voiced By: Nolan North (Cultist #1)

The Kobra Cult is a criminal secret society fashioned around a snake theme and led by a "living god."

For reasons unspecified, Kobra agreed to oversee production of Kobra Venom for the Light. The Kobra Cult took over Bane's factory on Santa Prisca and completed production on schedule. However, on July 22nd, the shipment was disrupted by the intervention of the Team. Annoyed by the development, Kobra simply vanished into the jungle rather than fight the Team alone. On September 6th, several cultists aided Shimmer in stealing a cobra dagger from the Star City World History Museum. On September 11th, cultists aided Mammoth in kidnapping Dr. Jason Burr from the Gotham City Observatory but were defeated by Batman and Robin. The cultists ingested pills and neutralized themselves except one. Batman interrogated him and learned of a specific location in Minneapolis. Green Arrow, Artemis, Flash, Kid Flash, Batman, and Robin teamed up and observed the entire cult engaged in a ritual in a New Age monastery. They fought the cult but were forced to split up after Kobra turned his cobra into a giant monster. Artemis, Robin, and Kid Flash dispatched the remains of the cultists.