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Real Identity: Jeffrey Franklin Burr
Affiliation(s): Kobra Cult and The Light
Appearances: Drop Zone
Appearances (Comics): Common Denominators and Uncommon Denominators
Powers/Skills: Military Strategy, Unarmed Combat, and Above Average Intelligence
Voiced By: Arnold Vosloo

Jeffrey Burr was born alongside his fraternal twin brother Jason. Jeffrey Burr later became the leader of the Kobra Cult and amassed thousands of followers. Burr took the name Kobra and the title of Lord Naga Naga. It was believed that Kobra would one day become a true god, much like the Naga of Buddhist mythology - a group of part human and part serpent deities. For reasons unspecified, Kobra agreed to oversee production of Kobra Venom for the Light. His forces took over Bane's factory on Santa Prisca and completed production on schedule. However, on July 22nd, the shipment was disrupted by the intervention of the Team. Annoyed by the development, Kobra simply vanished into the jungle rather than fight the Team alone.

On September 12th, Kobra presided over a ritual in a New Age Monastery, he recently purchased, holding a stolen cobra dagger over his fraternal twin, Dr. Jason Burr. Once the Moon and stars were in alignment, Kobra pricked a small amount of blood from Burr and fed some to his cobra. It mutated into a giant and rampaged through downtown Minneapolis. Kobra then ingested the stolen cobra venom, the rest of the blood, and stabbed Burr with the dagger. Kobra was transformed into a human-cobra hybrid. While he basked in his godhood, Artemis, Kid Flash, and Robin made their move. Kid Flash deduced the dagger could also undo the effects. Artemis fired it at Kobra. Dr. Burr was restored to normal but Kobra was unaccounted for. He was presumed to have escaped.