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Red Lantern Corps

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Rage of the Red Lanterns
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Armin Shimmerman, Rachel Kimsey, and Michael Dorn

The Red Lantern Corps are an intergalactic force united by the red spectrum of anger. They were unwitting pawns of Lobo. He stole some of their newly forged rings and led them on a chase to Earth. Atrocitus, Bleez, Dex-Starr, Skallox, and Zilius Zox arrived outside the Watchtower demanding their property back. They waited while the League searched for the rings on Lobo. Dex-Starr infiltrated the Watchtower and let in his comrades. Lobo slipped the stolen rings out and made it seem like he was working for the League then attacked Skallox with his chain. While the League and Lanterns fought, Lobo stole a powerful device called the Spider Gauntlet. They agreed to a temporary alliance. Ultimately, Batman and Dex-Starr were able to disarm Lobo. Atrocitus deemed the League provided the edge in battle and allowed the League to keep Lobo. They departed after Zox was finished groveling to Atrocitus.

Current Members





Zilius Zox