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Zilius Zox

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Real Identity: Zilius Zox
Affiliations: Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Rage of the Red Lanterns
Powers/Skills: Flight and Construct Generation
Voiced By: Armin Shimmerman

Zilius Zox is a member of the Red Lantern Corps and infamous for routinely groveling to Atrocitus. He was part of the team that pursued Lobo to Earth. Zox demanded vengeance but after Atrocitus glared at him, he backed down and insisted he could wait. After Atrocitus revealed his plan to have Dex-Starr sneak into the Watchtower, Zox praised his deviousness and proclaimed he had no doubts unlike Bleez and Skallox. Lobo tricked the Lanterns into thinking he was working for the League all along and stole the Red Lantern Rings for them. As the two teams clashed, Batman tossed exploding Batarangs at Zox. Wonder Woman punted him and knocked him around like a pinball. After Lobo revealed himself to be the perpetrator, Atrocitus agreed to an alliance. Zox was aghast but quickly praised him for being masterful. He attacked Lobo in tandem with Cyborg. Atrocitus allowed the League to keep Lobo for providing the edge in battle. Zox found his assessment outrageous and boasted they fought more courageously. Atrocitus asked him where he was when it came to them protecting him. Zox didn't want to get stuck in the minute details in order to "save" the others from being called out on their extreme cowardice. He praised Atrocitus for the great decision and cited he was three for three.