Giovanni Zatara

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Real Identity: Giovanni Zatara
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #IllusionsOfGrandeur, #Abracadabrapalooza, #HappyBirthdayZee, and #MultipliciZee
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Ghosting
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Giovanni Zatara is a famous magician and the father of Zee Zatara. When his magical powers manifested, Zatara's grandfather Luigi Zatara handed down family heirloom. It was a book that would teach him everything he needed to know about magic. On one of Zee Zatara's earliest birthdays, her mother declared she had enough. Giovanni Zatara pleaded with her. She stated it was the last time and she walked out on them. Zee Zatara sat quietly at the table with her birthday cake. He lied her mother had to be somewhere then tried to cheer her up by promising an amazing celebration. She perked up. He declared every birthday from then on would be her best birthday ever. Giovanni and Zee Zatara traveled the country in their recreation vehicle performing their magic act at small venues like country fairs, kid's birthdays, and senior retirement homes. Most lacked a stage. Still, they tried to get their act off the ground. Sometimes they made mistakes like her falling out of the disappearing cabinet or the fake legs falling off in the sawing in half act. Despite that or the crowds being small, they were happy because they were together.

Before each act, Giovanni Zatara would get out his deck of cards and say "Across the land... Across the sea..." then turn the ace of spades then "Together out hearts...will always be." The card he picked and gave to her would always be the two of hearts. Their act wasn't the greatest and they didn't have much money but they always had each other. Zee Zatara never wanted anything to change. He kept his powers a secret from her so she wouldn't feel inadequate. One morning, her magical powers finally manifested but she know what it was and hid it from her father. Zee Zatara thought she was losing her mind. While sitting at park table, her arm suddenly got super long and punched her dad while he read the newspaper. While she got ready in the RV, a mustache and beard manifested on her face. The beard only got longer. She quickly wrapped a cloth around it. He was none the wiser.

During practice, she noticed he was using the saw upside down and gestured to him. He chuckled and admitted he was planning to wait until dinner but he couldn't hold back anymore. He announced they got into Abracadabrapalooza, the biggest magic showcase in the country. It was the big break they were waiting for. He got out his phone and confirmed the booking. She became worried she would ruin everything if she performed with him. The fake legs prop stood up and kicked her from behind. Before the showcase, Giovanni Zatara did his usual card trick but she interrupted him and told him she changed and couldn't be part of the act anymore. He understood and promised he would never make her do anything she didn't want to do. He left the dressing room. She burst into tears. Suddenly, her powers went out of control and moved everything around. The mirror cracked then the ceiling then the couch burst and the lights around the mirror turned on and off then shattered. The items in the room swirled around her then she levitated. She curled up in a ball.

Giovanni Zatara knew something was wrong and called to her but the door was locked. He rammed it open and was shocked. He pulled out his wand and cast a backwards spell. Everything returned to normal. He was proud she had magical powers like him and revealed he kept them a secret so he couldn't hurt her feelings. He conjured a trunk with a top hat, wand, and the family book. He explained it belonged to his grandfather gave it to him when he got his powers. The book was now her book. She was surprised everything that happened to her was real magic. He promised the book would teach her everything she needed to know to control it. He instructed her to repeat after him. She did and she automatically read all of chapter one. Things instantly became clearer to her. He assured her the change could be a very good thing then admitted he always needed her for their show. She agreed. They hugged. Their performance was a success. A booking agent in the crowd was impressed and got them their first official tour. They traveled the country and steadily improved their act.

After some time, they booked a residency at a casino in Metropolis. She began attending Metropolis High School. One first day of school, she stepped out of her father's black limo but Mr. Zatara popped out of the sun roof and told her she forgot her backpack. Suddenly, the bag was in Zee Zatara's hands as she entered the school. Barbara Gordon wiped her eyes in confusion. At end of another successful performance, Zatara magically appeared on stage and thanked the audience then asked for a round of applause for his daughter. Zee Zatara smiled and did a curtsy. Zatara performed his last trick, a disappearing act. After she stepped into a cabinet, Zatara cast a spell. The cabinet levitated off the stage. When it was opened, she was gone. The audience applauded. She exited a portal backstage. On the night of, Giovanni Zatara surprised Zee with a cake he made for her birthday. She wondered if he was under the spell, too. He was confused.

Zee admitted she got angry and carried away and now her friends were birthday zombies. She started to cry. He told her there was no need to cry and joked her tears were getting on the cake he worked really hard on. She laughed and cheered up then admitted it was because she insisted on making such a big deal about her stupid birthday. He admitted it maybe partially his fault and asked her if she remembered. Zatara remembered her mother walked out on them on her birthday when she was just a child. Supergirl started cutting into the window glass with her heat vision. Giovanni Zatara told her only she could fix things and conjured the little chest she kept under her bed. She remembered it from her battle with Fuseli. He admitted he didn't want to tell her truth like this but revealed she inherited light magic from him but got dark magic from her mother and the chest was hers. She realized the dark magic was fueled by negative emotions like anger. The other Super Hero Girls burst into the hall. He conjured a force field to keep them at bay. Eventually, the girls began to overwhelm the force field with their attacks. Lantern made a meat grinder construct and finally broke it. He caught up and was relieved to see everything was okay and back to normal.

Zee Zatara prepared to binge watch all 24 episodes of the new season of Making It Wayne that just dropped. She was amused by Bruce Wayne's antics but Giovanni Zatara teleported into her bedroom with his arms crossed. He inquired if she had forgotten something. She realized he forgot to put cookies in the oven. He revealed it was time for her weekly magic chapter in her spellbook. He conjured the spellbook, a pen, and notepad then reminded her the rule was studying before TV. She claimed if she didn't watch all 24 episodes immediately then social media would spoil everything. He suggested she just stay off social media until she saw the whole season. She was amused. He levitated the study materials to her and gave her until that night to transcribe the chapter then walked out. He soon returned because he thought he heard more than one voice in her room. There was just her, unaware he was looking at a duplicate. He apologized. They both mistakenly bid him good night. She quickly hid again in her hamper. He paused then left the bedroom.

Giovanni Zatara was one of the victims of Cheetah when she was in possession of the Mask of Dolos. He disappeared in the middle of a disappearing act routine with Zee Zatara. He was later restored to normal at a Lexcorp construction site.