Mr. Romero

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Real Identity: Mr. Romero
Affiliations: Metropolis DMV
Appearances (Episodes): #CrashCourse
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By: Liam O'Brien

Mr. Romero is a road test instructor for the Metropolis Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). One day, he was assigned to Diana Prince. Prince prayed to Helios for guidance then put the key in the ignition and somehow stalled the car, even though it was an automatic transmission. She started sweating a lot and recalled she had to allow the proper number of car lengths for braking distance. She braked way ahead of a family of ducks to cross. Romero advised her to practice normal traffic speeds. She couldn't ignore Catwoman, Livewire, and Harley Quinn in a stolen car and sped after them. A Daily Planet newspaper flew into Romero's face. He ordered Prince to pull over. Prince stated she was fine with being failed and she swore a solemn duty to bring the lawbreakers to justice. Romero had no idea how Prince was shifting and started hyperventilating into a bag. Catwoman and Prince soon were face-to-face. Romero shouted it wasn't on the test. The emergency brake was pulled and Prince's car flipped.

Romero declared he was too old for it and told Prince to pull over. She rode up the surf board and bounced off a bouncy castle onto the roller coaster tracks after the villians. Catwoman drove off the top of the track onto a ferry boat. Prince landed into the ocean. Garth Bernstein generated a water hand and deposited them onto dry land. Romero stepped out and gasped. Prince was saddened for failing her test and failing to catch the supervillains. Romero confirmed she definitely failed. Prince went on her hands and knees and begged for forgiveness for disrespecting his laws then asked for one more chance. Romero conceded but noted that was really weird. He clarified if she went as much as one mile per hour too fast, she would never get a license. She nodded. Prince drove past the ferry station. Catwoman zoomed past. Romero warned not to even think about it. Prince promised all laws would be obeyed. Eventually, Catwoman slipped and drove into a dumpster. They drove up a ramp and landed in a dumpster.

Romero warned Prince about ducks crossing. Prince pulled the emergency brake and they flipped over the ducks safely, spun, and parallel parked in one move. Romero was impressed and declared that was the best parallel park he ever saw. Prince passed and got her Class C Driver's License.