Alfred Pennyworth

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Real Identity: Alfred Pennyworth
Appearances (Episodes): #SoulSisters Part 1, #TweenTitans, #AmBatgirl Part 1, and #MultipliciZee
Appearances (Movies): Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse
Powers/Skills: Housekeeping
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson

Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's butler. On an episode of the reality show "Make It Wayne," Alfred asked Wayne if he bought another boat. Wayne asked him what else he would use in his new lake. On an episode of "Make It Wayne," a scene spotlighted Dick Grayson writing in a study at Wayne Manor East. The identifier described him as an Orphaned Circus Acrobat. Alfred Pennyworth set down a plate of cookies. Pennyworth inquired if he was getting a head start on his homework. Grayson clarified it wasn't homework, he was writing a report on the plight of tsunami victims. Bruce Wayne suddenly burst into the study with a conga line of friends including a 24/7 Live anchor and the actor who portrays Aiden in the "Just Before Dusk" movies. Wayne asked Pennyworth to bring the elephant around back. On Dick Grayson's birthday, Pennyworth hired Jessica Cruz, who had a rare and coveted five-star review on MetropoSits.com, to babysit at Wayne Manor East.

Cruz brough Karen Beecher along. Cruz rang the doorbell and told Beecher not to be nervous. Pennyworth answered the door. Beecher was speechless. He welcomed them to the manor. Wayne was upstairs being recorded for another episode and talked about putting the pool next to the other pool but then had to move the lake. The production crew followed him along. Pennyworth announced the birthday chaperons arrived. Wayne was pleased but asked who's birthday it was. Pennyworth informed him it was Master Dick's. Wayne played it cool and assumed he got him something nice. Pennyworth confirmed he did as always. Pennyworth took Cruz and Beecher to meet Grayson. He and his friends quickly lined up. Pennyworth introduced Grayson, Kory, Victor, Garfield, and Rachel. Cruz introduced herself then Beecher and wished Grayson a happy birthday. He thanked her. Wayne called out for Pennyworth to get the "Bruce-mobile" ready.

Pennyworth paused in the doorway and suggested some guidelines to Cruz and Beecher, including the children should not be permitted in the wast wing, flotation devices are by the pool already pre-inflated, the safety latches on cabinets must be used, and no sugar for Kory because it doesn't particularly agree with her. Cruz got all on of on a notepad while Beecher blanked. He wished them good luck then sped off. Raven restored the wrecked manor to pristine condition just as Wayne and Pennyworth returned home. Pennyworth stepped in and was amazed. It even looked cleaner than when they left. Wayne tossed a huge stack of money to Beecher and continued on. Pennyworth asked Cruz and Beecher if he could book them for next Saturday. They hightailed it. Pennyworth ran outside after them pleading they don't leave him but stopped and hung his head in sorrow.

Pennyworth was reading a help wanted section when Robin shouted for him. He quickly hid the ad and pretending to be dusting the armchair the whole time. Robin boasted being back in action. Pennyworth feigned relief. Robin was ready to capture Riddler and asked where Bruce Wayne was. Pennyworth reveled in telling him Batman already enlisted the aid of Batgirl to do so to Robin's horror. The new season of Making It Wayne started in the kitchen of Wayne Manor East. Alfred Pennyworth admitted he hoped Bruce Wayne learned his lesson after the fire his monster truck started in the library. He hopped onto the stove top as Wayne drove back and forth through the kitchen on a motorcycle. Wayne pointed out that happened yesterday and advised him to stop living in the past. He then hopped around atop the motorcycle. At the end of the twelfth episode, Wayne and Pennyworth stood in the empty swimming pool. Wayne's motorcycle was a flaming wreck. He told Pennyworth his motto, "No Wayne, no gain!"

In the penultimate episode, Wayne faced the prospect of losing the entire Wayne fortune. However, in the season finale, he saved Wayne Enterprises. Pennyworth came into the study to congratulate him but it was seemingly empty. Wayne swung from the chandelier and caught him by surprise.