Jimmy Olsen

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Real Identity: Jimmy Olsen
Affiliations: Metropolis High School and Daily Planetoid
Appearances (Episodes): #SuperWho?, #ShockItToMe, #MisgivingTree, #RageCat, #ScrambledEggs, #AllAboutZee, #EmperorPenguin, #BreakingNews, #LeagueOfShadows Part 2, #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem, #WorldsFinest, and #DetentionClub
Appearances (Super Shorts): #EqualTights, #PhotoOops, and #StarStruck
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High, Powerless, and Midterms
Appearances (Comics): Giant #2 (A Sticky Zit-Uation)
Powers/Skills: Photography
Voiced By: Ben Giroux

Jimmy Olsen is a student at Metropolis High School and works with Lois Lane at the school paper, the Daily Planetoid, taking photographs. Both work towards attaining an internship at the Daily Planet. One morning, Olsen arrived with a tray of drinks out but Lane immediately asked him where art for the next edition was. She quickly told him layouts in five. They spent the day covering Superman's exploits like stopping bandits at the Bank of Moolah, saving a Metropolis Railways train, putting out a burning building, saving the Daily Planet globe, punching sharks, and saving a cat in a tree. Near the Metropolis Library, Lane and Olsen riled a newly risen chemical monster, Chemo, and got chased. Superman came to their defense. Supergirl sped off and took the monster into space for proper elimination but he got the credit anyway. Leslie Willis turned on the lights and ruined a photo of Superman being developed in the photography lab. Olsen was crushed. Willis submitted it on her Metropovids channel as #TrollinOlsen.

Jessica Cruz decided to cast a wider net and took the unadoptable cat Dexter to a pet store. Jimmy Olsen helped take photos. Dexter was dressed up like a newsboy. A crowd gathered and advanced upon him. Dexter's anger reached a boiling point and attracted a power ring from the Red Lantern Corps. Cruz thought the bowtie was too much. Cruz tried to come up with a strategy with Olsen but realized he already ran away. The last Home Ec egg landed in the bumper car manned by Jimmy Olsen. The pairs of Home Ec students chased after Olsen until Danvers and Quinzel rear ended him. Olsen landed in a pool of stuffed animals. They chased the egg around the pier. Despite Oswald Cobblepot trying to rig the school elections, Batgirl stuffed the ballot box on the day the winner was announced. Mr. Chapin declared Jimmy Olsen was the new class president. Jimmy Olsen took several photos of a battle between the Super Hero Girls and a Moth-Monster in the city. Olsen presented the photos to Lois Lane.

Lane called them vanilla and as stale as the half-eaten doughnut under her desk. She threw them into the trash then reminded him she was angling for an internship at the Daily Planet. Lane held out a Daily Planet and emphasized she needed a story to wow them. Olsen blinked. Lane interpreted that as a new idea, to uncover the secret identities of the Super Hero Girls. Olsen was one of the attendees shoved aside by a mind controlled Kara Danvers but remained and sat among the audience of an Up Past 8 concert at Metropolis Gardens. Olsen tried to take a photo of a fisherman and his prize catch, a marlin, at Metropolis Pier but Steve the Griffin swooped by and snatched it. Wonder Woman apologized and lied she had no idea how he got loose.

Batgirl and Supergirl prevented Giganta's latest rampage and saved a bus from destruction. Jimmy Olsen happened to be walking by and texting. They stopped him for a photo op but Olsen had no idea what they were talking about and taking a photograph of an empty bus didn't appeal at all to him. He suddenly got an alert on his phone that Superman and Batman were fighting. He got excited and ran over to a city mini-park where a big crowd of fans were already gathered. Batgirl and Supergirl followed to see what was going on. In reality, Batman and Superman were playing against each other in a fighting table top game. Batgirl and Supergirl couldn't believe the crowd was eating it up. Olsen snapped multiple photographs and proclaimed they were real superheroes in action. Olsen overheard Max Lord's pitch to Batgirl and Supergirl to be their PR agent and agreed they needed more exposure if they wanted to make it big like Batman and Superman. Olsen loved the costumes Anthony and his Superman cosplaying friend were wearing and asked them if he could take a photograph for his school paper.

Jimmy Olsen walked to the Daily Planetoid office and overheard Lois Lane telling herself she needed a big scoop. He tried to silently back out and close the door but it creaked. Lane ordered him inside and assigned him to get her photographs of superheroes. She looked over past editions like the lunch lady resigning because she said something unsavory, Jessica Cruz protesting frog dissection in a Biology class, and Karen Beecher winning the state robotics meet. Lane tossed him the camera. He juggled it around but finally caught it and saluted her. Wonder Woman cut off a duo of bank robbers at a street corner and punched the hood of their getaway car. Jimmy Olsen was in the crowd and pushed forward to take a photo. The robbers were launched from their car right into Olsen. The photo he took was of the robber's faces right before impact. Olsen walked around the city and heard some garbage cans being stirred. He thought he saw Batgirl's shadow and rushed in for a photo. He discovered it was just a stray cat.

Some civilians saw someone flying above them. Jimmy Olsen tried taking a photo but all he got was a silhouette barely in focus. Lois Lane told him it wasn't news and sent him back outside. She crumpled the photo into a wad and threw it over her shoulder, hitting Olsen's head. Zatanna battled Giganta, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn all at once one night. She cast a spell and pulled one of her rabbits from out of her hat. It fired magic lasers from its eyes. Giganta shielded herself with a piece of pavement but it vanished. Catwoman and Harley dodged. Olsen tried to take a photo but he was teleported back to the photo lab. Olsen handed Lois Lane a photo of Aqualad riding two dolphins like skis. She told him she wanted superheroes, not cosplay. Olsen found Hawkman in Pelham Park feeding some wild pigeons. He sneaked out of the bushes to get a photo but he stepped on a branch. Hawkman and the pigeons were startled and flew away.

Supergirl battled Livewire outside a theater. Jimmy Olsen tried to take a photo but Livewire blasted Supergirl then triggered a blackout. Olsen found Flash in a laundromat waiting for his load to finish. Flash realized he wanted a photo and tried different poses. Olsen later discovered all the photos he took of Flash were blurred. The Super Hero Girls battled Starro, a giant alien starfish conqueror. Olsen tried to take a photo but the camera stopped working. He tapped and shook it but nothing happened. He faced it at himself and it flashed. By the time he turned around, everyone was gone. Olsen was devastated. He returned to Lois Lane with all the photos he took. She rejected all except one to his surprise as he made his way to the exit. She told him it was a gem and ordered him to go down to the presses and tell them they had a new front page. She assured him they were gonna be something real special and people would remember their names. In the hall, he looked at the photo and realized he accidentally took a selfie with the Super Hero Girls posing for him as they fought Starro.

Lane and Olsen covered the homecoming football game and reported live from Lombard Field. She failed to see Star Sapphire rise up from behind the bleachers. Olsen tried to point her out but he was too frightened. Olsen took off and hid behind one of the practice dummies on the field. Lane realized she had the story of the century but Olsen ran into the boys locker room. She steeled herself and went in after him. The football team freaked out another girl came inside. Lane opened a locker where Olsen was hiding in and took his camera then closed the door.

Jimmy Olsen tried out a disappearing card trick at a meeting of the Abracadabra Club. He received applause from the other members but when he put his top hat back on, the cards fell out. Zee Zatara saw enough and sawed Olsen in half. Olsen blurted out the trick behind the act. She was insulted and vanished from the room. Everyone was amazed. Olsen asked for some help getting out. Early one morning before school started, a very tired Olsen asked Lane what was going on. Lane reminded him "the early bird gets the story" but he recalled that had something to do with a worm. She explained they needed a lead story for that day's school paper that would wow the school and all of the city, helping them get a step closer to jobs at the Daily Planet. Olsen looked over his notes but Lane stated she didn't want an interview with the janitor or another behind-the-scenes Mystery Meatloaf expose. Olsen stated he had nothing. Lane when to the News Tips box to see if anyone submitted a good idea. Olsen only saw candy wrappers and a fortune.

Lane was sure the next tip was the big story. It stated Hal Jordan's stinky socks stink up the boys' locker room. Lane was not pleased and checked her phone. There was a crime in progress at the Metropolis Boulevard of Cars. They rushed off just after 6 am. Olsen wanted to do the expose on stinky socks next time. Outside the car lot, Olsen set up his stand for the perfect shot but the two criminals drove right towards them. Luckily, Supergirl stomped on the hood of car and stopped the criminals in their tracks. Olsen set up again but Batgirl drove by on her moped and knocked over the tripod. Olsen grabbed the camera and took several shots of the battle. He looked at his watch and informed Lane they had 45 minutes before school started. Lois came up with an angle for the story, "Super Hero Girls or Super Disaster?"

Some time later, Olsen emerged from the dark room with photographs he took for the "Ready for Midterms" cover story but they weren't up to par. Lane looked up from her American History book and surprisingly told him to change the headline to "Not Ready for Midterms." She wasn't confident about her history midterm coming up the next day. Olsen assured her she would do great. Lane admitted she was mixing up the dates of the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. Olsen didn't know what either of those were. They returned to the Planetoid's newsroom the next day to discover it was glitter bombed. They solemnly walked through the cafeteria covered in glitter.