Ma Kent

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Real Identity: Martha Kent
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science Chapter 4 and Chapter 5
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ma Kent brought two glasses of lemonade to Supergirl and Zatanna upon their visit. Supergirl revealed her high school science project was going to be helping make the farm run more efficiently. Ma Kent found her plan very sweet and left them to it. She checked later and saw a frozen vehicle melting. Danvers promised to fix it. Zatanna conjured some ducks for the new pond. Ma Kent thought about calling Clark Kent to come and help them. Danvers promised it was not necessary and promised they had it under control. Zatanna agreed and assured her that looks can be deceiving. Danvers asked her to give them until tomorrow and it would be better than new. Ma Kent gave her the day. After Supergirl's fertilizer went out of control, Ma Kent called up Clark and asked for his help.