Headmaster McDougal

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Real Identity: Headmaster McDougal
Appearances (Episodes): #SchoolGhoul
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson

Headmaster McDougal is the headmaster of McDougal Academy, an all-girls private high school in Metropolis. He strictly enforces the academy's rules and is compared to his ancestor Bevin McDougal, a clan leader known for his cruelty. Barbara Gordon and Kara Danvers infiltrated McDougal Academy as new students to aid Tatsu Yamashiro with the investigation of a haunting. Yamashiro saw them and pushed them aside, annoyed they would blow her cover. She believed Headmaster McDougal would suspect her immediately if he saw unauthorized visitors. McDougal stopped them and asked what was going on. Gordon insisted they were just three happy McDougal students being totally ordinary and normal. Headmaster added "ordinary and normal" at his school were authorized uniforms only. He noted Gordon's purple Batman shoelaces were a dress code violation and therefore, contraband. Gordon explained they were hand-made, hand-stitched, one a kinds. Yamashiro elbowed her. Headmaster held out his hand. Gordon turned the shoelaces over and whimpered. Headmaster stated he made the rules at the academy and everything under its roof was his, if he so chose. He warned Gordon her next offense would be her last.

After the girls discovered the ghost was really the restless spirit of Siobhan McDougal, the rightful leader of the McDougal Clan whom her brother Bevin McDougal murdered, they went to Headmaster McDougal's office and burst in. He yelped and asked what was the meaning of their intrusion. Supergirl asked if this was the right move. Katana was sure what they did was not justice and released Banshee. Naturally, Headmaster McDougal freaked out and ran away. He ran up to the bell tower. Katana pleaded with Banshee that killing him was not justice. She looked at his crest badge, the one Bevin McDougal stole from her and she got angry. Banshee charged and possessed Headmaster. He experienced all of her memories and learned the truth. He apologized and gave her the badge, then acknowledged her as the rightful leader of the McDougal clan. Banshee accepted the badge, put it on, and peacefully dispersed. The next day, Danvers noticed every student got their stuff back and the overall tone on campus was more lively. She noted Headmaster seemed to have changed his ways.