Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers

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Real Identity: Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers
Affiliation(s): Kord Industries (Jeremiah only)
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #AdventuresInBunnysitting (Jeremiah's voice), #HousePest, #DoubleDanvers, and #WhySoBlue (Jeremiah only)
Appearances (Graphic Novels): At Metropolis High (voice of Eliza only)
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Science
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson and Kimberly Brooks

On her first day at Metropolis High School, Kara Danvers talking to her legal guardians, Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers before she went inside. She insisted she was being punished for something she didn't do. Eliza Danvers heard "didn't do it" and suggested reframing their thinking. Danvers sighed. Eliza Danvers suggested a new school was more an adventure and less a punishment. Jeremiah Danvers leaned out from the driver's seat and reiterated Metropolis High would help her be the best Kara she could be and it was their responsibility to help her on her journey to self control. Danvers slapped the car and it was rocked so hard it tilted on its left tires. Once it landed on all four, Eliza Danvers wished her a great day. Jeremiah Danvers alternatively told her not if that was right for her. One early morning, Zee Zatara arrived at the Danvers house with her pet magical rabbits. Jeremiah Danvers called out to Kara Danvers. He later called out that he was heading to the farmer's market and asked her if she needed anything. She replied carrots.

After three mishaps at other homes, Diana Prince went to the Danvers's. She was weary of Danvers' parents not liking her either. They sat down for dinner. Eliza told Prince it was a treat to have someone from another culture over for dinner. Prince was humbled by her kindness. She grabbed mashed potatoes with her hands and chomped away. Jeremiah and Eliza was speechless then tried using their hands, too. Jeremiah loved it and found it so freeing then asked Prince what other rituals she practiced back home. Prince recalled the strongest warrior opened the feast by taking the first bite. Danvers fake sneezed, adding "second strongest." Prince announced it was time for the nightly proclamation of deficiencies. Eliza was fascinated. Prince explained her mother Hippolyta pronounced her failings and shortcomings for all to hear so she may improve. She demonstrated and told Eliza her decorative cat plate collection was worthy of severe ridicule and was a hobby for children, not grown women. Danvers did a spit take.

Prince told Jeremiah he had the reflexes of an ancient crone. She threw a pepper shaker and it sailed right past him. She stated he would never be able to defend a tribe. She ate more mashed potatoes as Jeremiah and Eliza were in shock. They looked at each other then laughed to Danvers' surprise. Jeremiah tried and told Danvers she wasn't very good at remembering her pleases and thank yous. Eliza told her her bedroom smelled like rodents. She was speechless. Prince munched on asparagus. Jeremiah added her hostile attitude was a front to mask her deep insecurity. Eliza added her rebellious nature was a sad desperate cry for attention. They both laughed. Danvers got angry. Jeremiah Danvers practiced his business pitch in the kitchen. He demonstrated how the Note-A-Rang could be used to slip notes in class but double as a stylish headband. Eliza Danvers found it fashionable and functional. Kara Danvers ran in brushing her teeth and had no clue what was going on.

Jeremiah reminded her about his pitch to Ted Kord, the billionaire whiz-kid scientist/investor who owns Kord Enterprises, who was looking for the next teen trend, and was coming Friday night. She forgot she promised she would be there to tell Kord how "fly" his gear was. She agreed to come but told him to never try to talk hip ever again. A concert for her favorite band, the Malevolent Maniaxe was on the same night. She got Bizarro Supergirl to agree to pretend to be her and act like everything Jeremiah Danvers pitched to Ted Kord was totally killer. Bizarro understood she had to kill the rich dork. Danvers told her to just be normal. Bizarro understood but wanted a favor in return and whispered her demand to Danvers. She wanted to go to an Up Past 8 concert. Ted Kord seemed to talk to Bizarro the most. Jeremiah tried his opening speech but Kord cut him off and suggested they get down to business.

Bizarro later called from Danvers's bedroom and told her she didn't want to do it anymore. Jeremiah entered and announced they had one last chance to impress Ted Kord. He admitted he was a little off but was glad she was there with him. Danvers heard everything and was chosen by the Maniaxe to shred. She looked at Jeremiah's note and returned home instead of accepting their invitation. Jeremiah Danvers presented his Laundry Mist spray, put some dirt on Bizarro's arm and gave her the spray bottle. Bizarro smashed the bottle instead of spraying and got the solution all over. The spray's ethanoic acid altered the tanzanite necklace's plaocroistic structure on the molecular level and created a synthetic version of Periwinkle Krytonite. Kara Danvers rushed in to apologize for ditching the pitch for a concert. He was touched but asked where there was two Karas. Danvers was at a loss for words over not thinking her big confession through. Kord eventually hired him.

Kord ran a scan on the necklace and came to the same conclusion as Jeremiah. Kord noticed low-level radiation and realized it was now Kryptonite. The Periwinkle Kryptonite had the opposite effect and Bizarro and made her angry. She grabbed Kord, asked him if he was afraid of heights, and flew outside. Danvers tried to explain what happened but Jeremiah told her there was no need because word of his work got out and now supervillains were trying to steal his inventions. They ran off after Bizarro. Jeremiah tossed his Note-A-Rang. Supergirl used it to snatch the necklace off Bizarro without a fight. Supergirl landed with Kord and told the Danvers that Kara was sorry. Kord interrupted and told Jeremiah his pitches were horrible but he had a head for science so they should keep talking. Eliza asked Supergirl if she was going after Bizarro. Supergirl presumed she would be seeing her again soon.

Jeremiah Danvers was happy to take Kara with him to work on Kord Industries' "Bring Your Kid to Work" day. He began to test the evaporation rate of his polybutylene wall coating. He sprayed part of his wall with Test Coating v14.5 then got out a scanner. She realized she was literally watching paint dry. He clarified she was watching him watch paint dry. She suggested using a heat gun. He told her that would defeat the whole purpose of the test and promised sometimes, with patience comes progress. He was elated to see he was at 0.001 percent evaporation. She crushed the heat gun in anger but heard a crash and sneaked off to investigate. He was completely unaware of her absence for the whole day. Danvers was ecstatic one he reached 100 percent evaporation. She happened to sneak back in from the ceiling. He thought it was quite the ride and was happy they did it together. He couldn't wait to write up his report to Ted Kord and admitted none of it would have been possible without his support. He mused he was lucky Kord was patient enough to give him a second chance.

Danvers was unaware she was having her own issues not being patient enough with training Kord on how to be a superhero and left to look for him. After they defeated Livewire in midtown, Supergirl told him he once gave someone important to her a second chance so she wanted to return the favor and keep training him.

After two days of trying to find a club to join at school, Danvers got bummed. She heated up her plate of spaghetti with heat vision while Eliza asked if she wanted her plate warmed up then asked if she was okay. Danvers wasn't hungry. Eliza told her she was excused but didn't tell her in time to not slam her door. The door fell off its hinges.