Dr. Penelope Sieve

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Real Identity: Dr. Penelope Sieve
Affiliations: Project Cadmus
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and Chapter 13)
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Science
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dr. Penelope Sieve is a scientist who works at Project Cadmus. Sieve wasn't so sure about a career in science. Her co-workers seemed naturally gifted in the lab and she couldn't keep up with them. She worked alone until a lab accident. She lost her work and almost lost her life. She decided to work with others and learn from those who were smarter than her. Sieve earned a reputation at Cadmus for having the most patents. On a Monday morning, Mr. Chapin came on the loudspeaker and told everyone to report to the auditorium for a special announcement. He revealed the annual science fair was going to have a guest judge from Project Cadmus, Dr. Penelope Sieve. Dr. Sieve revealed the winner would receive a summer internship with Cadmus and a year of unlimited goodies from Sweet Justice. Karen Beecher inquired what the parameters were. Dr. Sieve liked her and decided to keep an eye on her then revealed the one rule they had at Cadmus was to take risks or it wasn't worth doing even if it led to a spectacular failure. Beecher and Barbara Gordon agreed.

Zatara asked if participating in the science fair was required. Chapin revealed all the teachers in the science department agreed to make the fair worth 80 percent of each student's final grade, no matter which science class they were enrolled in. Zee Zatara decided to go outside of Sweet Justice for a walk after the girls started to implicate she was ruining their projects. She bumped into Dr. Sieve. Sieve recognized her and asked what her name was. Zatara replied. Sieve asked her if she found a project worthy of her time. Zatara admitted she only accomplished finding projects to ruin. Sieve didn't think it was that bad and told her a story about how she wasn't even sure she liked science. In the end, she told Zatara about how it's important to take a step back and let those around you to help you grow and become even more amazing whether it's a scientist or something else. Zatara decided to take her advice.

Dr. Sieve went to Burrito Bucket on lunch break and was impressed with Sparrow. Gordon introduced herself and offered fish tacos on the house. Sieve thought that sounded delightful. She was very glad Zatara took her advice. Without knowing it, Zatara said one of Sparrow's command words, "overdrive," and it made tons of tacos. Tacos fell on Sieve's head and shoulder. Zatara cast a spell to stop the tacos and froze them in mid-air. Sieve thought she was taking "brain food" too literally. Zatara promised her Gordon would blow her away at the science fair then mentioned guacamole did wonders as a hair conditioner. Sieve was surprised by the guacamole claim. Zatanna set out to prove her innocence after the other girls asked her to stop helping with their projects. A tracking spell was cast and she realized someone was following her from the start. She returned to Senre Ville then Smallville to confirm the stolen fertilizer then Metropolis High where a solar panel was stolen.

Zatanna thought about sending a text but figured she would still get blamed. She headed to the Central Business District, flew over Burrito Bucket, and realized the map was pointing back to Metropolis High. It led her to the storage room which happened to be the temporary office of Dr. Sieve. The door was locked so she cast the spell to "unlock the truth." She found all the stolen projects inside and took photos. Even Beecher's new model was present. Sieve entered and told her how she was a great help in leading her to students with the most advanced projects but she wouldn't be around long enough to find out what was going on. Zatara realized she stole everything. Sieve already had her cover story and told her she was making a few improvements to some interesting projects she was working on for months and thought it was sweet her work inspired the students at Metropolis High. She pointed out it was her word, that of a world-renowned scientist, versus high school students if she let her go.

Sieve's version of Sparrow, Sieve-bot, entered the room and an arm extended out of its chest and took Zatara's phone away. It pinned her with a nest trap then electrified it. Zatara vowed she wouldn't get away with it. Sieve remarked she got away with "it" for her entire career and didn't intend to ever stop. Zatara remembered her story. Sieve explained she learned the easiest way to get ahead was to let others do the dangerous work then take the credit for it. Zatara couldn't believe she trusted her. Sieve told her the lesson was to never trust anyone. She ordered Sieve-bot to keep an eye on Zatara while she figured out what to do about her. Sieve returned in an armored super suit and found the six Super Hero Girls in her lab. As Wonder Woman apologized to Zatanna, Sieve retorted she was going to be more than sorry. Green Lantern advised her to return the experiments to their rightful owners and no one had to get hurt. Supergirl knew someone was getting hurt.

Sieve took out a beaker and threw it at the girls. It exploded. Supergirl blew out the fire while Wonder Woman deflected another beaker. Bumblebee fired her stingers at Sieve. Sieve dodged them and chased after her. Zatanna grabbed her arm and applied centrifugal force. Sieve was tossed onto the honeycomb model. Zatanna had Supergirl apply some wind power to make the honey even stickier. Batgirl informed everyone the police were coming. Zatanna mused they better take the projects back to their rightful owners before the science fair started. Green Lantern wondered who the new judge would be. Bumblebee wondered if the Cadmus internship was still going to be offered.