Dr. and Dr. Zeul

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Real Identity: Dr. Francis and Dr. Beatrice Zeul
Appearances (Episodes): #SheMightBeGiant
Appearances (Super Shorts): #ArtificialIntelligence
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Science
Voiced By: Keith Ferguson and Nicole Sullivan

Dr. Francis and Dr. Beatrice Zeul are scientists versed in biochemistry and the parents of Doris Zeul. They sneaked up on her in the garage. She asked them if they ever head of knocking and called them dweebs. Zeul's mother informed her they were leaving for the science conference. Zeul repeated it in a mocking tone. Zeul's mother told her she loved her. They got in the car and left. Zeul realized she needed to pump up and went into her parents' lab. She injected herself with Serum 24 and gained the power to transform into a super strong giant.

On the afternoon of October 12, Dr. Francis checked with his microscope and confirmed Dr. Beatrice made french toast that was molecularily perfect. Doris Zeul returned home with a F+ on her seventh history test of the semester. Dr. Beatrice congratulated her. She went into the lab to inject herself with Serum 24 again but she mistakenly used Serum 44 and temporarily gained enhanced intelligence.