Victoria Craddock

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Real Identity: Victoria Craddock
Appearances (Episodes): #NightmareInGotham Part 1 and #NightmareInGotham Part 2
Powers/Skills: Event Organization
Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren

Victoria Craddock is the last living Craddock and great-granddaughter of James Craddock, the Gentleman Ghost. Barbara Gordon was fed a false clue from Joker pretending to be Batman that the villain was targeting the Craddock family fortune at Craddock Manor and was told Victoria Craddock was a recluse. Green Lantern and Zatanna were assigned to check it out but were alarmed she could be a scary old lady then heard a threatening sound coming towards the front door. They realized there was a rhythm to the sound and it was just a sick beat. Victoria Craddock, dressed as an 80's hip hop artist in a tracksuit, answered the door in-character and implored them to call her "V-Bone." She thought their costumes were sick and invited them to her party. They obliged her and walked in then explained the situation. Craddock thought they were tripping because her great-grandfather Jim blew the whole family fortune generations ago. She showed them the only heirloom she ever got. It was a red ornate jewelry box. Lantern noticed an engraving but it was too rusty to read. She made a brush construct and dusted the box. Craddock found her ring legit.

Zatanna was still trying to remember where she heard the name "Craddock" before. Craddock read the engraving aloud, "Only a Craddock may set me free." Zatanna remembered but it was too late and Gentleman Ghost was freed. After he left, Craddock peeked out from under a table and declared his year's party was the bomb. The girls broke free, apologized for the mess, and left in pursuit of the villains. Craddock opened the jewelry box and noticed there was another engraving on the inside that revealed Ghost's one weakness: another Craddock could trap him again. She made her way to Gotham Square and recited the full line, "A Craddock may set you free, but a Craddock may your soul to keep." A vortex pulled Gentleman Ghost back into the jewelry box. She informed Zatanna and Lantern there was more writing inside the box. They hugged her.