The Cruzes

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Real Identity: To Be Revealed
Appearances (Episodes): #HousePest and #SirensConch
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After the girls discovered Diana Prince was homeless and living in a tree at Centennial Park, Jessica Cruz took her home. After she got Prince settled in, Cruz left Prince alone to go pick up her parents at the airport and suggested she run a bath, make a snack, and relax. Cruz and her moms came home to a catastrophe. The refrigerator was wide open and stuff was melted, her sack was on top of a potted plant leaning over, and the dishwasher was stuffed with Prince's weapons and burst open. In the meantime, Prince hand turned a huge ham over the over stove top. Specks started falling down. They looked up. The bath tub and tons of water dropped down through the ceiling. Prince added she ran a bath like Cruz suggested. The Cruzes were dumbfounded. Jessica Cruz laughed nervously. Cruz wanted to take the family van to a rally for peace but her moms wanted to take it to one for love instead. One of Jessica's mothers went to her bedroom and discovered her large collection of Montisan Screeching Pit Roaches. She promptly screamed and ran out.