Commissioner Gordon

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Real Identity: Commissioner Gordon
Appearances (Super Shorts): #TheLateBabsy, #BatCatcher (voice), and #BatAndSwitch
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 1, #SweetJustice Part 3, #FromBatToWorse, #SoulSisters Part 1, #AllyCat Part 1, #DinnerForFive, #HousePest, and #AcceptNoSubstitute
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Powerless
Appearances (Books): Lights-Out
Powers/Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

Commissioner Gordon is a police commissioner and father of Barbara Gordon. On a summer day, Commissioner Gordon called up Batman and told him he may have to deal with a robbery on his own. Gordon had no idea why his daughter was there but she was in tears. They hugged. Gordon regretted taking a job in Gotham and promised to get her out of the city someday. Barbara Gordon moved, with protest, from Gotham City to Metropolis in the middle of high school with her father, Commissioner Gordon, and was suddenly the new girl at Metropolis High School. She watched a 24/7 Live breaking news bulletin about a new hero called Wonder Woman. He asked her if she knew her homeroom number. She sighed in exasperation and confirmed she did then put her hood back on. He admitted it was tough starting at a new school but he was sure sure she would fit right in. She countered she had to move in the middle of high school, loved Gotham, and was right in the middle of finding -- but stopped short of saying "team" to his confusion.

She improvised and called it her pack, her crew, her tribe. He thought she meant clique. He remarked the school was beautiful, dropped her off, and assured her she would find her clique. After the team of Super Hero Girls disbanded and Wonder Woman was taken home by her mother, the crestfallen Batgirl changed and called her dad for a ride back home. On the ride home, he asked her if she had fun with her new friends. She sadly said she did. With his wife working late again, Gordon settled in for another daddy-daughter-date-night and played the DVD of Princess Pumpkin Pants. Only he was still into singing along to it. He realized he forgot to make the popcorn. He went to the kitchen, put on his pink apron, and started the popcorn. He didn't hear the Batphone ringing in his office. Barbara, answered instead and pretended to be him. After she suited up as Batgirl and left, the Batphone rang again. Gordon was confused when Batman told him he was running late. He departed for the plant, too, despite being more concerned about the dirty dishes in the sink.

On the drive over, Gordon listened to "Communicating with Your Teenage Daughter." Batgirl weaved in and out of traffic and found herself in traffic next to Gordon's car. She ducked down out of Gordon's view until he drove forward. She tried taking an alley but there was a fence blocking her. She fired a grapnel line and drove roof to roof until she ran out of roof. She activated a tool to inflate the tires and bounced back to the surface street right next to Gordon again. She fired a towline into a delivery truck and hid behind it but the truck turned and she went towards a rising bridge. Batgirl pulled the bars out on her moped and activated the moped's thruster to sail over the bridge then opened her parachute. She ended up behind Gordon. The exhaust from his car got all over her. Batgirl stopped at a Metro Mart to buy a roll of paper towels. She wiped her face and to her dismay, Gordon was there, too, looking for doughnuts. She ran off before he saw her. She drove off but backed up and flattened the tires on Gordon's car then headed to the pesticide plant.

Commissioner Gordon arrived and was surprised to see Batgirl dragging Poison Ivy outside. She almost gave away her secret identity but turned Ivy over into his custody. Batman happened to call Gordon's phone and he apprised him of the situation. He never mentioned Batgirl and told him he didn't need to come anymore. Batgirl almost called him dad again but she improvised and deduced he was dad of a lucky kid if he had any. He wondered she wasn't Batman's sidekick and admitted he always thought she was more capable than Robin, whom he thought was a twerp. He noted he wasn't even on theme. Batgirl smiled. Ivy managed to escape while they were distracted. Gordon asked her to do him a favor and not tell Batman what happened. On the next daddy-daughter-date-night, he asked Barbara if everything was okay. She told him she was just loving date night. He agreed. She ate some popcorn then they sang along to Princess Pumpkin Pants.

One night, Commissioner Gordon fell asleep watching "Make It Wayne." Batgirl looked in the house to confirm. The Super Hero Girls smuggled the soulless bodies of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Giganta, Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Star Sapphire up to Barbara Gordon's bedroom for safe keeping. To fool her father, Gordon set up a fake makeover party and affixed the villains with wire connected to a crank harness. Whenever Gordon checked in, she would use the crank and make it look like everyone was lively. The other Super Hero Girls stared at Gordon. She pointed out he never figured out she was Batgirl yet. On the weekend the Super Hero Girls planned to stage a heist at Lexcorp Tower, save the world from an extinction-level meteor, and finding out Lex Luthor was a super villain, Commissioner and Barbara Gordon drove to Gotham to visit her grandma.

An old enemy of Commissioner Gordon from Gotham City hired Deathstroke to assassinate him. One night, Deathstroke sneaked into the Gordon house and knocked something. He encountered Batgirl and they tussled in the kitchen. Commissioner Gordon woke up and called out from upstairs asking her if everything was okay. She yelled back she was just making nachos. Deathstroke leaped out a window. On the weekend, he dropped Barbara off at the Wilsons for dinner. Slade Wilson and Barbara Gordon learned each other's secret identities that night. She declared he would have to go through her to get to Commissioner Gordon and threw a bola. He sliced it and told her not to take it personally because her father made a lot of enemies with a lot of money back in Gotham City. Batgirl was insulted and flubbed he was the man who gave birth to her. They continued fighting until Rose Wilson, Deathstroke's daughter, walked in on them. She stated she was very disappointed in him. Deathstroke exclaimed it was his job.

Wilson realized she should have known he couldn't change but she was just starting to trust him. Deathstroke apologized and stated she meant more to him than anything. He promised if she didn't want him to do the job, he wouldn't. He took off his mask, and swore he would not assassinate Commissioner Gordon. Wilson ordered them to shake hands. They objected. Batgirl licked her glove to his disgust. He didn't look and shook her hand. Commissioner Gordon rang the doorbell outside. The three of them answered, smiling. He invited Gordon inside for doughnuts. Gordon remarked he never said no to a doughnut and came in. Without a home, Diana Prince tried staying the night with Barbara Gordon. Gordon admitted she always wanted a sister and hugged Prince. Prince happily accepted her welcome and admitted since she was sculpted from clay by her mother's hand, she always wanted a father. Gordon declared she had the best dad ever and climbed up to the top bunk. She declared everything was perfect.

Commissioner Gordon peeked in and bid the girls good night. Some time later, Gordon was stirred awake by the sound of Prince sleep fighting with a spear. In the kitchen, Commissioner Gordon made a sandwich while he played EZ Listening with his phone and wireless headphones. He inadvertently dodged Prince's attacks. Gordon freaked out and jumped in front of her father. Prince gathered her belongings. Gordon apologized about it not working out. Prince apologized for trying to vanquish her dad. Commissioner Gordon wrapped his left wrist.

Retirement was getting to Commissioner Gordon and he unfairly refocused on hanging out with his daughter non-stop. He even barged in on the girls' movie night and starting asking about who was who in Stop Sign Massacre 5. She didn't want to directly ask him for space and hurt his feelings so she spoke to him in the kitchen about finding a hobby or volunteer somewhere. He called Batman to see if he had any cases he needed help with. He went undercover as a substitute science teacher at Metropolis High School to arrest the criminal stealing chemicals from the science lab. To Barbara Gordon's surprise and horror, she learned her father was the substitute science teacher for the week while Dr. Stein recovered from the Bunsen burner incident. He implored the students to call him Mr. Commissioner Gordon then noted he was Babs Gordon's dad. They all looked at her. He started the roll call but had no idea he was being pranked. He called out for "Dusty Toots" and "Hair Pits." The class laughed. Babs Gordon sank in embarrassment.

He took out some beakers filled with chemicals connected by tubes. She became nervous because he didn't know much about science. He assured her he wouldn't play favorites then told her to sit down but used her Pumpkin Pants nickname. The class laughed. A pink chemical splashed all over her. He claimed it was a lesson in tube safety. Some of it it a green chemical and the reaction shot soot all over her which he called a crash course in the dangers of chemical reactions then triggered the water sprinkler above her which he called a test of fire prevention. She yelled at him to stop it. After class, a woman on the p.a. system also referred to her as Pumpkin Pants and announced her dad wanted to have a daddy-daughter lunch but wanted to make sure she brought lunch because the cafeteria was serving goulash which made her gassy. She tightened the hoodie around her head and declared she wouldn't make it through the week. Cruz advised her to be upfront with him. She still believed she would break his heart if she did and vowed to endure the week.

Commissioner Gordon remained clueless about the prank roll calls and asked for "Anita Poo." He later plugged his laptop into a projector but his desktop background was a baby photo of Babs Gordon. She took out her laptop and hacked his to delete it but a video from her childhood played with Commissioner Gordon noting she made a "super boom-boom" in her diaper. The class laughed. During silent reading time, someone planted a whoopee cushion on his seat. Gordon fired her grapnel gun and pulled the chair to her, swiped the cushion, and pushed the seat back. He sat down unaware of what just happened. She put the cushion in her backpack and leaned back in relief. The cushion went off and everyone laughed at her. One of the boys joked it sounded like someone had a goulash. While Commissioner Gordon lectured about the anatomy of the tarantula, he was unaware three were on his back. Babs Gordon got out her Bat Tarantula Repellent and sprayed his back on the sly but even more crawled on his back. She checked the can, moved her thumb, and realized it was Bat Tarantula Anti-Repellent. She questioned why she whould ever need it.

Commissioner Gordon called out for "I-really-stink-man." Babs Gordon had enough and shouted those were made-up names and "I-really-stink-man" would be the most awful tragic name ever. A girl cried and ran out the classroom. Everyone glared at Gordon. Karen Beecher told her that was I-really's first day. Gordon resigned herself to tell her father the truth. She walked in him while Mr. Dorrance was being arrested. She eventually realized they weren't alone in the classroom. He told her the truth about his undercover mission. While the arresting officer filled in the dots of who Dorrance really was, he suited up as Bane, used some Venom, then tossed him and his partner aside. Commissioner Gordon placed Babs Gordon in closet then got into a boxing match with Bane. Batgirl arrived and sprayed Bane with the Bat Tarantula Anti-Repellent. While he was distracted by all the tarantula spiders, Gordon and Batgirl made a plan.

Batgirl led Bane on a chase, dodging his punches, then threw down the same green chemical from her father's first day, the reaction got into Bane's face. She taunted him about not understanding what he was saying. He grabbed her and admitted he like Batman more because he was much quieter. She gave Gordon the signal. Bane turned his head. Gordon squeezed the whoopee cushion. Batgirl pulled the tube out of Bane's head. The Venom splashed all over the classroom and Bane shrank back down to normal size. Gordon punched him into a wall. Gordon commended Batgirl for her quick thinking. She almost called him "dad" then credited a teacher who taught her a valuable lesson in tube safety. Gordon was surprised that was really a thing. Gordon remembered Babs was in the closet and ran to the door. Batgirl fired a grapnel and quickly climbed through the ventilation system and changed back just in time. He admitted he was smothering her lately and was unfairly placing his focus on her now that he was retired from a lifetime of fighting crime. He promised to give her more space. Mr. Chapin walked in and was distraught he had to hire another art teacher. Babs Gordon quickly noted her father couldn't draw anything past a stick figure and was terrible at color theory.

Barbara Gordon got a call from Wonder Woman about an incident involving Mr. Freeze. She couldn't join them on account of her father not knowing she was Batgirl. Around 11 pm, Gordon stopped watching football, brushed his teeth, yawned, plopped down onto bed, and turned off the lights with a clap. She immediately jumped outside her bedroom into the hedges where her scooter was stashed and took off. Gordon was awoken one night by noise coming from Barbara's room. He called out to her and asked what was going on. She told him it was nothing and apologized.

Commissioner Gordon had to stop doing chores to keep his appointment at Tammy's Wax Emporium. He asked Barbara to finish the dishes for him then left. Zee Zatara promised she knew a spell that would allow the two to see eye to eye. It went awry. Lastly, Commissioner Gordon's and Barbara Gordon's essenses swapped bodies. She screamed as an esthetician performed a back wax. Commissioner Gordon and Zatara screamed at each other until she undid the spell.

Commissioner Gordon forgot to pay his monthly electric bill and the power went out. He got things straightened out, the power was restored, and he revealed what happened to Barbara Gordon and her friends who were there on a sleep over. While Barbara Gordon was obsessed with her technology like her smart phone, Commissioner Gordon started to feel neglected. One morning, he made her favorite breakfast scrambled eggs but it barely registered to her. She grabbed an apple and left with Harleen Quinzel. Over dinner, he tried to ask her how her day was but she got a crime alert and sped off to her bedroom. A power outage was triggered. Gordon had all police officers on duty to deal with looters and criminals. The next morning, he knocked on Barbara's door. She was startled awake and realized her phone wasn't working and she was still in her costume. After she came downstairs, he informed her there was a power outage. He conceded at least the gas stove was working and made scrambled eggs. Quinzel was already at the door, so she left without eating.

After she returned home from a rough day, Gordon gave her cup of hot cocoa, remembering it was always a favorite of hers. He realized it was so bad he gave her his cup. He reminded her that despite having no smartphones, she was still a Gordon and just needed to rely on other resources to figure it out. She noticed he was looking at some maps and inquired. He joked maps were used back in the dinosaur ages before GPS then told her they were old city maps and one of the power grid he pulled out when the station computers went down. He was eager to play board games with her but she pretended to be tired and excused herself, taking the maps with her on the sly. The next day, he returned home to see her on her phone again. He sighed and asked if she was ready for dinner. She revealed she already ordered it, take out pizza, for Thursday game night. As they ate, she told him about the new girl in school, Jennifer Pierce, then asked how his day was. Gordon mused they never did find out who caused the power outage. She suggested checkers or chess.