Ace of Spades

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Episodes):#IllusionsOfGrandeur
Powers/Skills: Street Magic
Voiced By: Jason Spisak

Ace of Spades is a street magician who uses cheap tricks. Zee Zatara chose to debut her solo act at the Metropolis Pier and she took Karen Beecher along as her unwitting assistant. Zatara gave her a bullhorn and gestured her to start. Beecher took out her script and read off it but couldn't pronounce "prestidigitation." To Zatara's surprise, the crowd gathered around a street magician named Ace of Spades and paid her no attention. She was not impressed and saw through his coin trick as a combination of switching hands and using a double-headed coin. To her dismay, he did a detachable thumb trick. Next, he had a woman pick a card from deck. He tore off his shirt to reveal an ace of spade tattoo on his chest. It was the card she drew. Another woman fainted. Zatara had enough and called him a fraud then knocked his deck to the ground. A boy thought he turned all his cards into the ace of spade rather than cheating.

Zatanna performed her magic, turning a man's flower prints from his aloha shirt into an actual bouquet of flowers. A bald man grew luscious blonde hair. Confetti turned into butterflies. A man in the crowd called it fake and the crowd dispersed. A man loved Ace's magic because he found it raw and real. Zatara became enraged and cast a spell at Ace. When he tried his card trick again, it failed because there was a monster's face on his chest instead of an ace. Zatara and Beecher went to get ice cream. Gremlins teleported out of Ace's chest because of the spell.