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Sweet Justice

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Super Shorts): #FaultyPowers, #KaraCare, #SpeedyDelivery, #LetThemEatPie, #BoothBoot, and #SofaSoGood
Appearances (Episodes): #SweetJustice Part 3, #SweetJustice Part 4, #FightAtTheMuseum, #Frenemies Part 1, #Frenemies Part 2, #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre, #BackInAFlash, #PowerSurge, #ScrambledEggs, #AllyCat Part 1, #AllyCat Part 2, #AllAboutZee, #BreakingNews, #ItsComplicated, and #FantasticBeastsAndHowToMindThem
Appearances (Comics): Weird Science (Chapter 1, Chapter 7, Chapter 9, and Chapter 12) and Infinite Frenemies (Birdbrained)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sweet Justice is an ice cream parlor in Metropolis that is frequented by the young crowd. Kara Danvers, Zee Zatara, Karen Beecher, and Jessica Cruz chose Sweet Justice to cap the night spent teaching Diana Prince how to be a normal teenager. Barbara Gordon and Diana Prince didn't get why everyone was so excited. That soon changed. Barry Allen was working the counter and knew to get the usual. He stopped short of Gordon and Prince and fell silent. Zee Zatara pushed them aside and ordered a candy cake triple ripple tower with rainbow sprinkles for Gordon and a death by chocolate for Prince. Inexplicably, Allen made their orders in an instant. He told Prince it was nice to meet her. Diana reciprocated but said she would await his text message in three days time. Allen scratched his head in confusion. Prince was enamoured with ice cream and ate everyone's orders. She declared they had to celebrate every future victory at Sweet Justice.

Demo-Bots entered Sweet Justice and announced it was categorized for immediate destruction and by the order of the city of Metropolis, anyone inside had 30 seconds to comply and vacate before structural removal started. One of the owners was confused because they turned down an offer to sell the property beforehand. The other owner told Allen to get their lawyer. Danvers and Zatara were unsure of what to do. Cruz didn't understand why the robots were intent on tearing the parlor down when the owners never gave the city permission to do so. A little boy wearing Lexcorp VR Glasses was unaware of what was happening and sat in a booth. Once a Demo-Bot charged towards the booth, Wonder Woman shoved it and declared their mission was to protect the innocent. Supergirl agreed and tossed another. Batgirl swung in and kicked one through a wall. Supergirl punched one into another. Zatanna zapped one with a magic blast. As a Demo-Bot endangered two teenagers, Supergirl went ahead of Wonder Woman's orders and attacked.

The Demo-Bot was launched in the air towards the teens. Green Lantern made a trampoline construct but it bounced into a support beam and the roof started to collapse. Bumblebee was too scared to try short circuiting the robots. Wonder Woman snapped two buzz saw arms of one and attacked the rest but she was accidentally hit by Zatanna's beam and crashed into Supergirl. Green Lantern shoveled the rest of the civilians outside. While the girls bickered, Batgirl dug a logo out of the rubble and realized the Demo-Bots were Lexcorp property. She immediately suspected Lex Luthor. The girls were skeptical then disbanded. After the team reunited and stopped the real mastermind, Lena Luthor, Lexcorp Construction Services went to work rebuiling all the destroyed properties. Three months later, Sweet Justice held their grand re-opening. Cruz was relieved everything was back to normal. Gordon fiddled with a straw dispenser and triggered a trap door under their booth. She introduced the team to their underground headquarters under the parlor.

Supergirl became full of herself after single-handedly defeating a series of monsters ravaging the city while the other Super Hero Girls stood by idly. After one such instance, Green Lantern floated the idea of going to Sweet Justice. Only Danvers ate. She eventually realized that. Zatara observed she was enjoying herself a lot lately. Danvers preferred to call it "rocking it." Prince dropped a chess board onto their table and tried to tell Danvers that strategy and teamwork was superior in the long run. The other girls scooted out of the booth while they played each other. Selina Kyle entered Sweet Justice and ordered a "tea with cream, hold the cream" to his dismay. She stole some items from the counter but froze up upon hearing Beecher say, "I don't believe it." She relaxed once it became apparent Beecher was talking about a poster for the Science Lexplorium's Treasures from Space exhibit. She perked up after hearing Beecher speculate the gemstones were worth a fortune. Kyle took her order, stole a mug, and left.

Danvers had only one piece left on the board. Prince advised her to learn to think strategically to anticipate her next several moves. It didn't sink in with her, and Danvers simply flipped the board. The chess pieces narrowly missed Gordon and were embedded in the wall behind her. The chess board, however, knocked her chocolate ice cream into the wall. Danvers declared checkmate and asked Prince if she anticipated that. Zee Zatara tried to enjoy a cupcake with sprinkles but Harleen Quinzel gobbled hers down loudly and with her mouth open. Some sprinkles even fell on Zatara's cheek. She ran out of the booth. Quinzel ate her cupcake, too. Danvers, Zatara, Beecher, Zatara, and Prince got a booth that night. Giganta, Livewire, Star Sapphire, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy drove past Sweet Justice, reversed, and called them nerds. Zatara asked for the check then they went after the villains. Gordon showed up alone but the door closed and she hit her head. Gordon went to the counter.

Sensing Gordon was down, Barry Allen asked her to try out his latest ice cream concoction, the jalapeno toffee swirl sundae. Gordon was unable to handle both flavors at once and belched. Allen made separate dishes. Gordon realized it was applicable to her friend problems and called up Quinzel to tell her the good news it was okay they didn't get along with each others' friends and could still be best friends. Gordon asked Allen to pack everything to go so she could find her friends. Allen pointed her to the TV. It was on a live feed of the big fight. She quickly changed into Batgirl. After Supergirl got her reputation back and Bizarro Supergirl was properly credited with several incidents of vandalism across the world, they celebrated over ice cream at Sweet Justice as their alter egos. They clinked bowls and ate rapidly. Barbara Gordon stepped in and saw them eating. She changed her mind and left.

Even at Sweet Justice after school, Gordon was laughed at for farting at the morning assembly. Gordon drowned her sorrows at the bar and downed float after float. Barry Allen tried to deny her another float but she declared her life was over and slammed the counter. Allen complied and tried to tell her the embarrassment wouldn't last long even though everyone was talking about her, making up nicknames, and changing the lyrics of pop songs. Oliver Queen played his guitar and started singing a "tale of stinkiness" until Gordon sarcastically thanked him. Allen squirted some chocolate out of a squeeze bottle, apologized, and hid the bottle behind his back. Everyone laughed. Gordon tightened her hoodie to hide her face completely. Using Allen's powers, they went back in time and changed her burrito to one without beans. They went forward in time to Sweet Justice. Gordon collared Oliver Queen and demanded to know what moment her tale of stinkiness started. She added he had to answer in song.

Queen had no idea what she was talking about. Gordon was elated. She started thinking of all the regrets in her life like the movies she missed, the words she mispronounced, and the Robins she didn't tell off. Allen kind of got it. Gordon agreed with him that they should go back in time and fix every regret they ever had. During Supergirl's stint as Powergirl, she once rolled up to Sweet Justice in a limo to crowds of fans. Allen made a smoothie for Queen but he told Allen to leave it all with him. Allen stammered. Queen pointed out how disheveled he looked because of Zatara leaving him a "shell of a man" over their Home Ec egg project. Allen laughed at the egg pun. Hal Jordan burst in and asked them if Ferris' egg looked okay. It was taped together. It burst. Jordan was mortified and knew Ferris was going to kill him. Zatara arrived, shoved Jordan aside, and told Queen she spoke to her attorney and decided to allow partial custody. She handed him half of a boiled egg. Queen gasped. Zatara realized she disqualified them from getting a passing grade in Home Ec. Danvers and Quinzel screamed outside. The former fainted.

Most of the Home Ec pairs sulked outside. Gordon admitted they all messed up and there was no way any of them could walk into class on Monday. Danvers and Quinzel held each other and cried at the prospect of having to take summer school. A Lexpress delivery van passed by and hit a bump. A box tumbled out onto the road. It happened to be the one that contained Danvers and Quinzel's misplaced egg. Everyone stared at it and lunged at it. It rolled down the street. Gordon reached. Beecher warned her to be careful then bumped her away. Prince suddenly plucked it up. Beecher was annoyed. Prince held it out to her but Jordan ran by and grabbed it. Carter Hall tackled him. The egg rolled to Metropolis Pier. The girls were at their booth when a 24/7 Live news report came on the TV. Zee Zatara recognized what the Book of Eternity was and did a spit take. Beecher ducked to avoid the stream of ice cream. Zatara told the girls about the Book and how dangerous it was. Cruz was uneasy about stealing it. Gordon played it off as a legally dubious but morally correct heist.

After the weekend, the girls returned to Sweet Justice. Gordon, who returned from Gotham, couldn't believe she not only missed the heist but also missed out on saving the world, finding out Lex Luthor was a super villain, and canapes. A 24/7 Live report came on revealing Luthor was cleared of all charges and he gave an official statement from city hall admitting he detained the Super Hero Girls for trespassing in his office and denied he had a plan to let Metropolis be destroyed. Zatara couldn't help but feel like they lost even though they saved the world. The girls went to Sweet Justice after school, unaware Casey Krinsky was posing as Zee Zatara. As everyone ate, Krinsky took everything in. Cruz asked if something was wrong. Krinsky remarked she couldn't see how life could get any better. Danvers believed hot sauce would make it better. Gordon triggered the dispenser and they headed downstairs to their base.

The girls sulked at Sweet Justice about Lois Lane writing an expose about their secret identities. Danvers asked Cruz why she didn't warn them about Lois Lane. Cruz was livid and recalled she did a "zillion" times. Zatara was annoyed to see Lane at a table. Cruz lamented their normal lives were soon over. Prince took solace in her ice cream. Beecher thought of moving to a new town to be unappreciated in. A news bulletin came on TV about Killer Moth leading its Moth-Monsters in a city-wide invasion. Zatara lamented over people seeing her tricks as real magic. Gordon lamented Batman would never accept her to his team. Killer Moth left eggs in its wake that immediately hatched. The Moth-Monsters starting eating everything in sight from buildings to tires to poles to taxi cab roof signs. Cruz lamented she would have to leave the space sector to Hal Jordan. Beecher yelled at them. Moth-Monsters chased people around outside. Gordon was sure other superheroes would intervene. The anchor noted no superhero team has yet stepped up to fight the monsters. A monster hit the storefront and startled Lane off her chair. She got up and saw the girls were gone.

Thaal Sinclair and Carol Ferris stared into each-others' eyes at a booth in Sweet Justice. Barry Allen came over with a personalized cake that read, "Eye Luv Yoo!" Allen gestured over to Hal Jordan at a table. He made posed. Ferris looked away. Diana Prince showed off her baby griffin to the girls at Sweet Justice. They thought he was so fluffy and cute. Only Jessica Cruz pointed out he was a griffin. Prince declared she took another stride in her quest to become a normal adolescent teenager. The griffin wanted the ice cream at the table but he was pulled away. He didn't like the dog treat Prince offered and went for the ice cream. Danvers asked what his name was. Prince asserted an ancient creature of grace and nobility needed to possess a name worthy of his majesty. She named him "Steve." Everyone thought that was cute. He ate a piece of glass. Cruz asked Prince if she was sure about having a pet because that was a big responsibility. Danvers reminded her Diana Prince could handle anything. Steve ran off and caused a commotion.

During Supergirl's recovery from a Kryptonite explosion, Diana Prince took Danvers to Sweet Justice and fed her. Danvers asked for more sprinkles. Prince was surprised. Danvers remembered when she watched her life slip away, the promise of chocolate sprinkles kept her going. Prince got annoyed and dunked the spoon into the sprinkles. Danvers opened her mouth. Barry Allen got an emergency call about a surprise birthday party, for someone named Tommy, that needed a cake in 10 minutes across town. Allen claimed it would be a piece of cake. The caller hung up the phone. He departed as the Flash with the cake. The owners chose pumpkin pie for Sweet Justice's annual pie eating contest. Diana Prince, Doris Zeul, and Barry Allen competed. The co-owner sobbed, as her husband comforted her, at the sight of all three eating pies at an incredible rate. Prince won by default after the others became too sick to continue.

Barbara Gordon was about to eat her ice cream inside Sweet Justice when breaking news preempted the show being played on TV. Harley Quinn was reported to be on a rampage in midtown Metropolis and blowing up everything in sight. Gordon saw it as a chance to try out her new invention, a harpoon gun, but three elderly women sat at the booth the girls used to access the hideout. She tried to lie about the booth being reserved but they thought she was an employee and ordered three banana splits with no bananas. Gordon saw Barry Allen emerge from the kitchen with the orders. She told him his shift was over and took them for him. Before she could finish her sentence, Allen ran off. They slowly took a spoonful but one of them remembered "80 Tints of Gray" was on soon then asked to take the orders to go. Gordon was all for it but then one asked for water to take her pill with. After they finally left, Gordon used the booth and changed into Batgirl. However, Harley Quinn just so happened to trip on one of the woman's canes and was arrested by police. A 24/7 reporter tried to get a comment from them. To Batgirl's chagrin, one asked the reporter if she saw her cat.

Barbara Gordon and Karen Beecher tried to play it cool and carry a couch into Sweet Justice but it got stuck mid-way in the door until a teenage boy came in from the other side. Everyone turned and stared at Beecher and Gordon. Gordon signaled to Barry Allen with her eyes. Allen announced he was making a new dessert. Everyone rushed to the counter. Beecher activated the stray dispenser. Gordon fired her grapnel gun into the wall and reeled the couch to the opening. After the booth reset, there was a thank you note and a tip left on the table for Allen. Allen recalled a single scoop of vanilla already existed and the crowd dispersed.

Sweet Justice agreed to sponsor Metropolis High School's annual science fair and offer the winner a year of unlimited goodies. The girls went to hang out at Sweet Justice after school and after learning the news. Gordon deduced Cruz was going to do a project centered on environmental science. Cruz thought about trying to install solar panels on the school. Danvers was going to Smallville to help the Kents with farming. Prince thought about asking that student she met from the military school, Steve, for help with a demonstration on the physics of proper self-defense. Beecher was thinking about tracking the flight patterns of honeybees, from the never-before-seen vantage point of a tiny camera mounted to one. She wondered if that was cheating. Gordon wanted to build a robot sidekick inspired by Batman and Robin and named it Sparrow. They noticed Zatara was really quiet and learned she found the fair boring since she used magic all the time. Beecher promised science can totally feel like magic and promised to show her the next day. Danvers invited her to come to Smallville with her after. Gordon proposed she help everyone with their projects until she thought of what she wanted to do.

Despite Zee Zatara's coaching, Diana Prince failed to get a date with Steve Trevor. She downed several "grief" milkshakes with extra chocolate at Sweet Justice. Zatara sent out a text. Danvers, Beecher, Cruz, and Gordon met up with them. Danvers asked Prince why she was dressed like Zatara. Prince replied it was a failed experiment in love. Danvers noted how the farm in Smallville got wrecked, too. Zatara claimed to have nothing to do with it. She asked Beecher if she ruined her bee project. Beecher stuttered and claimed everything was fine. Zatara decided to go outside for a walk. She bumped into Dr. Sieve. Sieve recognized her and asked her if she found a project worthy of her time. Zatara admitted she only accomplished finding projects to ruin. Sieve told her a story about how she wasn't even sure she liked science. In the end, she told Zatara about how it's important to take a step back and let those around you to help you grow and become even more amazing. Prince called a meeting on Saturday to break it to Zatara her help was no longer required. Zatara arrived last and got a mint chocolate chip cone from Allen. Sweet Justice sponsored Metropolis High's Fall Festival and provided pumpkin pies for the eating contest.

Danvers went to Sweet Justice alone and told Barry Allen to make her everyone's favorite dish but with just one spoon. Danvers later helped a choking man by performing the Heimlich maneuver. She decided to suit up and patrol.